Blog Tour with authors Tony Angelo and Bethany Halle

1.How did you come up with the title Realm of Nuance?


Tony and I talked about how important it was for artists of ever genre to be able to provide their unique voice through multiple sites and publications and we toyed around the creating different “nuances” for them to be able to do that. We realized in a sense we were creating a new “world” and thought of the word realm – the two seemed to fit together to create the environment we envisioned.


2.What is the rationale or premise behind your magazine? What messages are you trying to convey to your readers?


We are trying to convey that everyone has a creative side of their personality no matter what culture, country, style or environment they have been used to. In allowing different voices and styles to be heard that may not ordinarily be selected, we are providing not only an avenue to show off their particular talents, but also a haven for them to grow – or so we hope.


3.In section one you have authors that state why they write. I found this section enlightening and quite interesting. Is this section going to be a standard in your magazine? Will you invite other authors to do the same thing?


Yes, everyone has a different reason for writing or painting or crafting a piece of music and we will continue this section. We feel it’s just another way for everyone to get to know the artists or step into their realm, if you will.


4.The poems and many of the stories deal with real life issues that people face today. Are you going to create a specific section for poem and stories that deal only with real life issues and possibly a feedback section?


We would indeed like to create a feedback section and will continue providing areas for real life issues. People have difficult lives, and both fantastic and horrible situations that they must face a certain periods in their lives and it’s important that they are not curtailed with how they need to tell their story. We’re not sure that we’ll purposely have particular sections for any styles, but we’ll see what feedback we do receive from this publication. We are going to be fairly consistent in presenting the different “realms”. You will always see poetry and art and stories and non-fiction articles. We may through in different levels of comedy, a touch of the spiritual and the inventive worlds of fantasy and science.


5. The photos and artwork were colorful and thought provoking. Are you going to showcase one photographer or one new artist to showcase their work?


We will see how people submit their works and determine how best to showcase the artists. Right now, Tony and I want to show many sides of cultures and the world in the flavoring of the visual artists. I suspect we will “showcase” more than one for each episode.


6. These are new authors whose works are being showcased. Are they going to continue to have their work published in every edition along with other new authors or are you going to open the magazine to different writers for each edition?


Everyone is free to submit to the magazine and we have a wonderful team working with us to provide not only the best, but also the most heartwarming and funny stories and poems that we can find. It’s also very important for us to add very thought provoking articles as well as simple pleasure. This will continue to evolve. We hope many talented folks will submit over time. You may see some of the same artists from time to time.


6. I love the article by Tony stating his dream and how he came to create this magazine. That would be a great section for others to write about? What do you think?


I do – everyone has a dream and few are able for monetary reasons, family obligations or simply fear to take on such an endeavor. It’s important for every man and woman to hear about another dreamer that dared to try. We plan on highlighting our journey so that it may be enlightening in how we move forward and the missteps that we will make.


7. I would love to see what other people think the illustrations or photos mean. They are so expressive and beautiful. They leave much to the imagination and thought. Would you consider having people write in how they make them feel?


Absolutely, I love the idea and I know Tony will. We’ll try and incorporate. Art is subjective to the eye of the beholder, yet the stunning pieces provide people what they really need.  Sometimes just having that touch of inspiration during a life crises or simple day-to-day life may help them carry a single smile.


8. The poem the Woman really sends a beautiful message to women and makes you really smile: What made the author choose this topic for his poem and did he writing it about someone close to him?


He is indeed writing about someone close to him – that I do know. If you look at his other poems, he has a genuine love of women and his messages are very heartwarming.


9. Realm of comics is really one of my favorite sections in this magazine. The message is really great and the author cute poems let the reader know that people still love each other even when they are overweight and have smelly feet and more. Are you going to include a comic section in your next edition? What messages or themes will you include in that section? Do the pictures convey the same message as the poems? Tell our blog readers what that might be.


Everyone needs to laugh and we are planning to include some form of a comedic section with each magazine. I am not sure Tony and I want to narrow that down, but I can assure you that some will include a theme that we are just people – black, white, purple, fat, beautiful – it doesn’t matter. Showing and hopefully teaching aspects of tolerance and love is very important to us. You will begin to see that filtered into much of our work.


10.Why did the author write the story the Little Bus? How can this story help other mother’s with children with autism help their child and make other parents understand the disability too?


I don’t want to speak for Carolyn, but I think she truly understands that having a child with any disabilities is both wonderful and draining and she tried to convey to all families that they are not alone if the are going through the same situation. I love the realm section about families because we all have a tale to tell. From living with perhaps an older parent and taking care of them to adopting a child, the stories are wonderful and heartbreaking and we will bring you more.


11. This story really hits home for any educator or parent that has a child with any disability and wants only the best for their child?


Absolutely – we have many artists that want to tell a story to help guide or simply give hope. Tony in particular has been involved with helping special needs children for years and we plan on building our team and getting our artists’ books, poems, illustrations out to children and families that may not have the opportunity in a traditional sense.


