Meghan Rose Is Out of this World

Meghan Rose: Is Out of This World

Everyone wants to be popular and have tons of best friends. Some kids want to keep their friends all to themselves and not share them with anyone. On the playground they love to show off how well the jump rope, catch a ball, climb the monkey bars or do other tricks to impress their friends. When Meghan Rose and her friends are at recess each one of them tries to impress the others in order to be the most popular, get to the head of the line to drink water and to have everyone say “Wowie,” about them or just tell them they are the best. Megan Rose is good at many things. But, when Sophie comes shows her up at jump rope, tells everyone about her trip to dance camp and the feats on the high-wire Megan Rose needs to find a way to top that. Her friend Kayla is in awe of Sophie. Ryan and the rest of the kids think she is super. Megan Rose needs to find a way to get to the top of the leader board as they say on Dancing With The Stars and hopefully out score both Kayla and Sophie in the eyes of the other kids.

Sophie just wants to impress Carly. Megan just wants everyone to think she everyone’s best friend. Telling a lie can sometimes win you glory at first but when the lie becomes so tangled and twisted it turns your stomach into knots, what will that person do. Megan and her classmates are enjoying a science lesson about Space. Questions about Space are asked and answered by Mrs. Arnold their teacher. They students in the class really love science and Mrs. Arnold turned their classroom into their own planetarium. How cool is that! But, Megan Rose had to find a way to become the center of attention. She needed to find a way to get back in the limelight and get the attention off of Sophie and on to her. As the teacher continued her discussion Megan raised her hand telling everyone that she spent the summer at Junior Astronaut Space Camp. Of course, her classmates did not know that she was minimum age to go to Space Camp. Of course they believed her and were so enthralled with what she told them she became the most popular kid at recess and related her experiences at this camp, that she made up to everyone. But, lies have a way of turning into really big whoppers and sometimes they can totally backfire. When Megan Rose is on the playground she promises to teach her friends how a rocket is launched and then the real fun begins.

Trying to figure out what to do gives her a real stomachache. Telling the truth was not an option. Facing her friends and admitting she lied would be difficult. Remembering what her parents taught her about telling the truth, praying to God and asking for his help just might be the answer.

When Megan goes to school the next day she demonstrates how a rocket works using an inventive and ingenious method that she finds in a book. What that is and her solution I am afraid I cannot tell you. What does happen and will she admit to her friends the truth about going to Space Camp will  have to read for yourself. Children need to find a way to understand that everyone is good at something and you do not have to be the best all the time. Kids have to learn that it is okay to admire someone for their great skill in telling jokes, like Ryan did, or Kayla for her songs when jumping rope or for just being who you are. Meghan Rose did not like being second in anything and what she learns about herself, others and more about forgiveness and honesty will definitely endear you to her and her friends.

What happens at the end will surprise you? Will she be caught in a lie? Will she tell the truth and how will her friends react to hearing it if she decides to come clean with them?
Read Meghan Rose: Is Out of This World and find out what besides the moon, stars and the planets are also out of this world and kind of wonderful. This is a great book to teach honesty, understanding, forgiveness, tolerance, sportsmanship and character education to not only kids but adults too. Author Lori Z. Scott has created a character that every kid can identify with and a series that should be in every classroom.

I love the characters that are so true to life. I love the story that is so easily understood with illustrations filled with expressions and a study guide for teachers to use in their classrooms filled with activities and writing and discussion prompts and ideas.

This book gets FIVE ROCKET SHIPS

Fran Lewis: Reviewer

I never give stars to books that I really like.

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