Campaign of Fear: Listen and Watch

Title: Campaign of Fear

Author: Wayne Pletcher

ISBN: 9781934938836

Publisher: Bascom Hill Books

Campaign of Fear is not about getting votes for an election it is about a dangerous man named Omar Kharif who has set his sites on obtaining everything that the American’s have at their finger tips related to Acoustical Technology. Dr. Brad Tully decides to leave his company and take with him what is called his Bounce Back Technology, which deals with the detonation of explosives using acoustical sound waves. How are these two men linked, you are about to find out that and more to make you understand why Campaign of Fearis one of the eye opening books that everyone needs to read. What happens when we listen but not observe? What happens when money is a primary incentive for getting involved in the transport of items and use of software that you think will help your company thrive but its purpose is to monitor what we are doing and track it. You will surely find out.

Sam Elson has been named the Director of the DoAt or Director of Acoustical Technology for the new president of the United States. He approaches Dr. Brad Tully to become one of his directors in the area of Protect in order to make sure that much of the technology needed to protect our government and the American people will be handled by someone who is aware of what needs to be done and more. But, unbeknownst to Brad Tully his meeting with Omar Kharif the head of TCM Corporation is really a ploy to take over his project and destroy the United States and more.

But, Omar Kharif has another agenda, one that will definitely not benefit the United States or our technological companies that he has managed to befriend in a deceptive way. Under the guise of trying to learn and help with anything his company can do, he sets up meetings with heads of many corporations in order to infiltrate and learn more about America’s advancement in acoustical technology and their military and government contracts. Enlisting the help of a naïve but in need of money head of Logistics Director of Central Management Technology, Omar Kharif entices this man to use some of the technology and advances developed in his company to test how well they work and more. When people get greedy and others do not pay close attention, bad things will happen.

Brad Tully and his team want to develop a defense system that would stand up against that of the jihad and make sure that America is protected. But, can he stop what they call their Campaign of Fear against us before it is too late?.

When  TIC head Omar Kharif convinces logistics director Kramley to test some new RFID software technology that would help track the product during it shipment to Israel the end result proves catastrophic. CMT is linked closely to TIC and an American company called Advanced Technology Products. The government figured out that TIC might be suspicious and related to the thieves trying to steal the packages and the technology being transported to Israel. CMT made detonation technology products and one of the tests of a new acoustics product was the one that went wrong. Even worse, is the fact that the head of Advanced Technology Products, Chad Bramley lost the notes that outlined the products his company was working on and had a sketch of the new technology on it?

Gathering the team and all of the major players together, the Director informs everyone that TIC had penetrated CMT and planted a mole to steal top-secret acoustics technology. Since TIC was not the top investor in Tully Research Inc and they have managed to penetrate Advanced Technology Products and CMT, the team, Brad and his partner, Zen need to race against time to stop what the author so aptly puts as their Campaign of Fear. But, can they be stopped now that they now who the major players are? What would happen if the terrorists had the capability of creating software able to do data augmentation and embed this into a corporate intranet system and be able to take over the company?

Author Wayne Pletcher in his premiere novel brings to light what everyone fears: Technological takeover by Al Qaeda. Added to that one of the investigative team members is working both sides of the fence and hopefully will be stopped. With twists, turns, murders, bombing and espionage at its best, our author keeps the reader on edge until the last page and wait to you read what happens. Called Tchnoliberatat the company went from human development and freedom to technology for evil. Can Homeland Security and Brad and his team stop them? You won’t believe the ending it will leave you guessing and wanting more. Definitely a must read.