Chompy By Ralph Piccolo

Chompy By Ralph Piccolo

Reviewed by Fran Lewis

Miracles are things that everyone prays for but rarely experience. When seven-year-old Anna becomes ill there is only one thing that will save her. Mike, her very own knight in shining armor.

Mike and Anna are best friends and soul mates and love doing fun things together. Their favorite pastime is going into a magical forest where colors come alive and animals might even speak to you. Exploring the unknown and playing princess in distress with Mike, they would enter the Pentacle Forest where they could hide from civilization and enjoy the wonders that this forest held for them.

One morning Anna, who was always lively and full of energy remained listless and tired in her bed throughout the day. Deciding to take her to the doctor for some routine tests, Anna’s mother and grandmother learn that what is wrong with her is anything but routine. Leukemia is a series disease and in Anna’s case the doctor said it was too widespread and felt there was no cure.

The power of faith and the will to believe in what others might call false hope or make believe, lied beyond the deepest part of the Pentacle Forest in the form of a little creature named Chompy. The author created a world so vivid and so magical that the reader can visualize the entire forest as Mike goes on a long journey to find this creature and bring it home to save his best friend.

Chompy, a little round fuzz ball with soft multicolored fine hair shaded brown, black and white with a pinch of blue was the only thing that could save Anna and hopefully Mike could find him before it is too late. Choosing the path that he hoped was the right one when entering the forest, the author describes in vivid detail the many passages, animals and hurdles that Mike faced before finding Chompy.

When Mike does find Chompy and brings him to Anna’s room you will not believe what happens. The amazing description and the love of a friend, family and a little creature named Chompy will forever endear you to him. What does happen and will Anna be saved?  This is a story of love, caring , friendship and one boys quest to save his friend’s life. Do you believe in miracle? Read this story and decide for yourself. I do.

I give this book enough Chompy’s to cure everyone with Cancer and every non-curable disease. Thank you for asking me to review this book. I hope to read more books with this cute little creature.

Fran Lewis :Reviewer

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