Memoirs From the Asylum

Author: Kenneth Weene

Enter into a world of three people whose lives are no longer their own. Walking through the doors of an insane asylum, whether patient or doctor your mind, life and attitude take on a whole new perspective and many things happen that is beyond your control.  Imagine living your life in a catatonic state not understanding what is happening around you and no longer able to protect yourself because you can’t speak? Imagine having other people take care of your bodily needs because you cannot. Living in your own world, hidden behind a curtain so thick that you can’t see through it, around it or over it, you fall deeper into oblivion and cannot find your way back. Memoirs From The Asylum, by author Kenneth Weene is an eye opening, enlightening novel that brings to light what many people choose to push under the rug, abuse in our hospitals, nursing homes and other medical facilities of those who are defenseless and cannot speak for themselves.  Working in the mental health field, our author knows firsthand what really happens behind open and closed doors in these facilities. As you take the journey along with our narrator and our many characters into their lives within the walls, halls and grounds of this institution you too will become appalled at what these human beings have endured.

As you open to the first page of this novel you are entering the world of the insane, the hopeless, abused, mistreated and the doomed. The narrator brilliantly describes the inner sanctum of an asylum from the patients, to the aides, nurses, doctors and the horrific environment and treatment these people are subjected to. The narrator introduces himself, a young girl who is catatonic and schizophrenic and a doctor, who is about to start his residency in this hospital.  A doctor whose reasons for becoming a psychiatrist are short of trying to escape the world he came from with a depressed and unhappy father to another where he tries to help those not much different. Meet Marilyn, the young catatonic schizophrenic who spends her day looking at a crack in the wall opposite her bed considering it her safe haven where no one can enter her world or hear what she is thinking. As the author relates to the reader her past and the many things she endured due to her naivety and the abuse she took from others without any true knowledge of that fact, we learn what can happen when a simple game goes too far.

Our narrator has entered the asylum because he is afraid. His fears consume him and he wants to hide from the world. An incident in his past has left him this way and learning how to play the staff of this place and use the correct words they want to hear, he feels eventually set him free and give him back some control. Control that is what the staff of this place has over these people and when anyone goes off or tries to speak out they silence them in any way they can.
Next we meet Buford Abrose the young resident sent to do his residency in this horrific place. Plagued with his own nightmares and fears this young doctor endures the coldness and callousness of his supervisor whose main concern is not the patients. Each patient has no real human identity. They are their illness or diagnosis. The world these inmates live in is worse than that of a prison. Most live as our narrator relates, in their own inner world disconnected from reality and hopefully finding their own peace somewhere in between. But, will they? As he tries to connect with Marilyn his first patient, he begins to reflect on his own past that haunts him. Marilyn, according to our young doctor is here in body only and her mind has permanently left the room. But has it?

As the author recounts Marilyn’s inner thoughts and what her true desires are and that of her abused past, we come to realize that she and so many others in this place are victims of their own weaknesses, the insecurities that have never been addressed and the fears instilled in them while growing up. There is Jack who wants to take over the world and has enlisted the help of our narrator to become part of his army. There is Mitch who has Alzheimer’s as my mom does. He is one patient that I can totally identify with and every time they over medicate him or treat him poorly my anger rides up since dementia and Alzheimer’s are not illnesses of the insane. But, what is recounted about him is really so true and the treatment he gets reminds me of why my mom is at home with great care.

The administrative director is at the epitome of the hierarchy of this place filled with deteriorated people, staff, furniture and a director that needs to spend a week in the asylum himself. The world of medicine has become, as we learn, filled with forms that need to be filled out and balancing budgets. Caring for the patients is secondary to completing the paperwork in a timely fashion. Orrin Partles stands for everything someone should not be in power and controlling the fate of others until fate deals him a different hand.

