This Call Will Be Monitored: WHY?

This Call Will Be Monitored for Quality Assurance

From the Gripe Desk of Fran Lewis



I do not know why they say they are taping for quality assurance. There is no assurance and the reason they are taping is to make sure that they can play back your words but you can’t play back theirs. I find it really uncomfortable knowing that when I want to have a conversation with the phone company, a charge card company or even a doctor’s office they find the need to tape what you are saying to them. Well, yesterday one young man found out that his words were taped and I hope that when replayed his professional skills were either under higher scrutiny or maybe he was encouraged to change careers.


Whenever you call the phone company and you want to discuss your bill you find yourself trying to understand a convoluted bill that has more charges than the basic plan that are paying for. Between the surcharges and the triple taxes that are incurred for everything from the number of lines you have to the federal, city, state and other taxes, it would be cheaper to pay that than the phone bill.


This month my bill was larger than the national debt, or so it appeared to be. When you have both your cell and home phone on one bill it can become confusing. The charges are all mixed together and it looks like an invoice for tests in a doctor’s office and more rather than a simple phone bill. I sometimes think that it would be easier to say you owe this for one phone and this for the other one and all of the taxes come to this.


Of course if they made a mistake or overcharged you then you get an adjustment or a credit on the next bill or so you are supposed to get one on the next bill but not before you pay the ridiculous amount on the present one. Why not just take the amount off of that bill and not have to worry about the next one. I guess they feel we might forget about the credits, but most people don’t.  All the while you hear this awful beep in your ear because they are taping your words. I mentioned that to the rep today and she said they do it to make sure they are giving us, the consumer good service. I tend to think it is more like one more way to infringe on our freedom of speech and the right to say whatever needs to be said without having to worry about some ridiculous tape.



Well, if that is not bad enough my doctor’s office now tapes you when you make your appointment because they have an appointment line. You no longer get the office but you get some person in another state you does not know you or the doctors in the office you are going to and trying to get an appointment is nearly impossible. Now, if you are really sick and need to see the doctor it would be wise not to bother with these incompetent people.


When I tried to make an appointment with my doctor the voice on the phone said he would send the doctor a message and ask if he could see me or call me back. He never did. Why? He never received the message. I know this to be true because this doctor calls back in less than 2 minutes whenever you need him or one of his associates. It took him 7 hours to return my call. The only reason I did get him was because I called the answering service and they finally got him. I did tell him their new system was awful or worse and he said he knew.


The next day I felt worse even though I was on an antibiotic for my problem. However, I really needed to see the doctor and to figure out a way to bypass the ridiculous appointment line. Well, I decided not to bother and just show up in his office. Smart girl. That did get me to see him and get what I needed. But, if I did not have the guts to do that I would still be suffering. So much for appointment lines and for voicemails when you want to call a doctor and they put you on hold. It is even worse when you call 911 or a doctor’s emergency line and you have to wait 10 minutes until they answer.



Whatever happened to real people who answer their phones? Whatever happened to doctor’s that have real people answer without a voice telling you to wait? Whatever happened to having conversation with a company of any kind and saying, DO NOT TAPE THIS!


These are my gripes for today. I am sure I will have more.


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