The Healings reviewed by fran lewis

The Healings

Author Oana



Reviewed by Fran Lewis



One man who is struggling to find himself, deal with the horrors of life and the suffering we all face. One man who takes the reader on many different journeys along with his Cat: Her who travels with him to each place, to each person he seeks to be healed by trying to find himself and much more. The main character has no name. His black cat Her engulfs and envelopes all that is feminine or female. Each chapter captures another emotion, another flaw of the human soul. The life of this nameless man has been difficult, filled with depression and totally unbalanced. Meeting each of these healers he hopes to find someone that can turn his life around, find a healthy solution and create some semblance to reconstruct him into a healthy living human being.



Look in the mirror and what do you see: You! Your image and nothing more. The imperfections that are within you and your flaws are not readily seen unless you speak, interact with others and allow them to know the real you. You think you are perfect just by looking at your outward appearance that others think is impeccable but hidden underneath are the lies, deceits, shadows and fears that follow you wherever you go. It’s how we deal or handle them that create our own pattern in life, pitfalls and seeking our own path to self-realization or who we really are.


Oana, in The Healings introduces one man: Nameless who can be the embodiment of anyone. Let’s say he represents every one of us in some way. As he begins his journey, along one with his Black Cat: Her to try and find himself, his inner being: he will encounter over 40 different healers and meet with each one hoping to find the answers within their different philosophies and experiences that are shared. Humorous, satirical and quite unique each of these short stories or chapters will enlighten the reader to the real problem faced by our nameless man.


Every journey has a beginning at does this one as he meets with a Shaman first. Evengi Heavy Feather is really where it all begins and probably should have ended as he truly says it all in one simple phrase: Sometimes we carry a heavy burden with us: Sometimes what causes things to weigh more or prey heavily on our minds cannot always be dealt with or expressed until we decide to do something different and change our own pattern to lighten that burden or in this case the weight of a feather. Not facing the problem often increases its weight.


What about becoming a Dream Master and able to create beautiful dreams for everyone to avoid those dreaded nightmares which prey in our subconscious, ruin a good night’s sleep and are also often part of something deeper that is bothering us and we just don’t know it or refuse to face it. This journey or healing was quite funny and the end result reminds you of the inside of a dirt devil or vacuum cleaner bad and armed with his Dream Toolkit are main character feels ready and able to rid the world of bad dreams and nightmares. Instead, he faces more demons and harsh realities. Controlling your life and taking control of your anger and fears might help the need for more journeys. He still needs to define what he has to change before he can more forward without the need of all of these healings to eliminate his depression, anger and much more.


Sarcastic and despising those who are hoping or hot filled with the same despair or depression he forges ahead in search of more healers as he meet Chamoile the storyteller who can create characters to go along with his controlled plots. Allowing the listener to become the central character or focal point of the story enables him/her to fell accepted and understood. Can someone feel this way just listening to the words of others? As he leads him to a place called The Crossroads you realize all he is doing is trying to get him to choose the correct path as he decides which way to go or the crossroads of his life; good, bad or stays the same. Missed opportunities: Cannot relive them.


He meets numerous healers along the way but one incident that stands out is when he states he is going to work in a psychiatric ward and observe the behaviors of the patients and the doctors helping administer pills along the way. What he really learns is that even those working there and the healers he previously meets have issues and sometimes need to face them with help from others too which angers him even more.


Every healer that our main character meets imparts an important lesson to this man who refuses to realize that his problems stem from not facing what they are and blaming his shortcomings and failures on those trying to help him. All the while like a good wife or nurturing mother, his cat Her, keeps him centered, brings reality into focus, performs the duties of a good wife or mother and hopes he finds his own path to self-awareness and realization. Sharing each of his plans with his cat, yet wanting to embark on each journey alone, you can feel the frustration of this cat as she tries to guide him before he falls down. Each healing brings the same result: He feels cheated, lied to and the experiences because they do not come out exactly as he envisioned they would, create him more turmoil within this man and do not meet his expectations.


Too many choices, options, freedom of choice: All too often like kids, adults need some parameters and guidelines when things get tough in order to continue on. From the Master Painter to Master Whiteout our nameless man hopes to find immediate answers to his unfilled life: Can he learn how to use the right words or paint a masterpiece on the spot creating his own form of expression? You decide what lessons if any he learns as your continue the journey along with the reader and I continue my review of The Healings by this creative and outstanding author.


From thinking that he is filthy rich from his cat picking the winning lottery ticket to a rude awakening that money cannot buy you the peace and harmony you need or want, to more interviews and jobs that will make you smile, laugh and wonder Oana sets the bar when creating everyday events that go awry. Each time our main character feels the pressure he and his trusty cat either pack up and go somewhere else, find another venue to vent in or another way for both of them to escape their true realities: loneliness, confusion and dissatisfaction with their plight as they journey to many more places, meet many more people and eventually realize the end result. Added to the mix is Aunt Lyla who provides another take on his plight, encourages his fantasies and goes along with many of his dreamlike experiences reeling him in even more.  The character’s he meets and their names alone will make you smile and the rationale he uses to explain each of his encounters, his excuses for his failures and successes are no different than ours today as this nameless man and his faithful cat Her continue on to many real and imaginary places to find Knowledge, inner peace and who they both are.


From Cousin Jello’s funeral to Tito Sponge a great mind to Professor Turtle ad great mind in anthropology our nameless man turns to every profession in life and more to find his way back to where he might have started from had he paid attention. I think the funniest is Dr. Iceberg who is supposed to help those in need of increasing their sex drive and tells our main character to discuss this with his significant other. Would that be the cat? Or someone else? The author closes with healing sessions in friendship, beauty, pain, bad relationships and much more that you need to read for yourself. Finally, the last healing is in the tower. Going from room to room and floor to floor allows him to relive areas of his life, healings that were described before, events that have already taken place and remembering the good and the feather and weight is now lighter and the burden and heaviness lifted. To learn more about his healing in the Tower and the others and whether he finds his true inner peace and more you need to read this mind stimulating and thought provoking account of one man’s journey to find himself. Humor reigns, philosophical discussions often interrupted with events that will make you laugh this is one book that will give the reader much pause for thought and great topics for book club discussions as each healing or chapter brings to light many issues we all face today.


Fran Lewis: reviewer











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