Honey in the Home author Tony Angelo

This is a story for the early reader about learning to trust others who are different than themselves. The bear and the bee become unlikely friends as they find each other’s needs and wants. Their trust wasn’t just given, it was earned. It’s a simple lesson we all must learn.


Children can also be inspired through their own creativity in both art and reading. The illustrations can be easily copied and new stories can be told from their experiences.



Endorsement for Honey in Home

By Author: Tony Angelo




Bears love honey and bees make it. How can these two unlikely creatures work together and form an alliance, well author Tony Angelo figured out a way to show that all creatures can get along. Sleeping away the winter and waking up in spring, Lee, the Bear meets Honey the Bee and they become fast friends. This is a tale that teaches the reader that differences can be put aside and friendships created when you look past outer appearances. How can a bear and a bee become friends? Author Tony Angelo’s story Honey in Home is a heartwarming tale that teaches the reader that friendships come when you least expect it. Honey Bee and Lee the Bear take the reader on a wonderful journey into the lives of many of the animals in the forest teaching both children and adults: what else: Who loves Honey and who does not? What other animals eat and what they do not? Friendships, understanding, teamwork, and humor fill this great new story by the master of storytelling, Tony Angelo. For those honey lovers, you might want to make friends with these two great characters and get your own supply the golden sweet treat.

Fran Lewis




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