Meet Karen Vaughn



Meet multi-talented author Karen Vaughn. Her novels are quirky, unique, well written and will keep you guessing until the very end. Dead on Arrival watch out when you walk into your living room. Dead Comic Standing you better hope you are funny get some laughs on stage. To find out the rest. Read this interview with this amazing author. Leave some comments. Ask some questions and better yet buy her books.

I am your host for this interview: Fran Lewis


Title of your novel and a short summary DEAD COMIC STANDING


Be careful what you joke about—It might just kill you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Someone out there doesn’t think the local comics are funny.

He’ll kill to prove it. 

Police are racing to find the killer before he claims another victim. 

Comedians are always trying to find that killer joke – but now they’re dying, literally!

Dead Comic Standing brings you comedy, action and steamy romance.

You’ll be dying to keep on reading!


1.How did you choose the main topic or theme for your book?

I have always loved Stand-up comedy and I had the opportunity to participate. After that I wondered what if someone didn’t like comedians and how they used family and significant others as the brunt of their jokes as his girlfriend had and decides to rid the world of comedians.

2. Who are your major characters and how do they blend or work together?

Shelley is an up and coming comedienne in a Comedy-club; she delivers her material with the zing of a professional.

Jeff- is the owner/manager of the club and later forms a love connection with Shelley. He is a great boss and has a fantastic rapport with all the talent working at his club.

Vince Vetters is a detective in the police force along with his partner Myra. Vince’s brother Phil is a comedian at Jeff’s club and is one of the first victims of the serial killer.

Borneo and Cassway are two beat cops called in as first responders and help solve the case.

3. Which character do you love the most? Which one would you like to kill off or change something about? I liked Shelley the best as she has a truckload of spunk and feistiness to make her a true survivor.  I should have made Hank Cavanaugh more quirky instead of a heavy character with a myriad of serious mental health issues.

4. Where does your story take place and why? The novel is set in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. I am Canadian myself and I wanted a Canadian locale. 

5. What makes your book stand out above the rest?  I really do think the plot is a unique one and I love to think outside the box with my characters and plots. Why is your story unique? I had never read any story like this involving serial murder and stand-up comedians as the victims. The really unique feature of the book is that I wrote the routines for the comics. I used stories submitted by friends for some of the routines. Friends even asked to die in the book.

6. If you could rewrite any part of your novel what would you change? I killed off Hank and maybe I should have had him rot in jail.

7. What has been the most surprising part of your journey as a writer? That I actually wrote a book and that people like my quirkiness.

8. How many new ideas do you have? I have a list of ideas for my series DEAD ON ARRIVAL and OVER HER DEAD BODY and my work in progress DAYTONA DEAD. I also have ideas for other mysteries and a romance I want to write.

9.Do you keep a list or are your thoughts on your computer? Most are in a file on computer that I really want to do and a list of others that are kind of iffy right now.

10.What are the main or essential qualities of a good novel?  A great unique plot, likeable protagonists, equally hateable villains, action, romance, tastefully written steamy sex, a touch of comic relief,  fast paced dialogue make a great dialogue.

 How do you keep the reader pinned to the printed page throughout the novel? I find ways to incorporate all of the above. I want the reader to say “WOW!” as they read or tell me they laughed so hard they cried, had to break for a cold shower whatever it takes to keep their interest.