Outstanding Resource: How To Spot Lies Like the FBI reviewed by fran lewis

How to Spot Lies Like the FBI

Reviewed by Fran Lewis

Everyone lies so don’t try to deny it. If you do you would definitely be telling a boldfaced lie. Just how could you are and how convincing your lies and stories are remains to be seen. Kids lie from an early age to prevent being punished. Learning how to convince their parents that they are innocent and sweet little darlings is not that difficult and comes from listening and observing the behavior of their peers and of course adults. Adults lie on a daily or even minute-to-minute basis. They lie to defraud the government, swindle you, and cheat you when you want to buy a new car or even fix the pipes in your bathroom. The art of lying is one that many have mastered but few can perfect. So, why do it. Simple enough. It helps give you time to come up with a story to get you out of the hot tub you might have fallen into. It might gain some time to think of something else that your unsuspecting victim might believe. Some are just pathological liars and have convinced themselves that this is their only way of life and their viable option for survival.

Author Mark Bouton’s book, “ How to Spot Lies Like the FBI,” will give you comprehensive course and understanding of how to spot a true liar, the warning signs, signals and more so that you can be your own FBI agent and catch the liar in his own web of deceit before you get caught in the net with no way out. There are many kinds of liars. There are those that are deceptive, those that convince themselves and justify their words and actions even though their every word is a lie. Many people commit crimes and quietly relate the events that caused them to be convicted even though they might not relate them in the proper sequence, or the proper time frame. People lie to get away with things, to cover up what they don’t want you to know and many times to convince themselves they are right.

The trick is how can you spot the many different types of liars and what are the cues that alert you, the public or the interviewer that the person in front of you is a board certified card holding liar and is a true member of the Liar’s Club. Watch out for the eyes and the facial movements. Various facial expressions and eye movements as described in detail in Chapter 2 will help the reader understand what to look out for and why. In Chapter 3 the author gets down to the nitty gritty of why people lie, how you know they are lying and much more. Chapter four gives you the definitions of the many types of liars, situations that he encountered which help clarify how to indentify them and many other real life encounters our author had with serious criminals, simple arrests and people in general that lie. Each area is backed up with research and examples making it easily understood for the reader to become a quick study and learn what the experts already know in how to spot lies.

The author includes ways to spot a liar, the reasons why people lie and how you can learn to identify the signals and the warning signs so that you will not be easily fooled, foiled into in a scam and more aware of your surroundings and those in it.

What are the types of liars and how will you know how to spot them? There are so many types of people who lie and some many forms of lying that I am only going to give you a sweet taste, like a treat, to whet you appetite so that you will definitely want to read this book and learn how to spot a true liar on your own. People to deceive you. That’s easy enough especially when coming in contact with salesmen, car dealers and insurance companies. There are those with borderline personality disorder, antisocial personality, personality disorders, sociopaths and many more. What behaviors do these and others exhibit? I am not going to tell you, read it for yourself and learn the cues that are indicative of these personalities. The chapter that I found the most telling is how to tell a spoken lie. This is often difficult for many of us to discern. So, read this carefully so that you won’t be duped by the dupers who are trying to con you into doing things, believing their lies in order to get you to believe their stories. First, watch out for verbal and facial clues. Facial expressions like creased forehead, grimaces and fake smiles and touching of mouth, nose or throat are true indicators that the person is not telling the truth. Omitting words in answers and clarifying what they said is another way to tell a person is lying. Posture, movements that are done by consciously and unconsciously and don’t forget the changes in speech patterns and voice. There are many more secrets to learning to spot lies like the FBI but I am not going to reveal them to you.

There are those that fabricate stories and really believe what they are saying. Some that give slippery answers like “ I am not going to raise taxes at this time,” of course you know politicians lie so why would anyone believe that? Another one would be “Why would I lie about that?” The person might become so incensed that might rebut with “Why would I lie to you?” The answer of course if obvious why don’t you tell me? People lie to avoid difficult life situations and their consequences. Lying to me seems to be a way of survival for too many people. If you want to learn more about the spoken lie read chapter four and I will not lie, you will definitely get a true handle on how to interview people and tell whether they are forthcoming with the information that you need. Just think, if you are in human resources or someone that hires in a corporation or any other business, this book can serve as a valuable tool to help weed out those that might not fit the job you are offering and help avoid hiring the wrong person.

Many people lie when they want to increase their friend base or get into the right social group or relationships. Many find it difficult to be straight in general. Deception is all around as the author states and not just the criminals or bad people are guilty. Deceiving others is a huge tool for survival. Of course my favorite section was title: Does the Government Lie? You decide that one and think about just how truthful are government really is, whether you can believe what they say when on television running for office and how you can spot a true polished political liar. We all know that they slant their views and claim all sorts of things about the opposition. What would happen if a campaign were run on qualifications, the issues and how the person is going to make positive improvements instead of doing a hatchet job on his/her opponent and running a campaign that really says nothing? The rest about lying in our society is in Chapter Five.

Finally, how does lying affect our daily lives? I would be lying if I said it did not. The world is definitely loaded with liars, deceivers, and those that lack integrity. I interviewed an author and I asked just how honest was the media when dealing with certain issues. The author stated that the media gives a slanted viewpoint that they want listeners or readers to hear. It does not always mirror the truth. After all, sensationalism is what sells papers and makes people tune into the news. Of course for those of you that have been dumped, jilted or in a romantic relationship, you might have fallen prey to someone that gives you false hope, flatters you to get what they want, claims he is going to leave his wife for you, (don’t buy that one) and gives you excuses as to why you cannot call him or he cannot call you. This chapter really tells it all and those of you that are in relationships that appear a little shady and false, you might want to read pages 225-232 to learn more.

There is so much you can learn by reading this book so I will leave it to you do it. The author in Chapter 9 reveals The Ten Secrets to spotting a liar. I have revealed some of them to you and insist that you read the book to find out the rest. People lie every second of every day. I would be lying if I said that I did not have to stretch the truth at times. But, I definitely would not be lying if I said that this is an outstanding book and resource for anyone who wants to become involved in law enforcement, any branch of military service or just want to make sure that you never fall prey to a liar and get duped again.  Liars beware: Now that I have read this book I am armed and alert and will never, I hope be fooled again.

Well written, interesting examples to help understand what the author is trying to say, and research that backs up his statements and findings, this book is one that I will refer to every time I have to deal with salesmen, customer care reps, plumbers and doctors too.

I never give stars: I give this book FIVE PEOPLE WHO NEVER LIE: That’s if you can find them.

Fran Lewis: Reviewer




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