Captain Bob: Enjoy Your Cruise

Captain Bob: Author Robert Stockel

Our author Robert Stockel takes the reader on a humorous and exciting journey on his boat the Dulcinea. With many ups and downs described about his life and his sailing career, the reader gets enveloped in the excitement and can sit back, take part each event described and fortunately, not get seasick, which I do on all types of boats, water rides or rowboats.

The author’s description of how he and his first mate Rita, weathered their first journey, to going in the wrong direction and winding up in Puerto Rico and not St. Thomas, our illustrious Captain lets us know who is in charge and that “The Captain is always right,” keeps on course and sometimes might even make a mistake, but not want to admit it.

Deciding on anchoring and remaining in St. Thomas he finds his niche and gets hired as a salesman then manager of Anchor Marine, a company that sold nautical products and more. After a while he becomes quite enterprising and joins in a three-way partnership in a half-day or daily cruising business called Windsong Cruises. . My sister loves to cruise and she adores yachts, fishing and boating. She would love to read about your experiences and more before going on a two week cruise in May.

As the author described his experiences during Hurricane Hugo and the terrible devastation that occurred I could not help but empathize with Donna and how afraid she felt during that entire experience. Unfortunately, it was not the Captain’s fault that this happened, and not his fault that she left either. It is not hard to understand how she felt and she did not to experience this anymore. The wedding pictures, their courtship and their life together seemed picture perfect like a perfect couple on a permanent honeymoon that would never end. Maybe, someday you will reconnect. You truly do belong together.

I really loved the jokes you told and your adventures during your trips. In Hugo’s aftermath everything changed for many people. A trial lawyer, Assistant Attorney General, salesman, manager, husband, sailor and more, Robert Stockel’s story is one that everyone should read and learn from. Good hearted, good natured and quite stubborn when running his ship and training his crew, he weaves an exciting story that brings the reader along for a very bumpy and choppy ride. After traveling to Norfolk and arriving at Annapolis he decided to resume his life as a government attorney for the General Litigation Division D.C. Corporation Counsel’s office. But, his real passion of sailing still burned within him and despite the mistakes, mishaps, disasters and narrow encounters with death, he felt a and still feels a pull sailing and the sea.

Surviving a hurricane, strong storms, unsettling seas, navigational mistakes, wrong turns and rocky relationships, Robert Stockel has never lost focus with what really matters to him nor his strong sense of pride and humor.

Women are not the easiest to get along with and many of us do not like sharing our special man with anyone. Some are jealous, some hide their feelings and others let it all out in rage and anger. Some just give up and leave without ever looking back. But, the one woman in his life, his Dulcinea has always been true to him throughout it all, maybe showing her green streak of envy at times, but you will have to read that for yourself. This is a great book to read and learn about the beauty of the seas, freedom of sailing on the ocean and the wonderful friendships you can make.

I never give stars when I rate a book that I truly feel is noteworthy. I give our Captain Bob: Five Loyal and Jealousy Free: Dulcineas


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    I will have to bookmark this and stop by more often.


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