Nine Lives by Frank Say

Sometimes life will throw you a curve and whether you see it coming or not, you cannot stop where the ball will wind up. Sam a dedicated father and husband never realized that at the flick of a second his whole world would change and his life, as he knew it, would never be the same.

One rain filled evening tragedy struck and his wife was killed. His son’s and his life would be forever tainted and permanently altered.

Going through the motions as a newly widowed man and single parent, events unfold that lead him to believe that the accident was anything but an act of fate that he did not see coming or be able to prevent.

Trying to create some normalcy in both his and his son’s lives he begins to doubt some of things that he sees, hears and even wonders why he has begun to experience some unusual dreams, headaches and smells. Hearing voices in shies head, visualizing and thinking he is having one last dance with his wife, he becomes embroiled and determined to find out the reason why he no longer needs glasses, sees more clearly and experiences déjà vous and more.

Enter in Christian his young son and Sam’s housekeeper Margarite who understands what Sam is experiencing and know where he can find the answers to the supernatural and occult like events that have now overtaken part of his days and certainly his inner most thoughts.

Heading for Bourbon Street in New Orleans Sam meets some very unsavory and unusual characters and falls prey to their deceit, lies and threatening behaviors and becomes doubtful that any of this is really true. Could his life really be in dire straights or is losing his soul in jeopardy? In New Orleans he meets a strange man who convinces him that he has now been given the an important gift through his threats and creating total havoc in his life, he will be destroyed if he does not succumb to being one of them.

Author Frank Say takes us on a psychological journey into the nightmares, dreams and possibly new reality of a man who has begun to think he is losing his mind. Hearing voices, seeing visions, reading the thoughts and desires of those around him, Sam becomes engulfed in a world filled with violence, flashbacks and flash-forwards. In this well written and graphically depicted debut novel, Frank Say creates an expertly crafted novel that takes the reader on an emotional and physical roller coaster along with Sam and leaves both drained yet wanting to find out what will happen next. Each step of the way the reader experiences first hand what Sam goes through on his plane ride, his inner most dreams and the terrifying events in a man’s apartment who claims to the almighty himself. But, is he and what is his real agenda? That, dear reader, you will have to find out for yourself.

A crucifix that his Priest gave him to wear around his neck, the voice of his wife constantly in his upper most thoughts and his family friend, Margarite who helps guide him through this with prayer, Sam hopes to find solace, solutions and answers to what has happened to him. But, is he the only affected by these voices and visions or are others involved too?

The events that unfold will astound, shock and surprise the reader as Sam, Christian and Margarite battle the inexplicable and the unknown in order to regain what they held so dear, their lives together.

What does happen will bond father and son forever? Psychic connections are real and what would happen if you could read the thoughts of another and connect with that person?  Read this outstanding debut novel and find out Sam’s fate and learn just who has NINE LIVES!

This book is a definite must read for everyone. I never give stars when rating a book. I give Sam five more lives with only clear and happy visions.

“My name is Sam and the events that you are about to read will forever change your life and the way you think about mind control, psychic connections and the occult. Join me on my journey and find out what happens when an accident of fate changes the course of events in my life. Welcome to my world. Let’s hope it does not become yours!


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