The Bracelet by Todd Cheney

What would you do if you received an unmarked package from an unknown sender? Would you open it up and see what was inside? Would you try and find out from the company that sent it or from the delivery person where it came from? Of would you open it up and decide after seeing the contents what the next step would be: Keep it or send it back!

If your world was filled with going to a mundane job and your life and you received a present from a stranger that would give you anything you could ever want, would that be enough for you or would you want more?

Let Mike Alex tell you his story and then decide:

My name is Mike Alex and my life is filled with working as a mechanic and waiting for my girlfriend to have my child. But, I crave more and want things that I could not ever imagine having. When I received an unmarked package with a unique bracelet inside with a note stating that my every wish and desire would be met just by wishing for it while holding on to the bracelet, I was filled with elation, trepidation and uncertainty, but it did not stop what happened next.

After deciding to keep the bracelet I hid it from view making sure that no one could access its whereabouts or gain knowledge of how I was going to use it. Learning from the note that was inside the box that the bracelet allowed its owner to wish for anything and everything they wanted: However: Wishes could only be made once within a 24 hour period. But, like most people I did not believe this and would have to find out for myself.

I decided to take the bracelet for a test run: Test one: Wish for something so simple and yet so obvious that I would know if the bracelet truly had powers. In order to be certain that the wish was fulfilled and came true I made sure I was present to see the fruits of my wish and I did. Realizing that I might be on to something I decided to make a second wish. His boss had gambling debts that were not paid. He had to payback a loan shark over 30 thousand dollars and had no idea where the money would come from or when he could pay the debt I wished for Lou, my boss to become debt free as my second wish. Could it be divine intervention or could it be just a strange coincidence? You will have to find out for yourself.

Inside of the package with the bracelet was a note signed by someone called The Shepherd, which I realize is a name that God or Jesus is often referred to. But, I meet some interesting people along the way that give me reason to pause for thought and I begin to wonder just what is in store for me.

I became dissatisfied with my life and with what life has bestowed upon me. I began daydreaming about the many reasons I might have received the bracelet, its possible limitations. I failed to consider or think about the ramifications and results that might happen as a result of my wishes. But, it does not stop me from wanting and wishing for more.

Feeling that my childhood years might have stifled me and always feeling inadequate and insecure as a result of being ridiculed by other children and a long illness that hampered my progress in school, I began using the bracelet as a means to achieving an end never considering the true meaning of why I received it and why I was chosen as the recipient.

All too often we do not consider the blessings that we have and as humans we always want more. Some people consider wealth, power and position as the mark of a successful person. What do I think? Wait and see what happens and what other wishes I make. Remember each wish will affect other people and sometimes the end result will not always be what was intended. Just how much power does one person need? Would you want to rule the world if you could? But, when I make my wishes I forget to give any thought to the overall effect it will have on everyone who might reap the effects of my wishes. I do not give any thought to the fact the there could be catastrophic results. Think before you speak or should I say wish!

Curiosity does get the best of me and I decide to investigate some more hoping to find out the origin and original owner of the bracelet. Since, Krueger, the man who owned the Lincoln I was repairing never came for his car, I was able to open the folder he left in the backseat only to learn more than I bargained for about the bracelet and this odd man.

When he does finally shows up for his Lincoln, what happens not only surprised me but also would change everything and my plans for the bracelet.

Who was this man that appeared out of nowhere claiming that this bracelet was an artifact that dated back over 5000 years and was stolen from the Smithsonian?  This reviewer was beginning to wonder about that too and about Mike’s wisdom and thinking in all of this. Deciding not to fall prey to what this man might be trying to do, he does not relinquish the bracelet and wants more proof of who and where it really came from and whom it does belong to and why he received it. Plus, the fact that the powers in the bracelet come from the ripples that are carved within it which causes a chain reaction when a wish is made and the reason the effects of wishing can reach anyone in the world and further.

Allowing the reader to enter the mind of the character and understand and feel his confusion, frustrations and more concerning the bracelet and what his next steps and wishes should be, makes the reviewer and the reader feel apart of the story and routing for Mike to make the right choices.

The events that follow will either make you a believer that this bracelet has the power to make your every wish come true, or make things worse. When Mike’s girlfriend goes into labor and is about to have their baby the unthinkable happens and more. When the doctors and nurses realize what happened to the little boy that was born they are devastated but claim that these things do happen and Mike feels that bad things do happen to good people and he is determined to right this wrong at all cost. What is the fate of their son?

Who is this man that claims to have knowledge of the true meaning behind the bracelet? What does the woman who sent it to him tell him and what is her fate and that of others as a result of owning it? What will Mike and Rhonda decide to do with the bracelet knowing what they can get it to do? You will have to read this thought provoking and mind-stimulating book to find out the answers to these questions and more. Never try and change the course of history or the way things work or the fundamental working of nature. Mike learns many valuable lessons but one does stand out more than others: Nothing happened that he did not want to happen. A piece of stone a mere bracelet cannot change who you are: but it can change what happens if you wish it!

Where will Mike and Rhonda wind up after leaving there live in Middletown? Only the author of this great new book knows when I hope writes the sequel. Todd Cheney, the author of The Bracelet leaves the reader asking many questions about divine intervention, God’s power and the power of one man named Mike Alex who wanted the things in life but will it bring you happiness and joy. Read The Bracelet and you decide if you want it next!