Great Resource

Stop the Thyroid Madness

Author: Janie A. Bowthorpe

Reviewed by Fran Lewis


Misinformation is really hard to counteract when you don’t realize what you are being told is incorrect. Doctors have always been considered the be all and end all when it comes to patient care. Many people never question their doctors, research their medications or find out the side effects of what was prescribed. The story you are about to hear and the information that I will relate when reviewing this book will definitely be a wake up call to everyone. As the author takes the reader on a journey back in time when she could barely stand for any period of time, work a full day without getting tired and giving up many careers due to a rapid heart rate and other physical problems you will learn what happens when someone is not properly treated for thyroid issues that can prove to be more than just weight loss or weight gain.

Lab obsessed doctors, incorrect medications, medications used and given to camouflage the real symptoms and substandard treatment are just part of what happened to this author and members of her family and maybe you too. Retelling her own story and that of her mother wish paralleled hers you will learn just what happens to a person when he/she is misdiagnosed and given the wrong treatment. Imagine thinking that you are depressed and needing counseling when you really do not. Weight gain, constantly tired and napping all symptoms of thyroid disease but in her case not properly handled. If you want to learn more about the staggering amount of lingering symptoms while on T4 only medications read page 33 and you will definitely be alarmed what you will find out and much more. The author continues with the history of these medications and there is still much more to learn as author Janie A. Bowthorpe, M. Ed. takes the reader on a journey into the world of our Thyroid Gland, its malfunctions, treatments, history and host of other vital information needed to keep you the patient, consume properly informed.


Having had both hyper and hypo thyroid issues I can attest to what happens when the wrong medications are given even at the age of ten when Synthroid was prescribed. Your life changes and so did my moods. I never ever became agitated, nasty and restless until I started taking this medication. My thyroid was underactive and I was gaining weight by the minute and always so tired I could barely move. My headaches increased and my attitude was poor. Life changes when you have a desiccated thyroid. After reading this book I wish that I had the knowledge back then to have switches to a Natural Desiccated thyroid medication. The author shares her life experiences with the reader and how she became the new and improved person she is today. Writing this book, which she dedicated to patients having this problem and undergoing T4 meds only, or TSH or any other treatment by doctors and choosing to keep patients devoid of the right care. Many just look inside their medical journals or dictionaries for the right medications to match the right illness without considering side effects, meds that contradict each other or make the situation worse. Taking medication for both forms of thyroidism I can attest to the fact that the side effects equaled the illness at times and made me wish I never heard of that gland.


The book is clear, succinct and really interesting to read and provides in-depth information from someone who experienced it all. It is patient guide for those suffering from this disorder and it defines Thyroid Madness in simple terms, as any myth that doctors tell their patients will help them. The simple one on one approach is clearly defined in a way that the reader will now become something most doctors do not want to happen: Informed.

For those of us who have experienced Hypothyroidism let me quote what the author relates as the symptoms:

Tiredness or fatigue, depression, loss of libido, constipation and weight gain as well as dry and itchy skin.  But, on the flipside if you try as the author states natural treatment your energy level should increase, your libido will reignite, say goodbye to constipation, prevents insomnia help with stress management, promote weight loss and no more dry and itchy skin.  Why would you want to feel tired, sick and miserable everyday if you could feel energetic, lose those excess pounds and look in the mirror and see yourself with smoother skin and silkier hair?


The author provides alternatives that work to the programs most doctors recommend. With the right treatment your body will heal and you will not have to wake up with that dreaded feeling that the world is coming to and end for you as an active person and you can start to live again. Hashimoto’s Disease is the name given to this disorder. Simply put: Underactive thyroid which causes you to gain weight which is difficult enough to handle but the rest of the symptoms are even worse are not much better as we know.


In this book the author takes the reader on her a private journey into her life and the ups, downs and many trials and ordeals she encountered all because her doctor told her “the labs were normal,” and the treatment so traditional. So, what did she do? RESEARCH! She learned about a new natural medication called Armour and low and behold a real miracle happened. Information is powerful and the Internet proved invaluable as she learned by reading a simple message board about a natural thyroid medication called Armour. Describing the history of the medication, its composition and where it came from the reader learns a lot about Armour and its origin. The author shares her experiences with Synthroid, how she managed to restore her health and the many blogs and message boards that she encountered during her journey. Helping the reader understand the definition of TSH testing, why it is not always valid and what adrenal fatigue really means in regarding this condition, the book is a virtual goldmine of information and encouragement for anyone that has gone through what the author has. Understanding Ferritin and Iodine really helped me and I wish that I had this information when I was younger before being place on medication at age ten. Pages 42 to 43 define the meaning of desiccated thyroid followed by more information that will help you understand it better. Chapter three deals with what thyroid patients have learned and Chapter four will teach the reader more about TSH. Adrenal Glands. Do not ignore those precious Adrenal Glands you need them to be on a friendly basis with you. So, if you feel anxious, nervous, problems dealing with stress, impatient, irritable, feel light-headed, shaky and have a racing heartbeat to name a few of the symptoms you might have adrenal fatigue and you need to get it taken care of. One telltale sign is salt and sweet cravings. So, what should you do?  First, she sites information on why some doctors have not pointed this out to patients. Next, the author sites other factors that contribute to this problem and throughout Chapter Five she sites more information that the reader needs to learn for themselves to become informed. Page 78 is invaluable as it lists all of the symptoms of adrenal dysfunction followed by page 79which lists the tests most doctors prescribe. Added to this list is a checklist to help you assess whether you have this problem. Step Two pages 81-90 other indicators that might help you which follow. Chapter six provides outstanding suggestions for how to treat this gland and let’s not forget the Doctor Chapter, which should definitely enlighten the reader as to what not, to do and errors made. The next part of the book deals with why you might have this problem, understanding Hashimoto’s disease and different stories shared by many people having this same problem. The ten big mistakes that people make and finally putting it all together and more shared stories of people who have this disorder.


The author includes valuable information in the many addendums attached at the end of the book including resources to help the reader learn more about Armour and other treatments. The addendum that I found most valuable deals with how to understand your test results. This is an excellent resource for everyone that has ever had this problem and for doctors to read and learn from to understand that their way might not always be the right one.


Stop the Thyroid Madness: Thank you to author Janie A. Bowthorpe for sharing her knowledge, story and that of others.


I give this book: FIVE PERFECT THYROIDS: let’s stop the madness together.


Fran Lewis: Reviewer