Pride in a Prayer reviewed by fran lewis

Pride in a Prayer

Author Charles Soto

What would happen if all the colors of a rainbow were only one color? What about a paint box or a crayon box? What if the only color was white or black and no other colors existed? Can you imagine the plight of an artist or painter who wants to create a picture or a portrait using colors to express his/her mood, feelings or more? What would happen if colors did not exist and everyone was the same one? What would happen if you looked in the mirror and saw the same image or face as your neighbor, your friend or even your child? What a dull world it would be? Russell Till brook, however, would embrace such a world and be overjoyed? His wife Leah might too. They feel that anyone who is of color or a different race is inferior to them and not worth taking a breath on this planet. Prejudice is a deadly disease that can cause its own destruction and death. Hating people of different races and creeds and using your influence and power to belittle and threaten others that you feel are not worth anything and expressing your feelings in public is wrong. But, not to these people. However, Sarah, his daughter has a whole other perspective on life and her outlook is totally different.
Charles Soto has once again brought to light in his novel Pride in a Prayer an issue that is not just prevalent in the 21st century but goes way back in time. The Egyptian enslaved the Jewish people. Africans were wrongly enslaved. Women and children have been enslaved and sold. But, Sarah Till brook fell in love with Miguel Sanchez and kept it a secret from her parents until that one fateful day when everything in both of their lives changed. One football star, one accident that changed Miguel and Sarah’s lives forever. As the final touchdown is scored something happens and Miguel is seriously injured and no longer move anything but his head. A paraplegic for life he decides to push Sarah and everyone else out of his life, for their own good. Only his parents are allowed to see and be with him.

A chance meeting with a young man named Malcolm Jackson would change things for Sarah and her friend Cass even more. What does happen you will learn as I review Pride in a Prayer by Charles Soto. The author helps the reader understand the prejudices of not just this family but also so many others. Malcolm Jackson’s chance encounter with Sarah would set in a motion a series of events that would spiral and change everything. After speaking with Sarah’s father and finding Miguel’s St. Christopher Medal that she dropped on the field, he goes in search of her to return it and much more. Both characters seem fixed on each other from the start and their memory of the first meeting seems to hold them both together in times of tragedy.

Things begin to change as Gil’s injuries become more pronounced and his life as he knew it would never be the same. Mal is determined to return the medal to Sarah and her family and others are determined to deter him in any way they can cause serious repercussions to him and Sarah thinking that something terrible had happened to him. Her brother Jake returning from Iraq and her only ally in her family, she is able to withstand the ridicule of her parents and forge ahead with her plans to attend the University in Indiana and build a life of her own.

Sometimes life sends us a special present or a wonderful surprise. One chance encounter with one special man and Sarah’s world changed. Two people drawn together like magnets and nothing would stop them from connecting. But, will it last and will anything or anyone stand in their way of happiness?

One special night that would remain imprinted in the mind of Sarah. One night that turned evil, wicked and twisted as an intruder makes his way into her room and her whole world crumbles and comes falling down. Feeling defiled, debased and disembodied in her mind and soul, Sarah reverts into her own mind and spirit and refuses to speak or see anyone but her one true friend, Cass. As she pushes the world outside from her sight and casts Mal aside feeling shamed by what happened and unsure he would understand, she learns of another fate that she will have to endure. With a father who is filled with hate, prejudice who makes her the guilty party instead of an innocent victim of a horrific crime, Sarah withdraws even more and only her faith in God, prayer and hope will get her through.

Second chances are not to be taken lightly and although Sarah knows the consequences of her decisions, she has both the fortitude and courage to go on and create a plan for her that would help her to cope and survive. With the help of one true and loyal friend, the love of strangers in a convent and the understanding and support of her brother, Jake, she is able to finally see the light.

Faith in God will get you through. Just when she thought she completely folds and feel more pain her mother comes and finally realizes that hate, prejudice and the color of your skin do not make a person. The faith, the purity of thought and mind and understanding that the rainbow of beautiful colors that makes up the skin colors of the people of the world is what is so precious and special.

One letter with the right words changes everything. One man who would not give up until he found the answers he so rightly deserved. One young girl whose courage allowed her to survive and whose faith in prayer, pride, God and her willingness to believe in him and one miracle helped Sarah, Malcolm and her parents

A story that brings to light many vital issues that women and young people face today. One issue that is so prevalent in our world that it would take a total leap of faith in God, prayer and humanity to eliminate the hate, racial tension and the discrimination so many unjustly face in our society and all over the world. Once again author Charles Soto writes a novel so poignant, so mind stimulating and so heartfelt that it brought tears to this reviewers eyes, as the author’s ending is revealing, heart wrenching and enlightening.

One young girl who wanted to bring joy and happiness to others and the world. One young man whose secret might set them free and bring them happiness. Read Pride and Prayer by Charles Soto and meet Mal, Sarah, Cass, Jake and come to understand Russell, Leah and Serena and so many more and realize there is something special in believing in Pride and especially Prayer.

Fran Lewis: reviewer

I dedicate this review to everyone that believes that people are special and that outward appearances does not make the person: Your kind and pure heart and understanding of our differences and embracing them makes you part of who you are.

. Rainbows are beautiful to look at and crayon and paintboxes should be filled with unlimited colors.

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