Able Danger

Able Danger

Author: Kensington Roth

The author has set the stage for many interesting situations each having its own outcome, which would destroy one country and benefit the agenda of another. James Bond move over and make room for Harrison Court-006, a black ops spy who has a dangerous mission in store and makes you pale in comparison. Court’s goal is to find out what the Chinese are up to and why they need to add a B-2 stealth bomber to their fleet.

Able Danger is a brand of thriller that is unique and different. It’s main character Harrison Court is smart, thinks on his feet, and does not falter. Court is every woman’s hero and every foes nightmare. He is charismatic, charming and faithful and knows how to handle untenable situations. But, is he the right man for the job? When the events unfold you’ll have to decide.

Kensington Roth has created a plot so devious, so frightening it allows the reader to learn to what depths the government will go to not only create mass deception and deceit but have the same thing done to them and mirrored exactly by another power.

An ending so bones chilling that not even Patterson or Berry’s novels could compare to that of author Kensington Roth. He has penned the ending leaving the reader ready for the sequel and what happens next? Read the effects of Gravvox and picture the end results as the author describes it. Would you survive? Who is the winner? Read this outstanding thriller and you decide?

This was a great book. I can’t wait to see the movie and read the sequel “Danger for 2.” I want to see what Court does next.

Fran Lewis: reviewer

Author of the Bertha Series of Books and Memories are Precious


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