Meeting each patient and hearing their voices though that of our narrator, the reader can understand, feels the pain, frustration and hopelessness that each has to endure in order to have some semblance of a life or ability to survive. Trying to cope with the indignities that befall all of them, often drugged and isolated in a rubber room when they get too loud or try to let the world know they are there, these patients as you will learn have no chance to win their fight back to sanity with a staff who really hates them and what they are doing and doctors who are just going through the motions. Sad, true, telling, horrific and heart wrenching and at times comical as the author relates some of the stories of incidents that happen to the patients but are related to us by our narrator who seems to be the only one who might be sane.

The voices of the characters that are gone are often heard in those of the ones still there. The sounds, smells, odor, and real life bodily functions are so graphically and vividly described that you can close your eyes and hear the screams of inmates, smell the rancid odors in the halls, and picture the horrific conditions. The reader can feel the pain as needles are stuck into the bums of hapless patients to silence them. By the way, Valium is injected in the butt.)

The sounds, smells, odors and real life bodily functions are so graphically described and vividly you can close your eyes and hear the screams of the inmates, smell the rancid odors in the halls and picture the horrific conditions they live in and the pain inflicted when  needles stuck into their arms to silence them.

There are many ways a person can find freedom as the author relates. Just how three of these inmates find there way out, you will have to learn for yourself, as the ending will surprise you. The twists and turns and surprises will let you know that sometimes there is a dim light at the end of a very dark tunnel but not for everyone. What happens when the crack in the wall is sealed and the world of one patient takes on new meaning? Escaping life the asylum is really the ultimate hope of all of these inmates, including our young doctor.

Everyone likes to escape at one time into their own world where they can feel free, safe and unharmed. Escaping what all of the people in this asylum want but will never experience other than in their own minds. The poem at the end of the book says it all.  I WILL BE FREE!

Sharing his real life experiences working in mental health, author Kenneth Weene brings to light how events in our childhood often hold fast in our present as he relates Stan’s story throughout the memoir. Memoirs From An Asylum should be made required reading or all those going into the field of mental heath, those already in it and possibly jaded by their experiences, time and frustrations at those who run these institutions and allow these atrocities to happen. One doctor whose voice was never really heard and one man, who wrote it down for all of us to read, remember and never forget: Our narrator and author Kenneth Weene.  This is an outstanding novel, written in narrative form, which engages the reader from the first page until the surprise ending on the last. This is definitely one of my best picks for 2010. I want to thank the author for giving me the honor or reviewing this book.

Fran Lewis: Reviewer

Fran Lewis is an avid book reviewer, reading and writing staff developer with the Board of Ed.

Author of 5 published books

Author of Memories are Precious Alzheimer’s Journey Ruth’s Story

Author of the Bertha Series of Books and Book Reviewer


Geoffrey Soil and Finley Petticoats

Groffrey Soil and Finley Petticoats

Author Carol Huff

Reviewed by : Fran Lewis

Jake and Mitch Groffrey decided to go west to find and hopefully live their lives. Leaving the comfort of their family farm these two young men ventured forth and traveled to Oklahoma. Meeting a landowner who gave them free rein of his farming operations, and even more. What would you do if you were Jake or Mitch and the man who was your boss had five daughters? Would you leave?

A humorous and wild journey into the Wild West, Jake and Mitch Groffrey set off on this adventure hoping to fulfill their own American dream. But, what they encounter on the way will renew your faith in good old American kindness and hospitality. In the many towns that they pass through people offer them food, which really sounded delicious, advice, a room but motherly and fatherly advice before leaving most of the small towns they visited. From Mrs. Parr as family friend the amusing high jinx they played on each other, these two brothers made their way from Illinois all the way to Lawton Oklahoma where our story really begins.

Hoping to find land of their own they come to a brick wall when there is no land available. Having just lost her husband and having five daughters to support and a farm to run, she hopes to find someone to manage the land and move into town to run an inn that she has decided to buy. Learning about Thomas, Rosemary and their family was really heartfelt and the closeness and caring they exhibited towards each other was beautiful. Maggie enjoys running the farm with her father. Addie, Lena and Kathy do various chores around the farm too. With the death of their father, Maggie took on the bulk of the responsibility along with Addie. But, was this going to be her life? Didn’t she want more?

