My Life For Her reviewed by fran lewis

My Life For Her

Author: Robert J. Saniscalchi

Life changes. Unpredictable, not in our control, life can throw you a curve ball more powerful and faster than one thrown by the best pitcher on a major league team. Speed, accuracy and precision are necessary when that pitch leaves the glove and heads for the opponent’s bat. But, as that batter hopes to hit a home run, a gale wind sends it in another direction causing him to strike out. As Rob Marrrino heads out in his mustang with no direction in mind, that curve ball sends him in a completely different direction. Wanting to spend time pondering and thinking about his past and what the future holds for him was what he hoped to do that day.  But, sometimes what you want is not what you get. One moment in time will forever change his life. The course of events no one will ever forget.

A black sports sedan zooming past the state police cause Rob to enter a high-speed chase and the end result will shock the small town of Pikeville and stupefy the police department and put them on the map. Calling it in and becoming involved in this chase, Rob learns that the two men are drug dealers and winds up killing the brother of the number one South American kingpin of a huge drug cartel. This would create a chain of deadly events. One brother is jailed and he vows to avenge his brother’s death. Rob and his family become his targets since his was the fatal bullet.

Beth Ann, Rob’s wife was supposed to be at their son’s game, she never   arrives. Like a puff of smoke she is gone and not one cinder or ash is left. Where is she no one knows? Little to go on and hardly any trace evidence left, he turns to the FBI for help. Agent Traci Sanders, taken with Rob, assists him in his pursuit giving him the needed information to find her.

My Life For Her is Rob’s response when asked what needs to be done. How far would you go and what would you risk if your wife/husband were kidnapped and in danger? Hidden away and imprisoned, Beth Anne’s life is in jeopardy unless the drug dealer is freed. But, who bargains with terrorists? Rob, a former medic and Vietnam vet enlists the aide of his army pal Tex to bring down the cartel and find his wife. Would you risk it all?

Flying straight into the hands of the cartel both Rob and Tex enter the world of drugs, terrorism and hate in order to find one woman. My Life For Her is what Rob keeps saying as they go on a roller coaster ride with more ups and downs than the cyclone in Coney Island and more dangerous at each turn. With only five days to get her back and trade the drug dealer’s life for hers, Rob and Tex feverishly works along with others to save this one woman. Would you chance it and take your entire life savings to find your wife or husband?

Rocky trails, rough terrain, boat rides, hot desert conditions, nothing would stop Rob and Tex from their quest no matter what the cost or risk. As Rob and Tex find the camp where they are holding Beth what ensues you will not believe. You can feel the tension, fear and anger in both Rob and Tex as they race the clock to get Beth Anne back. Lives are lost, the drug cartel must be brought down and their headman called the General must pay for what he’s done to so many. Rape, torture, pilfering, stealing and drug trafficking are not even close to the crimes these people are guilty. Revenge is the reason for Beth Anne’s capture and as Agent Sanders waits to hear the fate of Tex and Rob, Tex continues the battle alone to finish what they both started.

Mexico has been the primary producer and transit route for illegal drug trafficking for generations. This country has always been embattled with powerful drug cartels whose funds are endless and whom ruthlessness knows no bounds. Drug related violence is not uncommon in this country along with guns smuggled into Mexico being used by drug gangs. As our author relates the events leading up to the capture of these men, seizure of the drugs and hopefully saving Rob, Tex and Beth Ann, the author reminds the reader of the serious ramifications of drug trafficking and the dangers involved when trying to stop them. Captured along with Beth Ann is another woman whose father is quite powerful and owns a lot of land the cartel is after. Saving her brought them to temporary safety endangering the family of this woman and many more.

As the team’s plan is executed you can feel the excitement, the tension and fears that each man experiences as the author relates to the reader the thoughts of each of the key players in this mission. For anyone that has never watched a military rescue in a movie, or read about how missions are executed and accomplished read this thriller and experience it along with the characters.

My Life For Her: Four small words with so much power and meaning. One man who risked his life to save another. Another mans whose undying friendship almost costs him his life and much more. Two close friends who fought in Vietnam and now are fighting for the lives of so many to stop the destruction caused by these drug cartels. Can anyone ever really stop them? Will more replace those that are captured or killed? What part does the government and the President play in this fast paced, action packed true to life thriller that will keep you on edge from start to finish? Allowing the reader into the minds of the characters and describing their feelings and actions so vividly you feel part of the action. Heart racing and thought provoking, author Robert J. Saniscalchi brings to light the importance of fighting to rid the world of drugs, the true meaning of friendship, and the meaning of real love. My Life For Her: Does he save her? Will they succeed? Will the drug lord’s bombs destroy the home of the people that are keeping them safe? Do they make it out or will it be too late? An ending that has twists, turns, surprises and will have you on edge until the very end, author Robert J. Saniscalchi is right up there with Patterson, Berry, Coben and many other writers of great thrillers. A great book to use as a reference to help young adults learn why taking drugs are dangerous and to what lengths these people will go market them in our country and how fatal the results can be.

Read this outstanding novel that teaches everyone what love is really about. MY LIFE FOR HER! You decide what that means. My LIFE FOR HIM: Would you give yours for the one you love?

Fran Lewis: reviewer

Author of Memories are Precious and the Bertha Series of Books

Host of Book Discussion on Red River Radio

Host of Red River Radio’s show for YA and children’s authors


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