Color Me Jazzmyne

Color Me Jazzmyne

Author: Marion L. Thomas

Colors are vital and important in our lives. We cannot live our lives devoid of the many influences each color might impact on our actions and emotions. Our lives are often embedded in the many colors that we create to outline journeys we take in life, our important moments, emotions and the events that create our author Marion L. Thomas so brilliantly states, the crayon box of colors that are the many facets of colors of Jazzmyne. The memories that are etched in our minds, engraved in our hearts, replayed in our minds, are never turned on silent or off.

Naya Mona spent most of her life looking for answers to one question: Why? Living some of her childhood in fear of an abusive father and searching for freedom, she began an emotional and psychological journey shared with the reader in the novel Color Me Jazzmyne by author Marion L. Thomas. As you enter the world of this incredible young child you learn of the many hardships she faced and the meaning of survival. Naya Mona was a smart, strong willed young lady who knew when her cup of anger was filled to the brim and the many colors in her crayon box needed remixing, it was time to leave and reaffirm herself as a person and take Control of her life.

Control: As the colors in your crayon box have distinctive ideas, thoughts and emotions attached to them thereby defining your history and the past. When you allow someone to dominate, regulate and dominate your movements, your emotions and try to manipulate your thoughts. Naya’s father tried to control her every move and even kept her locked in a closet in the dark to discipline her. Thus, the creation of a young child’s mind who learned to deal with the darkness and see the images within her mind and heart as she tried to picture a Once Upon A Time and Happily Ever After Scene in her mind.

Naya Mona escaped her life with her father and went to New York and found she was still not free. Singing was her goal. Jazz was her niche. Love, did not exist in her life, nor ever came out of her mouth. But, our pasts come back to face us and now she would retell the journey of her life and the reader will travel back in time with her to learn the truth and the answer to the one question: Why?

Giving up a child is hard. When the decision is made without your knowledge it can rip you apart. A young son, who has become hard due to the life he was forced to live comes full circle and now wants the same answers that Naya wants: Why did you give me up? What is my history and explain my roots. Facing this young man who cannot come to grips with all the good in his life, a wife and children, Jazzmyne or Naya retells the story of her life to a man she barely knows and hopes will understand.

As we take this journey along with Naya we meet many people who offer her help. Getting her first job in a club called the Skinny for a man who was not really interested in her future, but what her successes and future could do for him. We often learn the hard way and she did. Never sign anything that you do not read and never ask a friend to take control of your finances and your career. Trust must be earned and every step of the way the people closest to her betrayed her in some way making her reassess, take a step backwards and forge ahead even stronger.

As you learn about her past, her present and her life you will become embroiled, enmeshed, angered, fearful and hopeful that she will prevail win. As she tells her story to her son, he learns the truth about his father, his grandparents who brought him up but the coldness that surrounded his mother and him growing up. Their lives might have been apart but the emotional upheavals and the lack of love was the same.

Wrong marriages, lies, deceit and deceptions all engulf her life while singing at the Skinny and then at the Jazz Cat. But one man would forever change her fate and bring things full circle. What would she reveal to her son? What really happened in her life and what answers are revealed you will learn by joining the journey of this incredible woman’s life. A woman who has many colors in her crayon box that defined the many times, moments, emotions in her life and whose voice was finally heard by one man who made a her change.

A letter from a father that was too late, hollow words without meaning on a simple piece of paper. A son whose life was filled with love needed more. A life filled with ups and downs, emotional upheavals and finally success. The life of a woman who knew when the right moment came to get take the questions and give the answers she and Jonathan, her son, needed to hear. Thought provoking, a well developed plot with each main character’s voice heard by the reader, this outstanding novel that brings to light many issues that are relevant today is a must read for everyone that needs to find the right colors in a crayon box to create a beautiful picture.

To Jazzmyne: Color you Successful and to our author who created you: I Give You Five More Colors to Add to your Crayon Box:

Gold for success, Yellow for Happiness, Blue for Harmony, Green for life, well- being and respect, and White purity.

Fran Lewis: Reviewer and author of the Bertha Series of Books and Memories are Precious by Alzheimer’s Book.


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