Bess the Book Bus reviewed by fran lewis

Bess the Book Bus

Authors: Concetta Payne and Freda Roberts


Reviewed by Fran Lewis


Multi-talented authors Concetta Payne and Freda Roberts teamed up to ride a book about a special yellow bus that reminds us of the importance of reading, understanding, giving and encouraging our youth to treasure and embrace the world of books.


Jennifer Francis is the founder of our famous yellow book bus, named Bess. Taught by her Nana to love reading books, Jennifer has dedicated her life to making sure that children all over the country have the opportunity to read and receive free books- how special and wonderful!


As our famous yellow bus tells the story in her own words, she begins by reminding everyone of how special she is and that her cargo is not people but books for children to read. Just like the mailman our Bess weathers storms, climbs steep hills, difficult roads and never gives up until she reaches her destination, brings her books to the crowds of children awaiting her arrival and seeing the smiles on their faces when leave with their precious treasure their very own book of their own choice. But, Bess is more than just a Bus, she is so caring that even though she is tired, worn out and ready to rest, she makes sure that one child named Tommy gets a chance to choose a book and the special thank you he gives Bess will not only endear you to Tommy but bring a sunny smile to your face.


But then the unthinkable happens the next day as Bess is going to another destination she gets a flat tire and is stranded. What is she going to do? Hoping that someone will rescue her and fix the tire she waits and along comes James a really good Samaritan who stops and fixes her tire. What happens next will endear you to not only James but to our yellow bus even more? What does happen you will have to read for yourself.


Bess is persistent and one flat tire would not get her down and her hopes to reach her hometown of Tampa, Florida. What will she do next? Will she reach her final destination? Will every child get to explore the world of books? Ask Bess: Only she knows the answer to that question.


As authors Concetta Payne and Freda Roberts created a special character in Bess reminding everyone how precious and priceless books are, how important it is for our children to read and that the accessibility of books must be more widespread. Many parents cannot afford to buy books and Bess at least gives children that special gift. Library cares are vital but there is nothing more special than bringing home your special book, sitting in your favorite chair and cracking open the binding and reading the same book over and over again whenever you want.


I know that because I just read this outstanding well-illustrated book more than once. Bess the Book Bus is a must have for all children.


Fran Lewis: Reviewer

I give this book: Five More Yellow Book Buses Named Bess



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