Outstanding First Novel by Author Dan Stone

The Rest of Our Lives by Author Dan Stone

Reviewed by Fran Lewis

Looking for love in all the right places. Need to find your perfect match when you least expect it. Well, Colm and Aidan met at a party, not by accident but with the help of Kermit, Colm’s boss. Two gorgeous men, instantly attracted to each other, sparks flying and total chemistry, could a guy ask for more? These two gorgeous hunks met, sized each other up and did not know that life as they both knew it before would never be the same. But, I forgot to tell you the best part. These guys are witches. Not ordinary witches that create spells and turn you into a frog or toad. They are witches with unique powers. Colm can freeze time, make the world stand still and change a scorching drink on hot day into solid ice or just a nice cool drink to enjoy on a summer’s day. Since opposites often attract, that explains why these two hit if off right away. Aidan can change a really cold drink into a hot one; he can warm up a cold day and create heat and fires whenever needed. Imagine enjoying each day the way you want it and having a great guy to enjoy it with.

This brings me to my review of one of the funniest, heartfelt and enjoyable love stories I have ever had the fun of reviewing, The Rest of Our Lives by author Dan Stone. Dan Stone created a love story between these two gay witches that will keep you smiling, bent over laughing and downright smiling from start to finish.

Colm McKenna and Aidan Gallagher take a journey back in time with the help of Aidans’s wild and zany Aunt Lucinda. Colm with his photographer’s eye can take a perfect picture especially of Aidan. He can stop time, freeze water, calm down the north winds and create a cool breeze on a hot day. Aidan Gallagher, can raise temperatures, warm a cool drink and set fire to Colm’s heart. With Aidan’s help and total tutelage, Colm learns the truth depth of his powers, how strong their love is and uncovers the lifetimes they’ve had together with Lucinda’s help. Wait until you find out where they met before, what they did and the end result. You will not believe it! The hot scenes alone will definitely keep you reading and focused. Think about the fact that these two guys have known each other well over 2000 years and did not know it.

But, relationships are hard and both main characters begin to look deep inside theirs. With every encounter in the past leaving Colm’s heart broken by Aidan in whatever incarnation they appear in, these two characters work hard to break the spell and turn their relationship into something positive and successful in the present. Kermit, his boss and the man who set them up plus some drag queens, you have a plot that is funny, romantic, entertaining and humorous.

As the past floods into Colm’s mind and the voices, faces and events in the present intermingle with the past, he begins to doubt his relationship with Aidan and makes a life altering decision that could change their destiny and their lives forever. Doubting himself, his true feelings, his self-worth, and whether he truly knows what he wants, Colm retreats into himself, and abandons his present life to decide what he wants for his future.  Hearing Dr. Nike’s words in his head, and listening to his heart, he becomes confused. Feeling caught between two worlds and two different lives, Colm needs to find a place in the present that will force him to learn and be who he is.  What he ultimately decides you will have to read for yourself.

The title refers to a travelogue they are supposed to create together of their trips back in time and their visits to these places in the present. With the pictures the Colm takes on their many excursions to the beach, to PTown and more, they come to grips with some interesting truths about their past lives and their doubts about their future.

Dreams that haunt his nights and days, faces from the past that intertwine and intermingle with the present, Colm finds solace in where it all began with the one person who holds the key to both his past and present and can help clear the path for his future. Where his journey leads him and who helps to light the way and explain his past, you will have to read for yourself.

Will Colm use the Dream Globe that Stuart gave him to find the answers he needs? Will he listen to his heart and find his way back to Aidan and true love? Will these two amazing, yet different men spend the rest of the lives together? With an ending that is quite creative, with twists and turns you won’t see coming, author Dan Stone enlightens the reader about a world unknown to many of us. Love comes to everyone whether two men, two women or a man and a woman. Everyone is entitled to find their one soul mate.  Hearing voices in their heads, telepathically transmitting messages, and learning how to deal with their magic, Colm endears himself to the reader and Aidan makes you want to fall in love all over again.

This book is so well written and so well crafted. If is a must read for everyone who believes in love, magic and one perfect picture frozen in time.

I never give stars to books that are above the rest. I give this book


Fran Lewis: Reviewer and author of the Bertha Series of Books and Memories are Precious