The Goring Collection

The Goring Collection by Tom Barnes

Reviewed by Fran Lewis

Imagine watching waiting for your parents to return from a trip and they never do. The year is 1941 and the place is Berlin Germany. Jacob Meyers and his sister Natalie stood on a platform at a station in Berlin. They waved goodbye to their parents never to see them again. Only Fritz Heimann a close friend of his parents understood the gravity of the situation and on a train to Rostock explained that they would be joining his family risking his life to do so. Explaining to both young Jacob and his sister Natalie that they needed to call him Papa.

Years later Jacob decided to become involved with the KGB and the Communist Party. Being assigned to a position in America he did not question where he was sent but was disappointed in not joining the Intelligence Service. Becoming assimilated in his work and joining the CIA and going to KGB lectures and other diplomatic functions Jacob developed a lifestyle that his sister Natalie did not approve of or want him to pursue.

Years later Jacob decided to pursue a different career and became part of an organization called the Founders Group which was comprised of patriotic activists and who were loyal to the United States and preserve the Constitution and U.S. Sovereignty. Part of his new career would be to expose politicians that are corrupt and uncover priceless works of art before the originals were intermingled with the fakes and lost forever.

Living with another family as a child hanging in their home was a beautiful Pissarro Painting belonging to his father. When the Nazi’s came and took the painting from his home little did he and his sister think that they would ever see it again. Here is where the action begins.

Hermann Goring, the Nazi’s second in command and an avid art collect turned up on the doorstep of the Goudstikker art gallery in Amsterdam two weeks after the 42 year old art dealer’s death. Goring orchestrated a forced sold the Goudstikker’s inventory in what is now, according to history one of the largest art thefts perpetrated by an individual by the Nazi’s during WW II.  Tom Barnes in this outstanding and mind provoking novel takes us on a journey with the members of his Founder’s Group all over the world to track down not only the lost Pissarro belonging to Jacob Meyers but a drug ring, international art thieves, members of a Cartel that will stop at nothing to thwart his efforts and those the members of his group and solving the murders of a gay political activist, art collector and the rape of one of Jacob’s operatives.

Sam Brannan, Paul Murphy, Sue Grady, Don Bowman, Jacob and many others put their lives in jeopardy to find the killers, the missing Manet and Cezanne, and what happened to his father’s painting.  This well researched novel has the characters searching for the Manet and the Cezanne, which are sold as copies at the Berghoff Gallery in Chicago where an auction attendee was killed.

What does a U.S. Senator have against odds maker Eddie Barr? Why does he want to see him jailed for crimes he never committed? Who will try to set things right for Eddie and protect him from what this Senator has planned for him? What does Eddie really have that he wants?  What other U.S. Senator is just as corrupt and is dealing in the theft of million dollar paintings?

What was the real reason these people were killed and what was the motivation behind this dangerous Cartel’s eagerness to eliminate them, you will have to find out for yourself. Family histories all gone due to the Nazi’s and their raids on homes during the War?

The ending will keep you on the edge of your seat and you will never see it coming. Will Jacob recover his father’s painting or has it been sold? Will the Founder’s Group find any paintings matching the ones that were stolen by the Nazis and will they find the originals or just forgeries? Read this novel filled with twists and turns and find out for yourself.

Paintings stolen by the Nazi’s. Thousands of art collections stolen during WW II some surfacing after the war with many families hoping to find their lost paintings and more. Which galleries were selling forgeries? How did they get away with it? Were any of these paintings or any part of the Goring Collection ever recovered? Feel the energy and go along on the ride of your life as the members of this great group with the aid of Interpol agents, reporters and art experts try and take down this Cartel find the originals before it is too late.

Hermann Goring was in charge of looting and hiding thousands of museum paintings. These paintings were the work of some of the most famous artists in Europe. Some of their work became more valuable during proceeding decades. These paintings that this man had stolen became known as the Goring Collection. Hundreds of these paintings have still not been found or returned to their rightful owners.

I give this book Five Priceless Original Renoirs and Monets and to the author I give Five Gold Stars for writing this great novel.

Fran Lewis: reviewer and author of Memories are Precious

Author of the Bertha Series of Books


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