Poetry Unplugged

Poetry Unplugged

Author: Irene Brodsky

Poet, author, singer, and writer Irene Brodsky’s poetry collection titled,

“Poetry Unplugged,” is a unique, eclectic and exciting book of poems that are quite different from any you might have read before. Each poem is has its own soul, story behind it, message to the reader and sound. As she describes the smells that come mom’s kitchen by describing the foods that you could almost taste as you read the poem, to the description of Howard Avenue and the memories she has of her younger years, the author opens a door into her life and allows the reader to take a journey back in time, along with Irene, to where it all began. The memories she describes, her mother calling her for dinner, the four room flat and the smell of burgers, hot soups and apple pie remind you of how great growing up was back when kids really appreciated the little things in life that parents did for them.

Beginning with a heartfelt poem that reminds everyone of September 11th and the horrors of that day. The description of the Towers and her reference to them as her friends brings the event back into view and reminds everyone to never forget that day. The beauty in life is what she relates in each and every poem. If she could sing the verses of these freestyle poems so we could feel the emotion and hear her voice come through loud and clear, allowing the reader to become a part of the journey into her life and more.

‘Parody of My Favorite Poet,’ was one of my favorite poems in this collection. Nosy neighbors, yenta sister, going off to be alone and running into the forest for solace and peace the author creates a true picture of what can happen when things become too much.  I can definitely identify with that. Going off to a place where no one passes judgment, enjoying nature and not listening to the gossip of others, this poem really says it all. But, reality does set in and she contemplates whether she wants to return or hide in a cave. I love when she says forget morals and many other things but never forget me. That line is really profound because we often forget ourselves in our daily meanderings and carrying out what others often expect from us, that the person we are is often what others forget to see. One thing for sure Irene, no one will ever forget you and the strong contribution to writing, poems, song and our lives that you have made with this collection and just letting us share your wonderful thoughts and poems with us.

America is an amazing country. We open our hearts to people from all over the world. Standing and greeting our visitors is the most beautiful lady of all, our precious Statue of Liberty. As the author writes in the poem,” For All She Has Given Us,” we are once again reminded of the freedoms, rights and liberties afforded everyone that finds America as their new home. Whether you are white, brown, black or any other color, race or creed, we always welcome you with the her hand held high and her special crown our Lady Liberty is here as our symbol of welcome.

Poems about holidays, poems about her real life experiences, like graduation, Prospect Park and all of its memories and beauty, author Irene Brodsky immerses the reader into her life, her poetry and endears her into our hearts. I really loved the trip to the supermarket. That poem really hit home. I hate cooking, love to check the grams, fats and calories and often wind up calling in dinner to make sure that I don’t eat anything wrong. Oatmeal is my favorite and you so right you cannot go wrong with that.

The two poems that I really loved the best were “One Hour In Time and “The Boy Who Could.” All too often we take time and people fore granted. Just think if everyone would take that one extra hour we are given on Daylight Savings Day and make one special call, write a special note, or even an email to someone just to say I LOVE YOU or I MISS YOU or I’m Sorry, what an impact that would make before it is too late. Everyone has a talent and everyone is capable of doing something in this life. In the poem “The Boy Who Could,’ this message comes through loud and clear and helps everyone young and old to know that we should embrace our differences.

With a song in her heart and a poem in her mind, author Irene Brodsky has set the bar quite high for freestyle poems. Irene is truly a woman for all seasons. She is an educator, writer, poet, singer, creative person, painter of words and thoughts and a true inspiration to everyone. Life begins at any age as we learn from Irene in her poems about Graduation, the Quad and her experiences going back to school.

There are so many poems in this collection that you need to read them for yourselves and decide which ones you love the best. Personally, I love them all.

Here is my poem to you dear author and dear friend:

Innovative and Inspirational are these poems you shared with us

You allowed the reader to enter your world and did it with no fuss

The poems are so full of emotion, thoughts and your memories I know

Filled with the words of a woman that is loved and has no foe

Your energy, vitality and your good-natured ways you see

Is just one part of what makes you so special so someone like me

Her pen has the urge to keep writing her thoughts, her feelings and more

To you dear Irene Brodsky write more Unplugged Poetry to share galore.

This is a must read for everyone that wants to take a trip down memory lane along with our author to when times were better, people were different and ambitions fulfilled and life had meaning.


I will treasure these poems forever.

Fran Lewis: Reviewer


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