12. How can this story help enlighten other parents with as the author writes that are typical children? There are many children that have difficulty learning. Autism is one area that need further research and parent training. The author mentions Down syndrome too. As an educator who worked with students with reading and writing problems and some with ADD I really felt that this story sent a great message to the reader. What made the author want to have it included?


I think her personal experience and knowing that others are going through the same thing. Reading is such a wonderful part of being with a child as well and with the help of our authors, we hope to provide several means including audio books as teaching and entertainment tools.


13. What is the message the author wants to convey in the poem Burning Bridges?


We have not spoken directly about the lovely poem, but from my point of few it is a haunting poem of memories and regret.


14. What inspired Tony to write the poem titled: Homeless?


Tony is constantly trying to make sure everyone understands that there are differences in the world and we are all God’s children. He thought that by naming the poem Homeless, he would give validity to an unborn child’s life and show just how easily people look past what’s in front of them and that there are many sadly unwilling to help their fellow man. You’ll see many aspects of that in Tony’s writing.



15. Are you going to include reviews of movies that deal with cultural differences or books that deal with important issues in the news?


We have not talked about movies reviews specifically, but the idea is a very good one. We are including a review section for books and games – movies could certainly go right along with it.


16. What other areas are you going to explore in future editions of this magazine?


Between the Realm of Nuance and the sister magazine Splendor, we really want to concentrate on providing a taste of different cultures, family life and home, education, creativity, and beliefs – from every part of the world. Too often we are centered around our own world and truly do not see a different flavor.


We will focus on family and home in providing a slice of life including everything from holiday traditions to traveling and even spiritual beliefs.  We’ll do this with highlighting different countries and travels – including food, wines, traditions, etc in Splendor and of course the creative works in the Realm.


17. Are you going to have some regular columns, authors and artists publish their work in every issue or are you going to present the work of new authors and artists?


I think you will certainly see a core at times, but the idea is to bring new artists to the forefront.


18. Do you see yourself as just the publisher of this magazine or a regular contributor too.


Granted, we are the publisher but occasionally you will see some of our works. However, it is most important to both Tony and I do provide a platform for others. This is not the Tony and Bethany show and will never be.


19. Tony waited fifty years to have his dream come true: How did you feel when you finally saw the magazine in print and completed?


I was relieved and thrilled for all the artists. As the production designer as well, getting all the pieces just the way we wanted was daunting, but I wouldn’t change any of it for the world. However, I could not have done it without my talented team!


20. How can writers, authors, photographers and artists contact you in order to contribute their work in your magazine?


We are constantly getting contacted every day now with is wonderful. I would say on average at least three a day and I honestly anticipate that will grow with the release of the magazine. They can contact us in a myriad of ways including all writing and art submissions to or Tony is handling movie and music and you can contact him at or


21. Where do you see this going in the future? Do you think your magazine will hit the newsstands? This magazine is not only online but can be purchased as a print copy? Tell everyone about your websites and where they can get a copy of this magazine.


We would love to have the magazine hit newsstands BUT – baby steps. Right now it is available through and we have shared several links on Facebook. This is a POD magazine and a hard copy is printed and mailed. In addition, we will have not only this issue, but also all future/back issues available on the realm site for purchase. The website is – however, the website is very interactive and in its infancy states and the e-commerce portion is not set up yet – soon.


22. How do you plan to expand circulation and get a large readership? Are you planning to offer yearly subscriptions?


Yes indeed we are going to have subscriptions for both magazines. We are certainly going to begin marketing the magazine to all of the social networking site as well as some traditional forms of marketing. As we expand, we will have a marketing team behind us that does nothing else.


23. What is the deadline for submissions for your next edition?


The deadline for the next Realm is December 15th.


24. What is the theme for your next edition and what type of short stories, poems and articles are you looking for?


Again, I do not see we will limit them for the next Realm – so all stories, pictures etc. will be considered. Again, we are concentrating on cross-cultural in all genres. For the upcoming issue of Splendor, we are looking for stories about love, family, traditions that revolve around the holidays. This concept is entirely different so we are looking for the stories to wrap around food, beverages, travel – and other “splendorous” things. Perhaps you baked the perfect chocolate truffle and have a romantic story to tell how you fed your husband for your anniversary, or your grandmother made a special cake for Christmas – we want not only a story – which can be fictional or non fictional, we also want the recipe, a picture of that recipe or the lovely place you experienced that tasty treat.


25. What type of artwork and photos do you want to include in your next issue?


I would love to see every kind of art represented from creations of jewelry and woodworking to photography of people, places, animals and anything and everything that can touch your heart. There is so much in our beautiful world to experience and I want our artists to show you every corner, every sunset, every spectacular dream – that is vital and important to enriching their lives and in turn will enrich all of ours.




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