Title: Womenopause: Stop Pausing And Start Living

Authors: Lovera Wolf Miller and David C. Miller

ISBN: 978-1-84694-321-8

Publisher: O Books London UK



Don’t stop your life just because you are having hot flashes and you feel like your entire body is burning up. Don’t stop if you feel like punching someone because your moods change just like the seasons and you cannot get a hold on how you feel. Don’t let this and other signs of changes within your body and mental status make you feel that your life is about to end and there is nothing left to do but wait: It’s just Menopause and you can control it and you can life your life till the fullest just like I am!

Where was this great informative, humorous and uplifting book ten years ago when I needed it? Well, fortunately it is here now and for those of you that want to take your life back and bring some pizzazz into it read my review of Womenopause and get the low down on Menopause and more.

In order to understand the rationale behind this informative book I decided to take the Menopause challenge and see which areas still apply to me and where I might get some great information and help to alleviate some of my concerns. There are seven areas that need to be assessed when taking the challenge. Of the seven three create mild problems for me. Mood matters, Insomnia Queen and Vagina Sahara are the three that gave me some cause to pause and think about the wonderful world of menopause and aging. Staying asleep, not feeling myself and burning in the formerly moist zone were the three that I remember and still remember as the worst part of going through the experience. Reading the rest of that section gave me some more insight into understanding what I went through and more.



Just to clarify some important definitions for the reader: Menopause is a single day in the life of a woman. It is that glorious day when your final bloody flow ends. Perimenopuase is the four-year to ten-year time period before menopause and continues one year after. It is the wWednesday and wThursady until wFriday morning. Menopause happens at midnight on wThursday. Postmenopause is a time of gradually ending those menopausal systems. You need to read chapter 7 to understand these three different defintions and more.



The many case studies that are provided will help the reader learn more about how valuable using the Womenopause wTimeline is and was to these women and can be to you. In doing so you can reduce your risk of ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, colon cancer and much more. Diet and exercise and taking the appropriate supplements are just some of what helped the women in these case studies.





Throughout this book the authors describe the different symptoms you might encounter when experiencing perimenopause and thereafter. During this time and after many women consider the possible use of Menopause Hormone Replacement or wBioIdenticals or wBodyidenticals. There are suggestions for supplements, vitamins and creams that will relieve many symptoms too. There are many women who feel adverse to both courses of therapy and there are those who have had many of their symptoms greatly alleviated.  You will have to decide that with you doctor on your own.



From Hot Flashes, Crashes, Insomnia, Vagina Dryness, Mood Matters and more this book provides helpful and informative answers and information to help you decide how to handle this time of your life. At the end of each chapter is a Womenopause Challenge and Test Check to motivate you and make sure you have the proper and important tests needed to diagnose you and help you deal with these changes.


Finally, I would be remiss if I did not say that Chapter 14 really puts it in perspective for me. I never eat junk food or fake food. I did in the past before losing over 60 pounds. After reading the list of what not do when eating on page 96 I passed it along to some of my family members, as I will this book to let them know why fast foods only make matters worse. I learned the hard way but I am glad I did. I read the shopping list on pages 99-100 and definitely restocked my fridge with those items. Where was this book when I was told my cholesterol was high a few years ago? Of course if you are human and a woman your favorite chapter will be 18 where you learn about how to keep your motor oiled, going and engine running. Sexercise is the title and you will have to read it for yourself to learn what I have. Some things are more fun if you read them and try them for yourself. But, make sure you fill out the wSxScore and checklist on page 133 before venturing any further.


Last but, not least since my mom has Alzheimer’s the chapter on Memory hit home. The information in this chapter is invaluable if you don’t want your brain to turn into mush. Don’t forget men have their own brand of Manopause too. Let’s not forget that they have mood swings, belly fat and are at risk for strokes and heart attacks too.


Most important: Early Detection and going for your annual exams will help save your life: Get your mammogram. Pap test, other cultures like HPV, Pelvic Exam, Bone Density, Blood workup and exercise and eat right.


This is a book that should be read by woman, men, young woman and parts to young girls with their moms to understand the wonders of being a woman. This should also be a resource for doctors. I am honored to have reviewed this book.