Take the Challenge and Lose the Weight

Obesity Free Forever

Author: Georgene Dana Collins


Publisher: Collins Information Services

Obesity Free Forever is not about a diet, it is about making positive changes in your life and creating your plan to lose weight. But, first you need to follow the important steps set out by the author and answer the many questions at the start of this great book that will definitely help you to kick start a better and healthier you.

The book begins with the author telling the reader about herself, her experiences as a child and the reasons behind why she decided to take herself in hand and lose weight. Society judges people by their outward appearance. Adults and children are often victims of weight discrimination, social discrimination as well as employment and wage discrimination. Although this is wrong and needs to be addressed and not ignored, it is still a fact the employers would rather have someone working for them whose outer appearance meets what they feel it should be.

How did she start and what are the tools that you will need to begin losing weight from the Inside Out? Here we go! Remember, as the author states, you will not lose the weight overnight.

Here is the overview Five Step Process

  1. Understand your current situation
  2. Visualize the new you
  3. Develop a healthy lifestyle plan
  4. Work the plan
  5. Measure and evaluate your progress daily.

In order to understand what your current situation is the author states that you must fully understand what being overweight and obese means. Everyone at some time in his or her life makes the decision to go on a diet and lose weight. But, as I have just lost a lot of weight, I learned that the diet is only the small part of the weight loss process as the author states and I agree with. Read the research in this book and you will learn more about the many health issues that often come along and will need to be addressed by you if you are overweight.

These are the tools you will need to get started:

First you will need two journals: one to write your food intake and log it daily, the second to write your feelings and reflect on how you are doing. Next, you will need one scale to weigh yourself and one to measure your food and don’t forget measuring cups, spoons, and a calorie counter resource which can be purchased in the bookstore or you can access online. These are the materials you need to gather.

The second step is to prepare you to begin losing weight. Using a notebook or a log you need to ask yourself several questions starting with what your goals are and what is your target weight? You might even list what problems or roadblocks you faced when dieting in the past and what you think worked and what did not. There are many other questions that the author feels you need to address that you will learn when you read this book. One of the most important questions you need to ask yourself is why you should change and of course if you are ready to make that move to a better and healthier you.

Let’s get to the heart of the matter and learn just how the author lost 140 pounds and kept it off.

She used the method of counting calories. She created her own personal weight loss plan. But, this took time, energy and persistence. First, you have to understand current your situation, then you have to identify the motivation or reason you want to lose the weight, know your ideal body weight and develop a plan to get there. Using your Daily Food Intake Journal will help you to see what you are eating daily. Decide which foods you can do without and using your reflexive journal list healthy foods that you like and your feelings about how you are doing on a daily basis. Picture the new you and find a picture of what you would like to look like as a motivation and paste it on your refrigerator. Next, you need to devise your own plan and the author found that counting calories along with keeping close track of her activity worked for her and aided in her weight loss.

Every weight loss plan needs an exercise program to succeed. Whether you walk, jog, run or go to the gym you need to exercise in order to help boost your weight loss. The author shares her 25 weight loss tips with the reader and the most enlightening part of course was reading her personal journal that led to her success. Use her forms to help you get started and read her journey to success and don’t give up.

Remember: Obesity Is Out and Weight Control and a Better You Is In!


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