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Endorsement for A Very Clever Firefly

A Very Clever Firefly goes behind that of most children’s books. As an educator I find this book an invaluable resource to teach children character education and family values. Even more it has a treasure chest of lessons that can be used when teaching lessons in multi-culture, diversity and tolerance. Kindness, patience, understanding, teamwork and life skills are all valuable lessons that are taught in Sunday schools. Using this book as a resource to start the lesson would definitely create a definite spark of interest in the children and keep them engaged in the lessons being taught.

The firefly is like the universal father of all insects and creatures in this story. You fall in love with him and all of the insets in this story. It even takes away the fear you have of getting stung by a bee.

With children having to learn that not everyone grows up the same way and sometimes the differences in our appearances hamper how we look, walk or act, this story teaches in a positive manner how using our intelligence, thinking and listening to the answers for the questions we ask is better than anger, hate and being mean. You can hear the sounds of all of the creatures working together at the end of the story sounding like their own rock band. To me it is a like a newly created symphony of beautiful sounds to hear and to behold.

Fran Lewis

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