Chrysalis: Tribulations

Chrysalis: Tribulations

By M. L. Lacy

From the author of Chrysalis the Awakening comes the second in her series, Tribulations. In her first book we meet Bree, a young girl who, in order to save her clan, her family, she must enter into another dimension or world. Bree is part human and soon will crossover into the Magical Realm.

She is the last Chosen One, the one who is to become the most powerful person in the Magical realm. We soon learn in book two the obstacles she faced before are nothing compared to those she will face as this saga continues.

As the book unfolds, Bree is with her clan and they are discussing the various steps that she will have to encounter in order to keep her safe. However, there are many who would rather see her perish and not succeed.

New members that want entrance into a clan have to pass certain tests before being allowed to join that clan. Background checks, character checks and many other tests have to be passed before the new member is allowed to become part of the clan. But as four new members are given access into her clan, without having to go through the vetting process and against her wishes, this could prove dangerous to her and others in many respects

Bree has several other major obstacles and hurdles to contend with before crossing over to the magical world. First, she has to come to terms with her nightly dreams where she can crawl into the mind of her archenemy and leader of the Council, Esmeralda. Bree, can read her mind, enter her lair totally unnoticed and be able to find out what she plans with her minions in order to destroy Bree, take out her heart takes her blood in order for her to rule. But, can she escape her wrath and what she has planned for her?

She ventures ahead and learns that there are members of her own clan who want to cause her hardship and Bree realizes she has some hard choices to make. Madalyn, who showed her true colors in book one as being a definite adversary for Bree, has her designs on taking over as the Alpha Female and will go to extraordinary lengths to make sure that she overtakes Bree’s role and rules the clan. When Madalyn enlists the help of two other members of the clan and decides to take on all of her clan, the end result will surprise you and endear you to Bree even more.

The author created a character that has intelligence, wit and one you can identify. Not succumbing to the will of others and standing her ground, she will go to any lengths to protect her clan and teach Madelyn a lesson that she hopes she will never forget.

Through the guidance of Odessa, Bree’s guardian, she continues to develop in her destiny. But Odessa is only her guardian, not her teacher and with the appearance of an older wizard, Bree begins to learn her magic in very unusual ways. Aunt Beth, as Bree has now dubbed her, begins the arduous task in teaching a mortal magic.  Bree must learn that she has the power to do much more if she draws on her strength and intelligence and reacts wisely.

With Esmeralda at her heels with a new accomplice whose help she has enlisted, and Thomas, her trusty aid, no one knows what the outcome will be or who will survive. Attack from demons come on out of nowhere and Bree’s first husband comes back to haunt and torment her, but with the help of her four men and her protectors she begins to feel safe, but not completely. But, the threat is not over and Esmeralda and more will try to destroy her before all is said and done.

Events occur that forces Bree to stand up to the rest of the clan and make her position as the Alpha and Chosen One stronger and heard. Against their wishes and by breaking the spells her protectors placed on her home to keep her protected inside, she fights and protects those she loves and proves that she has the power needed to lead.

Will she be able to stop Marcus and Esmeralda? Will she be able to undo the damage they have caused? That remains to be seen.

A tribulation is an experience that tests one’s endurance, patience and faith.  Bree has to deal with some serious issues and problems and the trials and tribulations that she faces in this novel and in her new life as a Magical will only make her stronger and able to lead her clan. But, whom can she trust and which one of the new members of her clan are a plant and really a spy?

The events that unfold help you to understand the ties that bind families and those that tear them apart. Who is innocent? Who will pay for their crimes? Who will be the one to inflict the justice on those that deserve it? You will have to read for yourself. Many new characters that join the clan and many of her true and dear friends and family to support and tighten the their circle of protection in order to make sure that Bree is safe.

With the guidance of Odessa, her grandmother and her inner strength, Bree takes on those who oppose her and shows everyone that she is a total force to be reckoned with. But, can she succeed in saving her clan and saving someone she loves. Just whom does she risk it all for and what does she do at the end to prove that no one wants to mess with her and she rules? You need to read it for yourself to understand how far someone will go to right the wrongs inflicted on a family, her family, and her clan.

Once again, Madonna Lacy has transported the reader into a world of vampires, werewolves, Magicals, humans and people of many different races and reminded us that her fantasy world is not that different from our real one today. Friendships that bind those together are tighter than the golden ropes used to imprison those that are evil. Those that want power do not always deserve it and those that have the power need to understand how to use it. What will happen next?  Will Bree overtake Esmeralda and eliminate her and her minions? Will she ever find true peace and safety? You will have to wait for book three and the sequel to find out.

I give this book Five Perfect Crystals and Five Magic Wands for Bree to Use to protect those she loves.

Fran Lewis: reviewer and author of the Bertha Series of Books and Memories are Precious.


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