Sally: Author Sally Hanan and Fran Lewis discuss Her             newest release: “Joy In a Box”.


1.   What was the reasoning behind the title “Joy In a Box” and how does the title of your book intertwine all of the stories within the collection?



2.   In the title story Joy in a box, you began by writing- “I stepped inside as he was hanging the lost painting-it was somehow a comforting place to be……. What created this feeling of comfort and warmth in the character drawing her and encouraging her to appear transfixed by each painting and the art work yet wanting to form her own conclusions about them and not want to hear what the creator of the paintings was trying to say?  What motivated you to write this story and what was the reason behind creating this woman’s character? Why did you use this story as the title story in the book?

3.   In Gift-a Friend-A Foe- you can tell from the opening sentence that the character is nervous and upset about something from her movements and actions. The way you describe her hands and body you can see she is tense and needs to calm down. What is the true meaning behind the title, which does fit the story? How does the reader find out the motivation behind the character’s performance and actions in the courtroom? What is the underlying motivation that drives her to do what she does and how do you let the reader know she has more planned?

4.   The Collection: In this story you once again begin with artwork of a different type- this time it belongs to a child who is making a special card for her grandfather who she never sees. He is referred to as her Meanie Grandfather and she wants to send him this card to give him love and lots of kisses? How is this child’s innocence and love for someone she obviously is not supposed to care about teach adults a lesson about life and a child’s unconditional love for someone she feels might need it or change just by reading her card and knowing she cares? What message did you hope to convey to your readers in this story? How does the reader come to learn something about the grandfather and his past relationship with his son and his family that causes him to stay away? What is the significance of the title, The Collection?”

5.   Prosperity: Why did you title this story Prosperity and what link does it have to the couple huddled together on the ship and described in the opening paragraph of the story?

6.   Roses are Red; “Walter’s bulbous fingers prodded out each letter with care—you can tell that he is older and that he is having trouble typing this special message- yet he does not give up- Why was he going to such painstaking care and lengths to write this card and make sure that it was perfect?  What was his relationship to the recipient of the card? Why did you choose this particular setting for the story?

7.   The Star of Troy: Megan opened a package with an odd shape-inside was a Christmas tree star sent by her ex-husband, Ryan. Why did Ryan really send this star to her and want to learn her true feelings for him? What did he think he would learn about her by putting a spy camera inside of he star to hear her words and see her reaction to the package? What does her really learn about her true spirit and feelings for him? What does the reader learn about him and what about him changes? Do you think her feelings about him would change if she saw his reaction to her words?

8.   Finally- each story brings about characters that need some vehicle or way to bring them hope-salvation or joy in their future and in their lives. How do all of these stories connect to show this underlying theme?

9.   In the last story about the little girl who starts out blind- what does the line “Because of your faith-it will happen mean in relation to her, the outcome of he story and all of the stories in the book?

10.                 Are you going to write more books and what motivated you to write these stories and what will be the next book be stories or a novel?



Fran Lewis: author of the Bertha Series


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