Zaftan Entrepreneurs reviewed by author fran lewis



Zaftan Entrepreneurs

Author Hank Quense


In the real world there are many who look to milk the resources of others for their own benefit not so different in the fantasy world created by author Hank Quense on his favorite planet Gunderland in his latest best selling novel Zaftan Entrepreneurs . A mining expedition of aliens travels the planet in order to explore the countryside using robots. As these robots find Gundarland they discover a land filled with priceless minerals and rare elements. Launching their robot explorers the Zaftans show little if any regard for the land and property of the inhabitants and destroy much of it and anger those living there. The Zaftan entrepreneurs are not different from those in our world today.  Our entrepreneurs in this novel have one specific goal and that is not to start their own business but to explore, steal, damage and take over the private property of those inhabiting Gunderland and of course extract all of the exotic minerals and their rare elements for their own profit and purposes. Captain Yunta  the head of this expedition has only one purpose in mind: To Advance her rank to CEO no matter how she has to get there. Our very own just do the same thing in more subtle ways.


Leslie Higginbottom  the constable of Skensfirth approaches MacDrakin Gemseeker a citizen and hot guy according to her standards,  to help her find out what the Yuks a rowdy group of citizens might be up to she enlists his help to patrol the perimeter of the town but before she does she is  kidnapped by  some slimy looking squids. But, this planet is inhabited by many mixed races consisting of some humans, half-pint politicians, dwarfs, elves that are the shop keepers and our Zaftan Robots and their leaders who want to extract all of the valuable minerals and gems on Gunderland where the minerals lie. The robots invade destroying property, killing many of the inhabitants but not without a fight from those living there. Captain Yunta faces many adversaries in these people hoping to complete her mission before her ship has to return and the fuel supply is depleted. Reminders of the Gold Rush where people wanted to pan and mine gold to increase their wealth or countries today fighting to control oil prices and more. Invaded countries are nothing new and the motives certainly stay the same. But, in our story the primary goal is to get these valuable gems and extract the expensive minerals from them in order to make the Zaftan’s rich and of course the Furshtanker corporation who is behind this entire attempt coup. Of course the fact that there are inhabitants on this planet created the problems to start since they normally invaded places that were devoid of any people, dwarfs or anyone else and these inhabitants have knowledge of early technology and some intelligence making them harder to combat and fool.



When the emissary from Zaftan 31 shows up unannounced the President, Treasurer and Defense Minister meet with Shtap to discuss the Zafan’s proposal to supposedly help them understand how to rid the planet of pollution in return for allowing them to deplete their planet of minerals for their own private use. Supposedly stating that they would respect the property and rights of others was just a ruse to get them to agree. Sending ten Zaftan Robots to Gundarland creates not only devastation and destruction but loss of native lives. Creating treachery, assassinations and more are a way of life for these Zaftans and help them gain status among their kind. Where does that leave our constable and our MacDrakin in this mix, well although attracted to each other things get complicated when poor Higginbottom, our constable is instructed to protect these robots at all costs placing a strain on her relationship with MacDrakin .


Enter the world of author Hank Quense. You would think that this fanstasy world that he created would be different from the reality we face each day. Not so! Inhabited with many different races such as our world is today, the dwarfs, elves, half-pints, humans and Yuks face the same prejudices, problems and strives we do in our so called real world today. As the Zaftons meet with the incompetent President at the capital called Dun Hythe in Gunderland, we learn that his primary goal is to make sure he has his daily nap and that his Chief of Staff handles all other matters. Added to that he has his own form of in fighting in his cabinet between the Defense Minister and the Interior Minister who want to take over the turf and control of the other at any cost. No one seems to be too concerned about the taxpayers or the citizens except our worn out and frustrated constable Leslie Higginbottom who faces even more dire problems. Told and instructed by the politicians to protect these Zafton Robots from harm no one takes into account the devastation and destruction they are causing as they case the planet and pilfer their minerals for their own gain. Promises seem to go out the window and the Mayor learns that these robots and their leadership cannot be trusted, but he still succumbs to their demands and thinks they will hold true to their promise to rid his planet of pollution. Let’s not forget class or caste systems that play a part here too. The Yuks are poor and every looks down on them even though they are smarter than the rest. But, let’s not forget our Zafton Leader Captain Yunta whose mood swings caused by triple PMS. For those of you that experience this once a month it’s bad enough. Imagine enduring it at three times the pain. OUCH and UGH! So, what is going to happen and what is the fate of our dwarf, Mackrakin and our Constable. That remains to be seen.



But as the robots wage a war on the people in Skensfirth poor Higginbottom is faced with a two- fold dilemma. How does she protect the natives and their property when told not to harm or stop the robots from exploring and looking for minerals, and how does she stop them from fighting back? Does she arrest everyone that kills or hurts a robot to protect their land and property or does she look away? What will happen between her and MacDrakin ? On top of that neighbors are arguing and forming their own vigilante committees to take matters in their own hands. I bet you thought this only happened in the real world! From here on things change and the Yuks team up with our MacDrakin and what happens next sends the reader, the town, the robots and our Captain on a robotic downslide, a native uprising and giant war that will keep the reader fixed to the printed page until the very end. The characters might be pure fiction but their attitudes and actions quite real as one woman dwarf/human takes on a whole town, the robots and more to prove she’s got what it takes to protect her town, her people and their property and make her late father proud. Leslie HIgginbottom: What a Woman and What A Way to Go! But, it’s not over yet as MacDrakin  enlists the help of his friends the Yuks, the old militia and more to wage a war that you won’t forget. Loyalty, trust, deceit, friendship and more when the aliens from Zaftan take on the inhabitants of Gunderland and learn a lesson they will never forget. Will Captain Yunta rise to CEO or will she get some rotten apples under her tree? Will the Zaftan’s learn not to mess with the inhabitants of Gunderland? Who wins? Who loses and who are the real entrepreneurs, decide for yourself as author Hank Quense takes you inside the world of the amazing natives of Gunderland and with an ending filled with twists, turns, clever maneuvering, and descriptions of the details and characters so vivid you feel like you are there, once again author Hank Quense takes the Sci Fi World by storm with his great new novel for all audiences to read. This book would make a great-animated movie. Can’t wait for the next chapter in this great Trilogy.

Fran Lewis: Reviewer

This book gets Five Higginbottoms and one MacDrakin for extra measure.