Out of nowhere came Bob and Deanne and their family. With a wife that was about to give birth they needed somewhere to stay. Bob for a long time became an integral part of their lives and managed the farm and would receive a partnership at the end of one year had it worked out. But, this was a highly volatile time and many men had false hopes and dreams about striking it rich in California. Bob, like so many other men had gold fever and deserted his family leaving them to fend for themselves. But, Rosemary and her family would not let that happen.

In walks Mitch and Jake into the inn and from that point on Maggie, Mitch, Jake and Addie never knew what hit them. Sparks fly between Jake and Addie and an instant chemistry hotter than the lava from a volcano erupts between Mitch and Maggie. Bonds form, friendships strengthen and both men not only become part of the community in Lawton but part of the lives of all of the Finley family. Wherever they went and no matter whom they met on their way, both Jake and Mitch endeared themselves to the people of the town and became part of each of their families. From helping to build a church, to doing chores for the wonderful Mrs. Parr and stacking tables for Rosemary in her inn, these two wonderful men proved that chivalry, kindness and good old fashioned courting was not dead.

Author Carol Huff relates a story filled with humor, heartache, new beginnings and difficult choices. As Jake and Mitch assimilate into the daily lives of the Finley’s, manage the farm and become part of their family, Jake soon yearns for his own piece of land and convinces, his soon to be wife, Addie to move to Illinois with him. But, at what risk and would Addie, survive the trip?

Read this humorous, family oriented story about what happens when two young men decide to seek their own fortune and find their own way in life. Rosemary Finley is a smart and clever woman. She knows a good thing when she sees it. Maggie is quite smart too. But, when Rosemary meets Mitch Groffrey she realizes that he is the right one for Maggie, Manipulating conversations, creating just the right situations, Maggie falls right into line and carries the ball straight into Mitch’s arms herself. Then, with the right nudging she manages to do the same with Addie and Jake. There is no one smarter than a mother who always knows what is best. But, there is more. With Mitch and Jake managing the farm and Maggie and Addie no longer at the inn, in walks Chet Tucker and his family. Low and behold, Rosemary has an instant new family and a wonderful new man in her life.

There is much more to this story that you will have to read for yourself. What was behind Maggie wanting to fire Bob anyway? What caused her father’s death? What hardships did Jake and Addie face on their journey to live on Groffrey soil? I know that our author always puts part of herself into each story. Read the In Memory at the start of the book and you will see just who Jake and Mitch were supposed to represent. Better yet read this great book filled with laughter, love, understanding, family ties, and a strong dose of smart women who definitely know how to keep their men in line.

Fast paced, funny, with characters that have strong personalities and clear cut visions for their own lives and future, Groffrey Soil and Finley Petticoats makes the reader want to buy a piece of land find two great guys like Mitch and Jake to run it and go off to a dance and have some fun.

I think I will give this book: Five More Groffrey Men and Five Finley Petticoats to keep them in line.

Fran Lewis Reviewer

Learn more about the author and her other books at:

Poetry Unplugged

Poetry Unplugged

Author: Irene Brodsky

Poet, author, singer, and writer Irene Brodsky’s poetry collection titled,

“Poetry Unplugged,” is a unique, eclectic and exciting book of poems that are quite different from any you might have read before. Each poem is has its own soul, story behind it, message to the reader and sound. As she describes the smells that come mom’s kitchen by describing the foods that you could almost taste as you read the poem, to the description of Howard Avenue and the memories she has of her younger years, the author opens a door into her life and allows the reader to take a journey back in time, along with Irene, to where it all began. The memories she describes, her mother calling her for dinner, the four room flat and the smell of burgers, hot soups and apple pie remind you of how great growing up was back when kids really appreciated the little things in life that parents did for them.

Beginning with a heartfelt poem that reminds everyone of September 11th and the horrors of that day. The description of the Towers and her reference to them as her friends brings the event back into view and reminds everyone to never forget that day. The beauty in life is what she relates in each and every poem. If she could sing the verses of these freestyle poems so we could feel the emotion and hear her voice come through loud and clear, allowing the reader to become a part of the journey into her life and more.

