Every Natural Fact Five Seasons of Air Parenting

Every Natural Fact: Five Seasons of Air Parenting

By Amy Lou Jenkins

Nature and the wild is so beautiful and when experienced can bring about a true understanding of the world and all of its beauty. When people deface the trees, burn them, or abuse the beautiful land we live in, measures need to be taken to protect our forests, parks, land and greenery. Amy Lou Jenkins in her book has brought to light many issues that are not only faced by humans when exploring the forests, the oceans and natural resources, but she teaches the reader a lot of animals, ecology, the environment and enjoying nature with her son, DJ. DJ and Amy spend many long weekends, days and more hiking throughout the state of Wisconsin and share with the reader their exciting experiences, the history of many of the parks, forests and places they visit and her family. Throughout the book, the author tells the reader about many of her family members that visited the areas she and DJ are seeing for the first time and of the wonderful memories that she will never forget.

I enjoyed reading about the cranes and how she was determined to see a White one and the history of that crane and how some are endangered really enlightens the reader and helps you understand why it is important to have sanctuaries and safe places for these and other birds, and animals to thrive. Sharing with the reader how one man was able to teach these cranes how to migrate for one season and come back for another was truly amazing and exciting to read. Of course my favorite, was her Grandma Bertha who definitely reminds me of my Grandmother who was also Bertha and my Aunt Lil that resembles hers in so many ways.

Bonding with a young child is difficult when they start middle school and are beginning to form different friendships and relationships. Teenagers and preteens would rather spend time with their friends, watching football and enjoying activities whether indoors or outdoors with people their own age. The fact that DJ was willing to go on these adventures with his mother is truly remarkable and quite commendable. I really liked when he asked Amber to come on one trip and how she was treated as one of the family and asked to be the navigator on the journey. DJ’s polite ways and respect for both adults and other kids and his sensitivity to Amber and how the people they met seemed to treat her, is a tribute to the author and how well brought up and mannered DJ is. Amber sounds like a wonderful young lady who could use some extra help in school and needs to feel special in her own right.

Each essay enlightens the reader about the wonders of nature and the remembrances that they trigger in the mind of the author from her past. Some are good and others evoke thoughts that she shares with her son and the reader about her childhood, her parents and the many events in their lives that helped create who she is now and was then.

From her experiences the reader learns about the many seasons of nature that she shared her experiences with not only with DJ but her family too. I really enjoyed reading about the Audubon Center and its history. Her son’s excitement going bird watching and seeking the landscape through his own camera and eyes was exciting. Describing her father and her relationship with him as child, pretending to be part of the crowd during one of their parties and understanding her limitations and sharing her love of nature with her son. I love watching birds, so the descriptions of the red cardinal and the woodpecker interested me as well as the excitement of their trip to Lake Superior.

Living in the city you rarely see the changes in the seasons and nature that someone living in a rural area sees. Learning to sit upon her throne of silence the author learned the comfort and wonders found in stillness. How many people look out of their windows and marvel at the beauty of the landscape, the trees that and changes throughout the seasons, the animals that appear and migrate, or take walks to jus to appreciate each other? Each season that is described, each journey that she and DJ takes brings the reader to a closer understanding of the bond that she has with him and the relationship with her son that is firm and solid.

The history, the stories, her love of nature and her family come through in these wonderful essays. Which ones did I really love the best, try all of them. I especially loved Valley of the Snake and County of Origin. Read these essays and learn why DJ and Amy Lou loved their time together and really became one with nature.

I give this book five more perfect seasons for Amy and DJ explore the world of nature.

Fran Lewis


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