Revelation: The Way It Happened by Author Lee Harmon

Revelation The Way It Happened : Author Lee Harmon


Father and son discussions often put the child at a disadvantage when the son really does not want to hear what the father has to say. But Matthew is a rare and unique thirteen -year old young man who is exciting and enthralled with what is about to learn. Samuel and Matthew escaped Jerusalem and took asylum or refuge in the seven churches in Asia. It was at this time that the Romans took Judea in the wars that transpired between 66-70 CE.

Through the many conversations and discussions between Samuel and Matthew the author guides the reader through the book of Revelation discussing a letter written by John the Apostle. Using a unique and different technique of presenting the historical facts, the author describes many happenings and incidents including Nero’s demise, hearing his voice as it happens and flashing back to the events that lead up to it including his murdering his mother. Adding at the end of each description a short phrase from the book of Revelation that reveals the lesson to be learned as a result of the actions taken by the characters and figures presented.


The first chapter tells of Throne of God and how Jesus is really the Messiah and their hope for his return to the world. Followed by Samuel’s in-depth recounting of The Jerusalem War and how his first son, Josiah played an important role. He tells of the seven seals and what happens as each one is opened and the consequences and the plagues inflicted by God. Matthew goes on to ask his father about the seals placed on the foreheads of those who are martyrs and how they are suppose to protect them from death. But, in reality, God wants these men to die and brings them home to him.


Matthew asks many questions and learns many lessons about the history of the Jewish people, the Christians, and the fall of Rome and much more. Retelling the terrors invoked by Emperor Nero, the reign of Vespasian, the returning of Jesus from heaven to earth and the final days of judgment. After each father and son discussion the author reviews the history and explains it by quoting parts of the Book of Revelation, then explaining it so the reader will understand it more fully.  Conceding for this book that John wrote the Book of Revelation, he imparts much of the story as if he wrote it.

Descriptions of the how the Jews were treated, crucified and humiliated at the hands of the Romans, helped Matthew understand why the stories his father told him and events to follow were imperative to their survival and their future. The book of Revelation is deals with the issues early Christians faced during this time period.


In reviewing this book I decided to read it through three separate times. First, reading only the dialogue and conversation between Samuel and Matthew to fully understand their close relationship and how Matthew’s insight into his past and his present grew and the way he revered and respected his father and what he recounted to him. Samuel retells Matthew the story of John, his visions and seeing the Spirit of the Son of God on the Lord’s Day telling John to record what he has seen and send it to the churches. He continues by telling Matthew how John saw seven stars, which are the angels of the seven churches, and two candlesticks, which are the 7 churches. But, there is much more to this story that Samuel tells his son. Explaining the seven seals and what happens when they are broken, the seven trumpets that ignite the seven plagues brought on the tribes of Israel, and the resurrection of Nero and his relationship to Satan. Matthew listens and asks questions of his father letting him know that he will stand by him when the time is right and he learns of the fate of his older brother Josiah and how he is now in the Kingdom of God and will fight by his side when the war comes to Heaven.


Relating to Matthew what the letters to each church stated and the promises that John said would come to each one if they overcame and reminding him that Nero Caesar hated to Jews because they would not recognize him a God, Matthew reveals to his father who he feels is the false prophet and Samuel why this must remain between them. Retelling the story of the birth of both of his sons, the death of Sarah, his wife and what will happen when the final trumpet is sounded, a New Jerusalem will be born and they will live there. All the righteous of the past ages will be living in and enjoying the heavenly city, the New Jerusalem. To learn how this happens, what Samuel reveals to Matthew at the end, you need to read it for yourself.


Finally, Samuel tells Matthew about how the gates of the new city will open to the nations and everyone and everything remains in the Kingdom of God, which is the new Eden. The city will have walls and angels will stand guard to protect these gates. What Samuel relates to his son at close of their discussion you need to read the final pages for yourself as one thirteen year old young man matures right before the reader’s eyes and learns about his heritage, past and understanding of what the Book Of Revelation reveals for all of us.


After reading the dialogue between father and son I reread the book again to really understand the Book of Revelation, the commentaries made by the author explaining the many incidents that are recounted, then I read the quotes from the book that clarified and summarized what was being described. The various Interludes that explains what the chapter is about helps clarify for the reader the events more clearly. What will be found on the throne of God surprised and delighted Matthew as he an Samuel come full circle with their discussion as Samuel tells his son what John learned in his vision and what would finally happen to them when it did. The Book of Life was now ready to be revealed and whose names have been inscribed.

Author Lee Harmon provides an accurate detailed account of the events in the Book of Revelation through the words of Samuel, the questions of Matthew and the many explanations both from the book and his own commentaries. Taking the reader through the many sections and verses of the Book of Revelation itself, the reader can visualize, experience and understand the time, the people, the culture and the writings of John and its message. I an truly say that I have a better understanding of many of the events than I did before reading this book and the hardships, wars, sacrifices and more that both the Jewish people and Christians endured. Although this book is geared for adults only, I think that children will understand the discussion between father and son and would definitely read and understand it.


Fran Lewis: Reviewer





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