‘Parody of My Favorite Poet,’ was one of my favorite poems in this collection. Nosy neighbors, yenta sister, going off to be alone and running into the forest for solace and peace the author creates a true picture of what can happen when things become too much.  I can definitely identify with that. Going off to a place where no one passes judgment, enjoying nature and not listening to the gossip of others, this poem really says it all. But, reality does set in and she contemplates whether she wants to return or hide in a cave. I love when she says forget morals and many other things but never forget me. That line is really profound because we often forget ourselves in our daily meanderings and carrying out what others often expect from us, that the person we are is often what others forget to see. One thing for sure Irene, no one will ever forget you and the strong contribution to writing, poems, song and our lives that you have made with this collection and just letting us share your wonderful thoughts and poems with us.

America is an amazing country. We open our hearts to people from all over the world. Standing and greeting our visitors is the most beautiful lady of all, our precious Statue of Liberty. As the author writes in the poem,” For All She Has Given Us,” we are once again reminded of the freedoms, rights and liberties afforded everyone that finds America as their new home. Whether you are white, brown, black or any other color, race or creed, we always welcome you with the her hand held high and her special crown our Lady Liberty is here as our symbol of welcome.

Poems about holidays, poems about her real life experiences, like graduation, Prospect Park and all of its memories and beauty, author Irene Brodsky immerses the reader into her life, her poetry and endears her into our hearts. I really loved the trip to the supermarket. That poem really hit home. I hate cooking, love to check the grams, fats and calories and often wind up calling in dinner to make sure that I don’t eat anything wrong. Oatmeal is my favorite and you so right you cannot go wrong with that.

The two poems that I really loved the best were “One Hour In Time and “The Boy Who Could.” All too often we take time and people fore granted. Just think if everyone would take that one extra hour we are given on Daylight Savings Day and make one special call, write a special note, or even an email to someone just to say I LOVE YOU or I MISS YOU or I’m Sorry, what an impact that would make before it is too late. Everyone has a talent and everyone is capable of doing something in this life. In the poem “The Boy Who Could,’ this message comes through loud and clear and helps everyone young and old to know that we should embrace our differences.

With a song in her heart and a poem in her mind, author Irene Brodsky has set the bar quite high for freestyle poems. Irene is truly a woman for all seasons. She is an educator, writer, poet, singer, creative person, painter of words and thoughts and a true inspiration to everyone. Life begins at any age as we learn from Irene in her poems about Graduation, the Quad and her experiences going back to school.

There are so many poems in this collection that you need to read them for yourselves and decide which ones you love the best. Personally, I love them all.

Here is my poem to you dear author and dear friend:

Innovative and Inspirational are these poems you shared with us

You allowed the reader to enter your world and did it with no fuss

The poems are so full of emotion, thoughts and your memories I know

Filled with the words of a woman that is loved and has no foe

Your energy, vitality and your good-natured ways you see

Is just one part of what makes you so special so someone like me

Her pen has the urge to keep writing her thoughts, her feelings and more

To you dear Irene Brodsky write more Unplugged Poetry to share galore.

This is a must read for everyone that wants to take a trip down memory lane along with our author to when times were better, people were different and ambitions fulfilled and life had meaning.


I will treasure these poems forever.

Fran Lewis: Reviewer

Red River Radio

May 19th show

Red River Radio is proud to announce the third edition of Book Discussion with host Fran Lewis. We are so excited to have two outstanding authors featured on today’s show. The first author is Marion L. Thomas. Marion’s book is ColormeJazzMyNe and it is an outstanding novel that deals with many issues that both families and women face today.  Here is a little taste of what you can expect when you read this novel and part of my review to entice listeners to buy this book and use it in discussion groups.  Our lives are often embedded in the many colors that we create to outline journeys we take in life, our important moments, emotions and the events that create our author Marion L. Thomas so brilliantly states, the crayon box of colors that are the many facets of colors of Jazzmyne. The memories that are etched in our minds, engraved in our hearts, replayed in our minds, are never turned on silent or off.

