Check Out my Two Kids Books

Anyone that has children or grandchildren who have a weight problem and need some encouragement to either lose weight or be happy with the way they are should read My Name is Bertha and Bertha Speaks Out. Bertha is a ten year old girl who is struggling with her weight and being a total klutz. She falls on her ice skating instructor in Rockefeller Center in front of hundred’s of people. She cannot stand up on toe shoes even when five people try and lift her up. She even splits her pants in half while trying to bowl but not before swinging the ball and sending the ball three lanes down getting a strike for someone else. She is even sent to weight loss boot camp but not without her snacks. To learn more about this sassy, funny and quite intelligent young girl you need to get my two books and see how she handles things in a positive and humorous way.

2 Responses

  1. Interesting post!! I wanna know about the tittle of your books!! Plz share them soon!!

  2. My books are My Name is bertha and Bertha speaks out. They can be found on Barnes and and other links. Fran

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