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I am a book reviewer, author and educator. I enjoy reading and reviewing books written by other authors and helping them get ahead. I have my own unique style and way of writing these reviews. However, the sad part is most of these authors, like myself, are self-published. The company I used does not really take any interest or care about my successes which are many. I have completed over 200 reviews for authors throughout the world. I review for three great sites that love my style of writing and my reviews. I have my own Radio Show on Red River Radio each month and I am an educator. I am a reading and writing expert and I love teaching children that have learning needs to read. My radio show is called Book Discussion with Fran Lewis and I have many book club members that join me on the show each month. I have been interviewed many times on Blog Talk Radio and on artist’s first and I am presently writing my sixth book. I am a five time published author and I am so proud of what I have done. My mom has Alzheimer’s and I am her caregiver. I have learned a lot about home care and how to get services for a senior or anyone that needs help at home.

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