Our second author comes from Israel. Eva Etzioni Halvey is the author of three bestsellers. We are showcasing The Triumph of Deborah today and it deals with many of the same issues that Marion’s book does but back in Biblical Times. In the Triumph of Deborah, our author weaves a web of intrigue, deceit, heartache and courage that follows each of the three amazing women intertwined in this novel of hope and understanding between the Israelites and the Canaanites. We welcome both distinguished authors and the members of our book club discussion group and my assistant Tina Roberts. Members of the book club are Jeffrey B Allen, Barbara Ehrentreu, Tina Roberts my assistant and myself Fran Lewis. This show proves to be exciting, mind stimulating and quite informative.

Please listen to my show fran

Outstanding First Novel by Author Dan Stone

The Rest of Our Lives by Author Dan Stone

Reviewed by Fran Lewis

Looking for love in all the right places. Need to find your perfect match when you least expect it. Well, Colm and Aidan met at a party, not by accident but with the help of Kermit, Colm’s boss. Two gorgeous men, instantly attracted to each other, sparks flying and total chemistry, could a guy ask for more? These two gorgeous hunks met, sized each other up and did not know that life as they both knew it before would never be the same. But, I forgot to tell you the best part. These guys are witches. Not ordinary witches that create spells and turn you into a frog or toad. They are witches with unique powers. Colm can freeze time, make the world stand still and change a scorching drink on hot day into solid ice or just a nice cool drink to enjoy on a summer’s day. Since opposites often attract, that explains why these two hit if off right away. Aidan can change a really cold drink into a hot one; he can warm up a cold day and create heat and fires whenever needed. Imagine enjoying each day the way you want it and having a great guy to enjoy it with.

This brings me to my review of one of the funniest, heartfelt and enjoyable love stories I have ever had the fun of reviewing, The Rest of Our Lives by author Dan Stone. Dan Stone created a love story between these two gay witches that will keep you smiling, bent over laughing and downright smiling from start to finish.

Colm McKenna and Aidan Gallagher take a journey back in time with the help of Aidans’s wild and zany Aunt Lucinda. Colm with his photographer’s eye can take a perfect picture especially of Aidan. He can stop time, freeze water, calm down the north winds and create a cool breeze on a hot day. Aidan Gallagher, can raise temperatures, warm a cool drink and set fire to Colm’s heart. With Aidan’s help and total tutelage, Colm learns the truth depth of his powers, how strong their love is and uncovers the lifetimes they’ve had together with Lucinda’s help. Wait until you find out where they met before, what they did and the end result. You will not believe it! The hot scenes alone will definitely keep you reading and focused. Think about the fact that these two guys have known each other well over 2000 years and did not know it.

But, relationships are hard and both main characters begin to look deep inside theirs. With every encounter in the past leaving Colm’s heart broken by Aidan in whatever incarnation they appear in, these two characters work hard to break the spell and turn their relationship into something positive and successful in the present. Kermit, his boss and the man who set them up plus some drag queens, you have a plot that is funny, romantic, entertaining and humorous.

As the past floods into Colm’s mind and the voices, faces and events in the present intermingle with the past, he begins to doubt his relationship with Aidan and makes a life altering decision that could change their destiny and their lives forever. Doubting himself, his true feelings, his self-worth, and whether he truly knows what he wants, Colm retreats into himself, and abandons his present life to decide what he wants for his future.  Hearing Dr. Nike’s words in his head, and listening to his heart, he becomes confused. Feeling caught between two worlds and two different lives, Colm needs to find a place in the present that will force him to learn and be who he is.  What he ultimately decides you will have to read for yourself.

The title refers to a travelogue they are supposed to create together of their trips back in time and their visits to these places in the present. With the pictures the Colm takes on their many excursions to the beach, to PTown and more, they come to grips with some interesting truths about their past lives and their doubts about their future.

