Geoffrey Soil and Finley Petticoats

Groffrey Soil and Finley Petticoats

Author Carol Huff

Reviewed by : Fran Lewis

Jake and Mitch Groffrey decided to go west to find and hopefully live their lives. Leaving the comfort of their family farm these two young men ventured forth and traveled to Oklahoma. Meeting a landowner who gave them free rein of his farming operations, and even more. What would you do if you were Jake or Mitch and the man who was your boss had five daughters? Would you leave?

A humorous and wild journey into the Wild West, Jake and Mitch Groffrey set off on this adventure hoping to fulfill their own American dream. But, what they encounter on the way will renew your faith in good old American kindness and hospitality. In the many towns that they pass through people offer them food, which really sounded delicious, advice, a room but motherly and fatherly advice before leaving most of the small towns they visited. From Mrs. Parr as family friend the amusing high jinx they played on each other, these two brothers made their way from Illinois all the way to Lawton Oklahoma where our story really begins.

Hoping to find land of their own they come to a brick wall when there is no land available. Having just lost her husband and having five daughters to support and a farm to run, she hopes to find someone to manage the land and move into town to run an inn that she has decided to buy. Learning about Thomas, Rosemary and their family was really heartfelt and the closeness and caring they exhibited towards each other was beautiful. Maggie enjoys running the farm with her father. Addie, Lena and Kathy do various chores around the farm too. With the death of their father, Maggie took on the bulk of the responsibility along with Addie. But, was this going to be her life? Didn’t she want more?

Out of nowhere came Bob and Deanne and their family. With a wife that was about to give birth they needed somewhere to stay. Bob for a long time became an integral part of their lives and managed the farm and would receive a partnership at the end of one year had it worked out. But, this was a highly volatile time and many men had false hopes and dreams about striking it rich in California. Bob, like so many other men had gold fever and deserted his family leaving them to fend for themselves. But, Rosemary and her family would not let that happen.

In walks Mitch and Jake into the inn and from that point on Maggie, Mitch, Jake and Addie never knew what hit them. Sparks fly between Jake and Addie and an instant chemistry hotter than the lava from a volcano erupts between Mitch and Maggie. Bonds form, friendships strengthen and both men not only become part of the community in Lawton but part of the lives of all of the Finley family. Wherever they went and no matter whom they met on their way, both Jake and Mitch endeared themselves to the people of the town and became part of each of their families. From helping to build a church, to doing chores for the wonderful Mrs. Parr and stacking tables for Rosemary in her inn, these two wonderful men proved that chivalry, kindness and good old fashioned courting was not dead.

Author Carol Huff relates a story filled with humor, heartache, new beginnings and difficult choices. As Jake and Mitch assimilate into the daily lives of the Finley’s, manage the farm and become part of their family, Jake soon yearns for his own piece of land and convinces, his soon to be wife, Addie to move to Illinois with him. But, at what risk and would Addie, survive the trip?

Read this humorous, family oriented story about what happens when two young men decide to seek their own fortune and find their own way in life. Rosemary Finley is a smart and clever woman. She knows a good thing when she sees it. Maggie is quite smart too. But, when Rosemary meets Mitch Groffrey she realizes that he is the right one for Maggie, Manipulating conversations, creating just the right situations, Maggie falls right into line and carries the ball straight into Mitch’s arms herself. Then, with the right nudging she manages to do the same with Addie and Jake. There is no one smarter than a mother who always knows what is best. But, there is more. With Mitch and Jake managing the farm and Maggie and Addie no longer at the inn, in walks Chet Tucker and his family. Low and behold, Rosemary has an instant new family and a wonderful new man in her life.

There is much more to this story that you will have to read for yourself. What was behind Maggie wanting to fire Bob anyway? What caused her father’s death? What hardships did Jake and Addie face on their journey to live on Groffrey soil? I know that our author always puts part of herself into each story. Read the In Memory at the start of the book and you will see just who Jake and Mitch were supposed to represent. Better yet read this great book filled with laughter, love, understanding, family ties, and a strong dose of smart women who definitely know how to keep their men in line.

Fast paced, funny, with characters that have strong personalities and clear cut visions for their own lives and future, Groffrey Soil and Finley Petticoats makes the reader want to buy a piece of land find two great guys like Mitch and Jake to run it and go off to a dance and have some fun.

I think I will give this book: Five More Groffrey Men and Five Finley Petticoats to keep them in line.

Fran Lewis Reviewer

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