Charles Toftoy’s review of Memories are Precious by Fran Lewis

Why is it that people shy away from those that are ill? Do you really think that you can catch this illness? What you did catch is not the illness it is fear! The fear of getting older and this happening to you.The fear of having to deal with this disease and you are too afraid that when you look at me you might be seeng yourself in the future. MY NAME IS RUTH SWERDLOFF:AND I AM HERE!”

This is one of many comments made by Ruth throughout the book, Memories are Precious, written by her faithful daughter, Fran Lewis. This is an important book that everyone should read. It is down-to-earth with intimate insights which provide the reader with help and care. Also, it makes us aware that there is a need for a cure for Altzheimer’s. Lewis writes, “MOM! We will never stop fighting for you and never give up on a cure!”

It is interesting to read the words straight from Ruth which covers how her life changed beginning in July, 2003. The 162 page book includes pictures of family members and friends. Many of them have written about the good times they had with Ruth before Altzheimer’s set in.For example, her great-granddaughter, Carly Tappan, wrote: “…I love you Grandma Ruth. You are the best grandmother in the whole world…”

There are several poems about Altzheimer’s. Fran Lewis engages us with two wonderful poems that she wrote,”Because I Am Right: Because Her Words Are Few”, and “Before It Is Too Late.” A letter written by Fran Lewis to her mom covers the topic of “Why Me?”

I was drawn into this book as though I was a family member—living the journey with Ruth and her close supporters.

The book is an excellent source of information for care-givers and about the disease itself. Lewis provides key information on: power of attorney, papers and documents needed, possible expenses, meeting financial responsibilities, determining whether your loved one should continue driving, special tips for care-givers, types of care, stages of Altzheimer’s, qustions to ask your doctor, and ten signs of Altzheimer’s disease.

It was a privilege to review Memories Are Precious. It is different from many other books on the Altzheimer disease. It’s different because Fran Lewis opens up her heart to us and explains the Altzheimer journey of her mom in a realistic, earthy way.

Reviewed by Charles Toftoy author of It’s in the Eyes are great must read thriller.