Dreams that haunt his nights and days, faces from the past that intertwine and intermingle with the present, Colm finds solace in where it all began with the one person who holds the key to both his past and present and can help clear the path for his future. Where his journey leads him and who helps to light the way and explain his past, you will have to read for yourself.

Will Colm use the Dream Globe that Stuart gave him to find the answers he needs? Will he listen to his heart and find his way back to Aidan and true love? Will these two amazing, yet different men spend the rest of the lives together? With an ending that is quite creative, with twists and turns you won’t see coming, author Dan Stone enlightens the reader about a world unknown to many of us. Love comes to everyone whether two men, two women or a man and a woman. Everyone is entitled to find their one soul mate.  Hearing voices in their heads, telepathically transmitting messages, and learning how to deal with their magic, Colm endears himself to the reader and Aidan makes you want to fall in love all over again.

This book is so well written and so well crafted. If is a must read for everyone who believes in love, magic and one perfect picture frozen in time.

I never give stars to books that are above the rest. I give this book


Fran Lewis: Reviewer and author of the Bertha Series of Books and Memories are Precious

An Excellent Review of Memories are Precious by Dr. Maxine Thompson

Memories are Precious: Alzheimer’s Journey: Ruth’s Story

By Fran Lewis

Reviewed by Dr. Maxine Thompson

Where does the love go when one has Alzheimer’s Disease? This is the question posed in Fran Lewis’ moving memoir, Memories are Precious: Alzheimer’s Journey: Ruth’s Story. Of course, the love goes nowhere; it just changes forms. The main place it remains is in the “precious memories” and in the hearts of the loved ones.

Lewis wrote this book as a tribute to her mother’s life before and after she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Ruth had once been a vibrant, loving woman who was the matriarch of the family, and a friend to many in her community.

Memories are Precious: Alzheimer’s Journey: Ruth’s Story, shares the journey of the author’s mother, Rush Swedloff,  who has lived with the disease for the past six years. It also shows the impact of Alzheimer’s Disease on the family and on the community. According to          Alzeimher’s Disease affects  5.3 million people and is the seventh leading cause of death.

In a panoramic sweep, Fran examines the life of  her mother, Ruth Swerdloff, through the eyes of those who love her, through her mother’s blog before the Alzheimer’s disease progressed, and at one point, through the point of view a toy bunny, which was at her mother’s side during a serious surgery.

Memories are Precious is an eclectic collection of photos, letters, and poems from Ruth’s  grandchildren, from her adult children, from her neighbors.

The book changes voices throughout the story, which gives the book a fresh  human twist. The collection of journal-sounding entries, poems, and memories from others who have been affected by the disease adds layer to this true human story.

The book opens with Ruth’s own words. We learn about her life as a child, then as a young woman, and as an older woman. She tells how she experienced the early signs of the disease, from forgetting things, to eventually getting sick. She provides insights into the disease that many people are still mystified by.

In turn, Francine relates what she saw as changes in her mother’s behavior, from forgetting to wandering to getting lost.

The story tells some of the medical challenges her mother went through before the Alzheimer’s set in. One of my favorite sections is how, in 1993, Francine flew her mother on a private jet to have surgery in California. There were a series of mishaps, but they made it. The author went through the proverbial hell and high water to make sure her mother got the best of medical care, and it worked. Subsequently, with her mother’s strong spirit and Francine’s advocacy, Ruth lived through this critical operation.

Another favorite letter in the book was one written from Ruth’s granddaughter. It showed the granddaughter’s memories of how her grandmother stuck by her side through a childhood accident.

The book provides a guide as to signs of Alzheimer’s Disease, tips for how to survive as a caregiver, and resources both online and offline that can help family members provide care.

As painful of a subject as this book covers, I read it twice. Why? Not only is this book a cry for scientists to try to find a cure for the disease, it is also a shining example of what family can be.

Too often, society writes off people when they are ill. Friends no longer visit. Sometimes even family shuns the sick person.  As a result, many people are shuttled away to nursing homes where they may or may not get adequate care.

For me,  Memories are Precious speaks to the power of love and family to overcome any problem.

