Red River Radio

May 19th show

Red River Radio is proud to announce the third edition of Book Discussion with host Fran Lewis. We are so excited to have two outstanding authors featured on today’s show. The first author is Marion L. Thomas. Marion’s book is ColormeJazzMyNe and it is an outstanding novel that deals with many issues that both families and women face today.  Here is a little taste of what you can expect when you read this novel and part of my review to entice listeners to buy this book and use it in discussion groups.  Our lives are often embedded in the many colors that we create to outline journeys we take in life, our important moments, emotions and the events that create our author Marion L. Thomas so brilliantly states, the crayon box of colors that are the many facets of colors of Jazzmyne. The memories that are etched in our minds, engraved in our hearts, replayed in our minds, are never turned on silent or off.

Our second author comes from Israel. Eva Etzioni Halvey is the author of three bestsellers. We are showcasing The Triumph of Deborah today and it deals with many of the same issues that Marion’s book does but back in Biblical Times. In the Triumph of Deborah, our author weaves a web of intrigue, deceit, heartache and courage that follows each of the three amazing women intertwined in this novel of hope and understanding between the Israelites and the Canaanites. We welcome both distinguished authors and the members of our book club discussion group and my assistant Tina Roberts. Members of the book club are Jeffrey B Allen, Barbara Ehrentreu, Tina Roberts my assistant and myself Fran Lewis. This show proves to be exciting, mind stimulating and quite informative.

Please listen to my show fran