It’s In The Eyes by Charles Toftoy

Title: It’s In The Eyes

Author: Dr. Charles Toftoy

ISBN: 978-1432711962

Publisher: Outskirts Press




Imagine getting a phone call asking you come down to identify your daughter’s body after some psychopathic killer took her life. Unfortunately, these things do happen and we read about them in the news on a daily basis. Abuse of any kind is unconscionable and the end result can leave more than just physical trauma or scars on the abused person. All too often the hidden traumas caused by verbal, physical and sexual abuse can have devastating and lasting effects on a person whether an adult or child. This brings me to my review of an important novel written by Dr. Charles Toftoy, Its In the Eyes.


As the novel begins we learn of a horrific rape and murder of a young college student in Washington DC. Dr. Lars Neilsen is a college professor who created a team of private investigators called the Alpha Team who privately and discreetly assist in the investigation and soon learn startling facts about the killer or killers and their brand of murder. Four coeds are killed and all four deaths are by strangulation. A psychopathic killer is at work who models his murders after the rapes and killings of the 17th and 18th century killers called the Thuggees who worshipped the black goddess Kali- meaning darkness.


As with our killer Kali worship comes from a legend that originated from India. It refers to a period when an evil demon hunted mankind in order to devour him. During this time period children were killed and Kali was determined to stop him. But, all of her efforts did not work and each time blood of the demon was spilled it would rise again and she created her own form of help. Creating men from various sources she hoped to strangle the demons. It is this legend that is the impetus for the religion of Kali and her worshippers, the Thugs. Worshippers of Kali followed the Thug path and a killer who believes in Kali and sees her in his visions murders the women killed in this book. Kali wore clothes made of human body parts. Using her as a guide the killer’s victim was positioned and given the special yellow scarf around her neck to indicate the reference to Kali in the murders.


However, you need to beware of a new moon or darkness as Kali represents darkness and the targets for these murders are blue-eyed blonds who think according to our killer and Kali, that they are God’s gift to the world. The killer states that these women are superficial and self-absorbed: His targets are blonds on the basketball tames who think that they are as some put it today, ”ALL THAT,” and more.


His mode of killing fits that of the killings of the Thuggees. The victims were travelers who were murdered as sacrifices to the goddess Kali. Using her favorite color yellow, a silk scarf of that color was tied around the unsuspecting traveler’s neck. Death occurred within five seconds. Thuggees always used this method of killing since spilling blood was forbidden. Thinking that the police and the Alpha team would not pick up on this, our killer lived in a world devoted to Kali and envisioning her in his presence and guiding his actions.


But, in order to throw them off and send them in another direction, he commits a crime so violent and heinous it sends Lars and his team reeling with anger and determination to bring him to justice and more.


Did you ever look into the eyes of someone and know they were lying to you? Can you tell when someone is telling the truth? What would you do if the color of your eyes and hair would make you a target for a killer? Wait and see what happens next?


This dangerous killer thought he would was beyond the law and would outsmart the Alpha Team. How he is brought down will surprise you and the added twists and turns will keep the reader on edge. When Lars comes face to face with our killer he knows he has split seconds to respond. What happens you will have to read for yourself?


What I love about this book is the way the author allows the reader to enter the world of a police investigation by explaining the steps involved in planning not only their strategies to capture the killer but the brainstorming techniques and the give and take of those involved to help the reader understand that it takes teamwork to solve a case and a great leader, like Lars Neilsen to lead. Added to this are the language lessons that Belissa, Candace’s mother gives to Lars and the reader comes away not only with knowledge of how to write a great news article thanks to Brenda the reporter, investigative techniques and some Portuguese words too.


When the police finally realize that there is two separate cases not one, they realize that their work is not over and they have to find another and equally dangerous killer who uses hit men from another country to do his dirty work. Just who this Dragon is and what the killer’s motive is, you won’t believe. With the help of the FBI, ACPD, the Alpha team and other law enforcement agencies justice is sought and hopefully will be served but not in the way you would expect.







How do you tell a mother that her daughter is dead? How do you live with the voice of the murdered girl in your head pleading for you to get her killer? Will Lars and his team succeed in closing this case? Will Candace finally rest in peace? How does it all come together? Will the Alpha Team: Doris the psychic, Brenda the reporter, Tiger the assistant funeral director and our lead, Lars the professor succeed? Read this first rate thriller from an author who makes us aware of how important it is to keep our children and family close and protected.


This novel brings to light many important issues that we read about in our newspapers. It is not brings to light how important it is that our young people stay alert, aware and cognizant of their surroundings when jogging, walking or going out with friends. Remember: You can’t be too careful. The eyes are the windows to the soul and just looking into someone’s eyes you can sometimes see more than you want.


Muito obrigado as you would say in Portuguese: thank you for a great novel Dr. Charles Toftoy. I hope that you will bring Lars and his Alpha team back for a sequel. Thank you for the honor of reviewing your book.


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  1. Excellent review. Please put it on and as a review. Thanks. Charles Toftoy

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