This book shows what lengths a family will go to help their loved one when they are sick. After all, what is family for?

Pitch Dark by Brooke London

Pitch Dark

Author: Brooke London

In this uniquely written and highly charged novel, author Brooke London introduces the reader to two strong characters, Alyssa and Connor. Alyssa Tiernan is trying to protect a new discovery created by her grandfather. This discovery is being highly sought after and extracts oil from the Canadian oil sands. She knows that someone is trying to steal this process because the security on her computer was hacked into or breached. Hacking into computers was her former career. She worked for the government until learning the harsh reality of her labors and what they really did with the information she uncovered.

Connor Donnelly is the co-owner of Energy Unlimited and approaches her grandfather about financing this new procedure. Having worked as a CIA spy for many years, he has now taken the role as a business mogul. Unprepared for meeting this outspoken, intelligent woman, sparks fly, body language speaks and as Alyssa enters his world and checks out his security systems, they soon discover that this meeting is more than just a business partnership.

As they dance around each other and skirt their feelings Alyssa reveals the truth about her past to Connor. Leaving the world of espionage they form a strong bond and union as they try to find out who is behind the attack on them and which terrorists after the process.

Trying to protect her grandfather’s new discovery that extracts oil from he Canadian oil sands, Alyssa Tiernan risks more than just her life. Knowing that someone else was interested in this process and will stop at nothing to get it, she allows herself to join forces with Connor Donnelly to make sure that the company her grandfather founded and the one he want to make a deal with is not trying to steal it from him. Hacking into the computer system is easy for Alyssa. Trusting Connor and his brother Liam is quite another thing. Connor as co-owner of Energy Unlimited wants to finance this new technology. Agreeing to work with Alyssa and having her come and check out his systems, Connor gets more than he bargained for in Alyssa. Outspoken, tenacious, persistent and a free thinker, she creates many frustrating situations for him.

As they delve into who might be after the technology and who wants them eliminated, people are killed, terrorists blow up two oil sites and the road to betrayal, lies an deceit grows longer as Alyssa comes face to face with her one fear: Who can she trust? Will she be able to set aside her past and what happened to her to help save her grandfather’s discovery?

Both Connor and Alyssa have to breakdown the barriers that they have built up over the years in order to find out who is behind the bombings, why and how to stop them. Coming face to face with her past, will she risk her life to protect those she loves, or will she turn a blind eye?

Outspoken, no holds barred Alyssa will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Brilliant at hacking into computer systems, able to defy any firewall, security package and more, she feverishly works to protect not only her grandfather’s technology, but those she loves too. Action packed, characters that you either love or hate, villains that are charismatic and a chemistry between Connor and Alyssa hotter than an burning inferno, Brooke London ‘s thriller is packed with deceit, lies and more setting the bar quite high for all romance and mystery writers.

How far will anyone go to get her Grand’s technology? Just where does he fit into all of this? Who is on the side of the law and who is pretending? When all is said and done Alyssa learns some hard truths about those she thought she could trust? Wait until you find out who caused the bombings and who was behind the rest? This is truly a five star book from a five star author.

Fran Lewis: Reviewer

The Raven Affair: A five star RAVEN REVIEW

The Raven Affair

Author Steven Nedelton

World domination. What a horrific thought. Imagine what would happen if a president whose strings were pulled by those who oppose everything governed our country we stand for. Imagine if all war criminals went free and their crimes unpunished. Crimes against humanity such as murder, genocide, enslavement, torture, deportment and other inhumane acts committed against a race, group of people or population is unconscionable. The punishment should be swift and those guilty punished. Many war crimes go unpunished. War criminals are hidden and given asylum in other countries for many different reasons. The Raven Affair, by author Steven Nedelton brings to light what happens when those who have committed these atrocities escape punishment and remain at large.

