The Voice of Anton Bouchard

The Voice of Anton Bouchard and other Stories

By Brian L Porter reviewed by Fran Lewis

Brian L. Porter has put together stories in this book titled The Voice of Anton Bouchard which will not only keep the reader transfixed and spellbound and not able to stop reading until the last page of the last story, but wanting him to write a sequel for each one. No one tells a story or writes like the master: Brian L. Porter

The Voice of Anton Bouchard

My name is Anton Bouchard and I have a story to tell all of you lab rats that think you are above me and will capture me for doing my important work. I am truly the master of murder, mutilation and butchery. Jack the Ripper; you are a novice compared to me. In your time you might have created a stir and really frightened the residence of White Chapel, but what I did in Paris, France makes your work pale in comparison.

Everyone knew where you might strike and who your targets were going to be. As far as the world is concerned I earned my name as The Butcher Beast and my mutilations were better crafted and planned out. But, the reasons behind my killings stem from the death of my beautiful wife, Felicite who dies of a terrible disease that distorted her body and gradually turned her body as the author puts it into nothing more than shapeless pulp. As a result I began hearing a voice that urged me and summoned me to do the work I was destined to do and rid the world of useless and senseless women that needed to be eliminated from society.

I stumped the police, the coroner and the entire police department and more. Much was speculated that I might be a doctor, an intelligent man with obsessive-compulsive disorder and personal knowledge of the victim. I carefully choose my victim, find out where they will be at a specific time and place and then wait and bide my time before I strike without any warning. The results you will have to read for yourself if you can without turning your head away from the words because you are too much of a wimp to read about what I have done.

But, that is not the end of the story. The voice was heard in my head but the unforeseen happened. First, I was never found out or brought to justice, at least not the justice you would have inflicted on me. God has a strange way of teaching people lessons in life that they really do not deserve to learn. Such is what happened to me as a result of an accident that left me in a difficult state to continue on.

What finally happens to Anton Bouchard, and who he really was, what did he do in life and why, you will have to read this story to find out. Moreover, you better hope that I don’t recover completely and come back and continue my work.

Signed: Anton Bouchard

Red Sky in the Morning

Imagine what would happen if a powerful asteroid hit the Earth without any warning? Imagine that this was not an act of terrorism but the result of something far more devastating, a natural occurrence in a far away corner of space.

Imagine being in a nuclear submarine under the polar ice cap. What would happen if the ocean turned red hot and boiled over? The captain of the ship raised his periscope and saw a red tinge on the surface. Their communications destroyed with their home base they began wondering what had occurred. With the sky bright red and the world looking like its on fire, the captain of the ship would not quite believe what happened next. After the HMS Bedlington disappeared below the ice cap on her top-secret exercises, various space observatories on the surface were alerted to the fact that three asteroids were heading to Earth and there was nothing that could stop them. As the asteroids approached Earth, what people would have thought an act of terrorism nuclear war or worse was really an act of mass destruction but not caused by a human. The end result was the annihilation of much of our planet and the list of survivors minimal. The Captain of this ship does detect a slight signal coming from somewhere and heads in its direction to find the survivors. What will the fate of the world be? Will this submarine be able to find any survivors or is it too late for everyone? You need to read this story because we need to prepare for such an event and maybe our scientists need to look deeper into the sky before it turns Red in the Morning!

Breathing to Death

Mirror mirror on the wall who is the most perfect of us all: Well, according to our killer you will soon find out!

Mirror mirror on the wall that which does not deserve to live and is imperfect should be eliminated: You will see

Imperfections and physical illnesses are weaknesses and people who have them should not be allowed to exist. Poor Sally Mitchell and Melanie Blane had two strikes against them and  paid for them with their lives.

Sally had asthma and Melanie had a heart problem. Both tried to stay fit and went to the Arcadia Club to work out and keep healthy. Both had the same trainer and both were found dead wearing the same grotesque makeup that their respective boyfriends stated to the police they would never buy no less wear. So, why were they found dead in their apartments? What could these two have done? Melanie was a high-powered executive with a multi-national company and Sally worked for a small advertising company. Why would anyone want them dead?

Detective Chief Inspector Blake and Sergeant Ramage were called along with the coroner Sam Morris to find out who was responsible. Their quest for justice led them in many directions all pointing to someone working at the Arcadia Club. Both women worked out with the same fitness coach and both women were dead. But, the killer was not quite done yet. This person had one more victim who might not make it and die at the hand of this sick person.

What happens next will surprise the reader and make you wonder just how safe it is to workout at a gym and how safe you are when walking the treadmill?

The Sound of Silence

Sarah Durham was driving for three hours and made one wrong turn that would forever change her life. Her car went out of control. It crashed and left her pinned under it and very badly hurt.

Unconscious for a long time, when she finally opens her eyes she is startled by the figure looming above her. A young man, with white hair, yellow teeth and a strange countenance that would frighten anyone when you see him or look into his red eyes.

Trying to communicate with him was difficult and nearly impossible. Lifting her off of the ground she was helpless and could do nothing. Thinking that he was a vampire and would drain her of her blood frightened her even more. But appearances are not always what they seem and all too often we judge people on their outer shells and that can lead to wrong answers and misconceptions.

When Sarah wakes up she finds herself in a convent and the Sisters and their doctors nurse her wounds and back to health. She tells the Sister about this man only to see him standing behind the nun who readily explains who he is and how he came to be at the convent. 

