Requiem for the Ripper by Brian L. Porter

Requiem for the Ripper

Author: Brian Porter

Reviewed by Fran Lewis

Jack Reid is a mass murderer and I am proud to say a descendent of Jack the Ripper. I am so proud of him that he followed in my footsteps and kept the family name in the news. Robert Cavendish received the journal of my life and my conquests in Brian Porter’s Study In Red. In Legacy of A Ripper, Jack continued with his own pattern of murders. But, we are not finished yet; the worst is yet to come. Do you think I am really dead? Find out as the saga continues in this final book of Porter’s trilogy about my life. Celebrate my life for the repose of my departed soul. I was truly great in my day. Let the murders begin and my legacy live on: Requiem for the Ripper: Read it in fear!

William Forbes is scared. He has been receiving messages from someone he thinks is the real Jack the Ripper. How can that be? He’s dead! Jack Reid committed the same murders and is supposedly dead too. Is he? Dr. David Hemswell wants to live in seclusion on the Island he just purchased. William Forbes contacts him and his life will never be the same.

“ As William relates to you the saga of my tormented life, just know that my spirit will never die as long as there is a descendant of the Cavendish Family to read my journal or even be in possession of one simple page. As William tells the good doctor about my outstanding work, murders, magnificent mutilations of my victims, I smile proudly at his recollections and am elated by his fears. Anyone who encounters the journal, reads it or even touches it will become ensconced in his meaning, its truths, horrors and begin seeing visions of the murders and reliving them as if they were present as they happened. Isn’t that great! Wouldn’t you want to feel, endure, experience and see my handiwork first hand?

Next comes Jack Reid. William Forbes made the mistake of visiting him in Ravenswood and hearing his story. As Jack unravels the truths behind his murders, he relates to his former solicitor that he is threatened by the living soul of the infamous Jack the Ripper. We learn more about young Jack, why he became so deranged and how he managed to be another clone of mine along with one other. But, the story has much more to tell and I will let someone else tell the rest. You see, I will never die, and as William relates the next part to Dr. Hemswell his life as he knows it will forever be destroyed just like Jack’s and many others.”

Paranormal investigator Kate Goddard is called up by Hemswell to free Forbes of the demons, spirits and whatever has attacked and assaulted his mind.  As the investigation moves to another level the three inhabitants of the island feel they might not be the only ones living there. The worst has yet to be revealed. The legacy dear reader is the journal itself and whatever it holds within its pages will haunt the reader and destroy their mind, body and more.

Imagine a family curse passed on through the pages of a journal that emanates evil just by coming in contact with it. Jack Reid, a serial murderer, or victim of a curse that was passed on to him was a recipient of the journal by Jack the Ripper himself. As William Forbes tells his story to both Kate and David he relates how Jack Reid experienced hallucinations, dreams, apparitions, and relived the screams, torments and murders of his victims as he tried to escape what he was living. Descendant of the real Jack the Ripper, Reid, his uncle Mark Cavendish killed and mutilated women as Jack Reid claimed to be the manifestation of JACK THE RIPPER HIMSELF!

Author Brian Porter takes the reader on several journeys in this novel filled with fear, intrigue, twists, deceit and more. As the reader relives the murders along with Jack the Ripper and learns about his true heritage and ultimate demise, we take a journey back to when it all began and learn just how this family curse spread to many generations. The next is the journey of Jack Reid and how he came to be the next victim of this nightmare. Finally, William Forbes whose story you won’t believe, whose torments we still have not fully unraveled and whose nightmares still persist. What does Brian Porter have in store for the reader; this reviewer will not give it away? But, William Forbes has much more to share as the story continues.

Can someone enter the body and spirit of a living person and control their mind and actions causing them to become a serial killer? DNA: Can a gene in your family lead you to become a mass murderer? William Forbes hears voices and feels controlled by the embodiment of Jack The Ripper. Jack the Ripper, Jack Reid and possibly many before and after them heard these same voices that encouraged them to continue this blood letting and annihilation of humans they felt unfit for this world. Prostitution was a way many women survived when their husbands did not have work or they died. Jack the Ripper felt compelled to rid the world of these worthless women along with Jack Reid. Robert Cavendish passed his journal to Jack Reid. Victims or pawns: Murderers of just bad genes? You decide as the story continues and Kate and David try to unravel more of this mystery. Is William a descendant of the Ripper? Does the journal really possess this evil power to create mass murderers by reading and touching it? Does this have anything to do with DNA and what is that tune that both Forbes and David heard? Wait until you read the rest and learn for yourself who is next? Is Jack the Ripper really alive in these people or is something or someone else at play?

Author Brian Porter takes many paths to find the answers with intricate and never ending mazes that will lead in many directions that you might never find your way out. The voice of the Ripper is heard through Forbes and his journal. The voice of Jack Reid will let you hear his torments and his final demise. The voices of those killed and mutilated will haunt your dreams and nightmares forever.

As Kate enlists the help of another friend she uncovers the truth about Forbes, the entity and the evil surrounding not only him but her and David too. Auras that surround Forbes, mists that emanate from his mouth causing irrational and demonic behaviors, what happens will scare the reader, frighten you down to the core and make you want the author to write still another sequel and not end it here. Who lives, who dies, what does fate have in store for Kate, Forbes and David? Just what links them all to the Ripper? Can a journal be evil? Can a spirit enter the body of a man or be used as a family’s evil legacy and passed on from one member to the next? Only author Brian Porter can answer that and this reviewer? We are not telling. Well: Jack knows too and you definitely don’t want to ask him? Will he return? What makes you sure he’s gone? Journals: Keep them locked in a safe or in plastic if they are not your own: Who knows what lurks inside of them? Right JACK!

Fran Lewis: Reviewer