WWII is over and Hitler and his regime have been brought down. Fascism no longer exists and the Third Reich is defunct. Or are they? Infamous war criminals are still at large and one in particular whose crimes are unspeakable that many will stop at nothing to bring him to justice. But will they? The war criminal, Anton has butchered many, burned the living in crematoriums, watched them mutilated and felt no remorse. Hate is a terrible word and Anton and his fellow comrades stopped at nothing to kill a people because he felt they were weak, unworthy of living, the wrong race, religion or nationality. Protected by the church, going under the guise of a one a monk, this man remained at large. Exterminating hundreds of people at the request of one sick and demented man: Hitler: Dubbed the Fuhrer. One man so power hungry that he brainwashed a people who carried out his wishes leading to the obliteration of millions.

One step ahead of everyone, killing, butchering priests, rabbis, and anyone in his wake, Anton is sought after by so many but no one has succeeded. Author Steven Nedelton vividly and graphically describes the dreams that plague this maniacal killer, allowing the reader to feel the pain and tortures inflicted on so many by this man and those ordered to assist him.

Infiltration is the key to their devious plan to resurrect what Hitler wanted to preserve and keep alive. A group of dangerous criminals, posing as businessman, meet secretly yet in the open, with one goal in mind to attain supremacy and establish themselves legally and ultimately attain World Supremacy and Domination. How scary is that?

In order to thwart their efforts and stop this heinous plot many must be eliminated at all costs. One man, whose identity is unknown even to those closest to him, will be hired and his services enlisted. Called The Raven, sought after by anyone who wants to hire the right assassin for murder, can he get their in time to take out the intended targets before the body count rises and it is too late?

A priest involved in drug trafficking in order to get money and help for the sick and the needy. Caught between his conscience and loyalty to the church, Father Joseph comes to grips with his fears and seals his fate with his decision. Is it right to break the law to help those in need? When is it okay to sin?

Raven is not the only one who is hired to eliminate those who go against what men like Felix Weber and his group of men in his Club want. A man called the Clerk, is hired to rid the world of those that stand in the way of their goals. Raven is hired to avenge the death of many in the camps by those who can afford his price. Justifying their reasons, everyone stands to gain from his efforts, but will the world benefit as a result or will more atrocities of a different nature occur before all is said and done?

. Benjamin Guerrero is a dangerous man and must be stopped. Someone wants him dead for personal reasons others because of his past. But, when the deed is done, no one questions the results. Linked to these people are many politicians, bankers, priests, clergy, the Holy See and more. Anyone that is beholden to these people must adhere to their demands or become victim to the consequences. A corrupt Vatican banker, the President of the United States who received their support to win his election; all owing allegiance to what they refer to as their Fatherland.  Follow their orders or pay. Who was behind the death of the President and the first lady? How involved is the KGB in what has happened?
With twists and turns you won’t see coming. Priests, clergy, politicians murdered, involved and threatened, author Steven Nedelton gives the reader pause for much thought. Is the U.S. being infiltrated by those that have strong ties to what Hitler believed in? Are they already here? What are we going to do to stop them? Why did the FBI tell Interpol to back off and not pursue some of the known assassins? Who is the Clerk? Who is Raven? Only the author knows for sure and this reviewer, and we are not about to tell. You have to read this outstanding novel filled with murder, lies, deceit and intrigue to find out. Who will be left standing at the end? You won’t believe the events that lead up to an ending so unexpected and unbelievable making this novel one of the most original and best picks for 2010.

Throughout Germany, France, Spain, England, North America and other places throughout the world this group has infiltrated. Their purpose is to control our government and make it their own. How frightening? Bombings, murders, assassins, the White and Black Guards each with their own private agenda. Author Steven Nedelton ties up some of the loose ends and leaves others untied allowing for a possible return of this illusive man and many others in a possible sequel.

Characters are well defined and vividly described. A plot line that will keep you edge until you turn the last page and hope for more. This well written, mind provoking mystery, thriller and action packed novel will take you on a dangerous roller coaster ride with many uphill and downhill slides leading to an unexpected ending.

World Domination or Democracy? Which will win out? Who will lose? Who won? You decide after reading this novel.

Fran Lewis: Reviewer

Author of the Bertha Series of books and Memories are Precious

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