Angel at my Side

Angels at My Side

By authors Freda Roberts and Eva Rice

Illustrated by Sarada Holt

Do you believe in angels and their power and love to protect you from harm? I do and so does our authors as you this story told in poetry form that will forever renew your faith in the miracles of angels and believing in them.

As the poem unfolds we see a precious little girl about to start her day telling us that she has an angel on her side when her day begins. Reading this poem you will notice that each angel is of a different nationality and faith, making this poem an excellent source for not only teaching multicultural education to both adults and children. Angels can protect you when you tie your shoe. They can make sure that you don’t trip and fall or help your mom cook. Riding a bike and or when you want to give and share you know that an angel will always be there. Angels can do so many things and are there to keep us safe and warm and much more. Reading this poem made me smile each time I read what these different angels could do to make this little girl feel strong, safe and filled with joy.

The illustrations tell their own story and bring to light just how special each and every angel is to this young child and all of us. Boy, would it be great to have an angel on my side when I have my next book signing or to keep my mom safe and warm. If I had my wish I would want an angel to find a cure for Alzheimer’s, which is what my mom has. She is truly someone that deserves her own special angel.

The authors call their angel mother. I call mine Dad. When you look up above and thank God for the wonderful things we have and the guidance he gives us to succeed in life and be safe, remember to say a thank you for all of the angels that he sends down each day to be at our sides and take the clouds away from the storms and gusts out of the wind to make our days calm and tranquil and special.

This is great book to teach everyone about angels, love, guidance and appreciating life in general.

This book gets Five More Special Angels.

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