Sarah looked straight at him and apologized for her wrong thoughts and realized she was looking into the eyes of her savior and had the Sister explain that to Ion who felt pleased especially when she hugged him and gave him a soft kiss.

Sarah learned a lesson that day that we all need to remember. You need to accept people for who they are on the inside and look past their physical appearances before making a judgment. What happens next you will have to read for yourself. Lessons in life are learned and many are more valuable than others. Just ask Sarah and the Sisters of the Convent and of course Ion. Is he really vampire? Only Brian Porter would know for sure and he is not telling.

Bodies in the Cellar

Carston Manor: what lurks beneath its austere walls and intimidating veneer. Called on a dark and stormy night to investigate what fate befell 2 bodies in the deep, dank and gloomy cellar, Inspector Tolland enters this mansion so reminiscent of that of Count Dracula you would think he would come out of a hidden coffin or passageway to greet the visitor.

Greeting him at the door is the butler who immediately ushers him into the house and toward the cellar where the victims lie. Asking if he needed assistance or wanted to refresh himself first, Inspector Tolland ventures down into this dark cellar to see what befalls him and exactly where the bodies are and what kind of disposal is required.

That’s all I am going to tell the reader. Who the bodies belonged to and who this Inspector really is you will have to read this story whose ending has a strange twist.


A Megalith is a very large stone used in various prehistoric architectures or monumental styles, mainly in Western Europe during the second millennium B.C. What would you do if you woke up one morning and you found this type of stonehenge structure in the middle of your city or country?

Architects in Haifa, Damascus and the entire world are trying to figure out how and why these stone structures appeared and why are they seemed to be emanating a humming sound. Countries throughout the world set up a worldwide video link to discuss this and hopefully figure out the source and reason behind the appearance of these stones.

Of course here in America the ridiculous happened and many speculated that aliens sent these structures  or it was as an act of God.

Before allowing the army to launch a rocket or missile at this thing, the President decided to wait and see what would happen next. Throughout Europe, Asia and the entire world these Megaliths appeared out of nowhere yet appeared harmless.

In Haifa  Rachel Silverman and her team of scientists and archeologists met with world scientists to discuss the origin of these Megaliths and what needed to be done about them. Scientists speculated, discussed, theorized and worked as a team to discuss the possible effects of what these things might do in the future. The amazing thing was that all of these people forgot their hostilities and differences and bonded as a team, working together to solve a world issue. The more Megaliths that appeared the more the bond among nations in the Earth grew and it seemed as if the imminent danger to the world brought closeness among the nations on Earth to and look, as the author states, ”beyond its own insignificant boundaries,” and break down the walls that divide us. The reason these things turned up and appeared out of nowhere you will have to read for yourself. No matter how or why they only proved that people could work together for the greater good. Maybe we need some here too.

An Alien Abduction

Hallucination or alien abduction: Read the facts and you decide:

Six women  went to bed at night and were awakened by a bright light and a cold feeling that washed over their bodies. They could feel a presence in their rooms but did not see their physical appearances. All woke up in the park without any clothes on and did not remember where they were taken or what had happened to them. All 6 are now in a psychiatric facility and being treated.

All released from the facility after Dr. Sabra and his assistant Melika examined them and treated them. All six after leaving the facility found out that they were pregnant and never attributed their pregnancy to the supposed abduction. All 6 were strangers to each other and lived in different places and saw different doctors. How odd that they were all pregnant. How odd that they all experienced the same thing and did not remember.

We now move to the future many years beyond this incident. The time is 2296 and science has advanced to the point where they can create a whole new generation of people that will grow and respond to genetic modification and be programmed to do whatever the scientists want them to. It sounds like the people of planet KG644 where this is happening will be the unsuspecting victim of scientific research and experimentation.

On a planet designated  KG644 six women screamed and each had a beautiful child. Hallucination or Alien invasion. You decide when you read this bone-chilling story.

Preview: Under Mexican Skies

Sophia Morales an archeologist and her small team of students were on an excavation when the unthinkable happened.  A plane crashed above the site causing a massive explosion and it appeared that someone might have tried to bomb them and ruin what was to be a day that would forever change her life and those that worked with her. As the team began to assess the damage and leave the cave another explosion occurred and trapped Sophia inside while her students managed to get out. All but one survived the explosion and now the team had to tell her husband Captain Juan Morales that she might have been killed when the tunnel roof collapsed.

Her husband of only 6 months comes to the crash site and refuses to believe that she is gone and when she appears all covered in ash that is when the real mystery and the story begins. Sending those that are hurt to the hospital Sophia insists that her husband and her student Osvaldo Ruiz reenter the tunnel in to show them the amazing discovery she unearthed as a result of this untimely explosion.

Underneath all of that ash and deep inside the cave is a hidden treasure. One that could forever change the fate of all of the people in Mexico or the world if not protected, guarded and transported to their National Museum to be kept on display and under lock and key.

What did they find? A Tomb: inside possibly the sarcophagus of someone referred to as the Dream King who ruled the Dream People a Mesoamerican Legend. What does this mean and why do they need to guard this treasure? There is a jaguar, an altar and the cape of Teayo which the legends states yields great power and the person who possess this cape can wield power over the minds of men through their dreams. What happens and who owned the plane and how does that fit into the finding of this treasure you will have to wait and read the entire novel and see what else author Brian L. Porter has in store for those Under Mexican Skies.

I never give stars for a book:

I give this book

5 sequels: One for each story and one more to find out the ending to Under Mexican Skies

Fran Lewis: reviewer


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