A Parent’s Guide to Face book reviewed by fran lewis

The Parent Guide To Facebook

Author: Kathryn Rose

ISBN: 9781453834558

Publisher: Create Space

Facebook my favorite place to spend many hours each day. I interact with so many of my author friends, but even as an adult I have to be careful. Teens and even younger kids often have profiles and accounts on Facebook. Anyone teen with a computer and knowledge of the net probably has an account and dear parents it is now time for you to get more savvy, learn the ropes, join facebook and monitor your child’s account.

Set up your own profile and be aware of the many ways that people can access your information and learn more about you. Check the privacy settings for you and your teen, and make sure they are not set to Everyone allowing anyone access to their profiles, information and more. Allowing everyone to post comments, pictures and send messages is one way for a teen to fall prey to anyone who wants to friend them and pretend friendship and cyber-bullying and other online dangers. I do not have my email address, personal info or birthday on my face book. I did put my websites so authors can contact me or listen to my radio shows. But, personal information is dangerous and kids and parents need to be more aware.

Social networking is vital if you run or own a business and you want people to contact you. Giving out your main email address is one thing our author says might be necessary for an adult, not a teen. Monitoring your child’s friend list, making sure that only certain friends or people can send them messages if important and discussed in this book. Teaching the reader how to set up a safe profile for their child, himself or herself, understanding the importance of privacy settings when creating your account and making sure that you child is not a victim of cyber bullies is explained in detail. There are many resources listed by the author that parents, teachers and group leaders can access to learn more about cyber bullies and face book has links that you can report someone who is abusive, bullying your child and more. Of course, the best way to rid yourself of an unwanted friend is to unfriend them and using the correct privacy setting block that person from friending you again and sending you messages.

I feel you are most vulnerable when you people have access to writing on your Wall or information is posted on News Feed. I never realized until recently that when I posted information on my wall or on another one it appeared on News Feed too. Agreeing with the author that you NEVER tell anyone that you are going out to lunch, vacation or where you are is sage advice. Remember when you write on your wall the information is definitely made public and you leave yourself wide open for responses and comments by others that view what you have written. Parents, even adults need to be careful about what they write on their face book walls. Monitoring language and comments is vital. Your face book account, even if deleted by you, remains there FOREVER!

Writing derogatory things about a friend, your boss or family member might come back and haunt you later on. Wall are not private and everyone sees what you are writing. Posting your intimate  and private thoughts is definitely unwise. Customizing Who can see your posts on your wall made by your friends you will not have to block all users from writing on it.

Last night I received a message that someone posted a picture of me on my wall. The picture was not the issue. The print was and the idea alluded to the fact that I would play a video game that I personally find dangerous and wrong. I removed the picture and emailed the person with my own message. She thought I would play the game. Not Me!

As an author and talk show host I get many requests from people to become my friend. As the author states in Chapter 11, creating your friend list and who you friend is something you need to be weary of. I never accept a request before viewing the person’s profile. If that person is not someone I am familiar with or has author friends that I work with, I do not accept the request. I just delete the email or you can click on I Don’t Know This Person and you will not have to worry about them trying to friend you in the future.

Great resources and invaluable information that every parent needs to read with their child before they create an account, become victim to the wrong kinds of friends and post information that should not be made public.

As a result of reading this great book I have successfully posted three events and customized by privacy settings and become more face book and safety savvy. This reviewer is not going to reveal all that she learned from reading this book that you will have to learn for yourself when you read this book. If you value the safety and welfare of your child and yourself you will definitely purchase a copy of this book, advise your friends to do the same and become Face Book Smart and Safe.

Well written, easily understood with photos showing exactly how to create friend lists, profiles and more, this is a must have for everyone.

Fran Lewis: Reviewer







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