Angels of Interstate 29 by Donald James Parker

The Angels of Interstate 29

Author Donald  James Parker

Life begins at any age and don’t you forget it! Never let retirement slow you down. Retirement is just ending one career and the ability to start another one of your choice. So, seniors watch out, wake up and listen up really careful like and hear the story of Tex Harris and the Angels of Interstate 29 and see what this great man of 70 years young decided to do with his life after he was told he had to retire.

There are many people who enjoy the activities provided in Senior Centers. There are card games, discussion groups, shopping trips and more. But, as our main character Tex notes, is that it! Is the rest of your life sitting on your duff and watching television, playing games and shooting horseshoes? That tends to wear off after a while. I know that I could not do that all day. I need something to make me feel alive and stimulated. Well, Tex Harris was driving along the interstate when he stopped to help someone in distress. Not only did he help this woman but also he loaned her his new truck to take her young child to get medical care at the nearest hospital. Now, would you do that, give your car or truck to a complete stranger without giving any thought to how you were going to get anywhere? It gets better. While waiting for help to come and rescue him, he is held up by some thugs and a police officer botches up the entire scene when Tex gets the drop on them and they get away. Shows you how much the police need to learn and think before they spark into action.

When all of the excitement was finally under control, Tex goes to his senior center and meets his best friend Parnelli and relates the events of the day with a flair for language you will not believe. Enter in one hot woman named Lizzy and watch three men act like teenagers in heat. We have Tex and his friend Parnelli, a man they call the Professor and of course the lady in questions Lizzy. As Tex and his friend are about the regain possession of his truck from the damsel in distress and fix the starter in her car, enters Lizzy only to be whisked away by a man they dubbed the Professor because of his austere appearance and Harvard like speech that immediately puts him in a poor light with Tex and his friend.
After helping Martha and getting his truck returned Tex realizes what a rush and gratifying feeling he had knowing that he had helped save someone’s life. An idea formulates in his head and when presented to the members of the Senior Center many ward off his idea and do not want to participate leaving just a select few to hear his thoughts. Tex wants to create an organization to assist and help those in distress along Interstate 29 calling each participate an Angel a name that fits when someone comes out of nowhere to help you, like an Angel from heaven. Although his idea is great it is going to take teamwork, help, websites, more volunteers and great energy to bring it into fruition.  But, first, let the competition begin.

Just picture three men going after one woman. Tex, Parnelli, the Professor and Lizzy join forces to create their organization to aide people in distress on Interstate 29 but not before the author relates some comical scenes that will make you laugh, smile and relate to in your daily life. Their bantering back and forth, the first time they decided to work out as a foursome, the sermon in Church that was really great and lets the reader understand how important humor is in life and creating a proper balance and visiting an assisted living facility, allows the reader to really understand and get to know and love these characters. I really think that Lizzy reminds me of my mom in so many ways. She never permitted us or would stand for temper tantrums, inappropriate language or gossiping about people. We were told that if you had nothing nice to say about something or someone, say nothing. Always have a positive attitude and maybe you won’t get that awful headache from worrying about nothing. Helping others was her first and primary speech imparted each day. If there was someone less fortunate or who needed help with homework or anything else, we were instructed to assist without discussion. We did.

This book teaches old -fashioned values and respect for woman that is so long gone and so needed. Just because Lizzy is a senior does not mean she is going to let these three men treat her with anything but the proper respect she so rightly deserves. Teaching them how to use a computer, hearing them vie for her attention, is so refreshing and so uplifting when reading the scenes, although humorous the messages do come through.

From exercising to create their new body makeovers, to camping trips, to watching the Senior Olympics, these four seniors and many others too give a new meaning to the words 70 years young, going strong and alive. Just how successful was their endeavor to create this organization to help others you will be impressed at the ingenuity of these seniors.

As we learn more about each of these remarkable characters one theme runs through and that is their different beliefs and faith in God. With the help and understanding of Lizzy, Tex comes face to face with his past and learns the true meaning of the word forgiveness. Just how and what revelations cause him and others to realize that you will have to read for yourself. Lives intertwine; people learn the true meanings of love, understanding, honesty, loyalty and friendship in this inspirational novel written by author Donald James Parker.

I give this book Five More Angels to help on I29 and Five More Tex’s with Five Stetsons.

Fran Lewis: Reviewer and author of Memories are Precious and the Bertha Series of Books as well as book reviewer for authors upon request.