My review of Boneyard II



Boneyard II


Nan is a prostitute but not an ordinary one. When approached she will stand up to the best of them use force to ward the unwelcome off and take action when needed. Nan is not afraid to speak her mind, take care of business and make her presence known even to those that control her destiny. Nan is chosen for a special job that will take her within the walls of “The Joint,” of Boneyard II. Nan is striking, she bright and yet in some ways vulnerable and fragile. Gaspar her intended “John” has a reason for wanting her there and it is not just to get to know. Gaspar is what you might call “The Godfather,” of his family. Business associates have been blocked from contacting him as well as his family. But, Gaspar has a plan to change all of that and reconnect with the outside world.


Acceptance is something both children and adults covet. Some children no matter what a parent has done their unconditional love shines through no matter what. Even just saying name brings a smile. Magdalena Gaspar is ten and misses her father who is imprisoned in Boneyard II. Every night she prays for him but not to the delight of her mother who stands impatiently outside of her room waiting for her to complete her evening prayers.


Nan is Gaspar’s only hope and link to the outside world As the author introduces the characters to the reader we realize that Nan, might be a prostitute, but she has a special angelic, and fragile quality that brings out something in Gaspar most would not expect. Nan upon meeting Gaspar realizes the man is quite dynamic and has a commanding presence. Although speaking through a glass window on a phone, they learn something about each other and the conversation to say the least is not what you would quite expect. Human interest or definite connection? After all she was there for a definite purpose. What did he want and why? Why was it legal and what would the end result of their encounters be? Marriage is the proposition and she did marry him.


Some arrangements are definitely unconventional, as this would prove to be. Returning to the house where she worked and lived she learns of her new status, what her role is and what is expected of her Alfredo. Reentering the prison and going to where she would meet her new husband for the first time, she enters the boneyard, hears his name called and realizes the hush that comes over the outer yard when Gaspar is called. It might not be the Presidential suite of the Plaza but to them it was their own special hotel room filled with the main amenity the bed. Making small talk, relating the end result of his divorce Nan learns not only did she marry a drug kingpin but one whose wife cleaned him out. Sense of humor in hand and soon much more they began their strange life as man and wife.


But, Nan is about to get a rude awakening when the police take an interest in her in more ways than one. One rookie officer that tries to befriend her and another that threatens to make her life miserable but she does not flinch. As the pieces start to fit closer together and the bars get tighter in the prison setting Nan learns more about Gaspar and about herself too. Loyalty comes at a high price for some and she agrees to help him and the security being married to him provides. A new house, food and definite benefits being married to a kingpin but Nan has not seen the ugly side of things yet but she will. Sean Reach tries to help her, Ray Ray Mobley much tougher but they are putty in her hands in more ways than one as this tough, hardnosed money for hire 32 year old woman shows the world she’s got smarts, guts and faith in herself and loyalty to her man. Nan is really smart and tries to convince Gaspar that playing the game might get him ahead. Get his GED, take a better job offer and maybe he might get early parole. But, anyone listening to the Feds and the cops know they have something else in mind.


Sean Reach was the chosen one who they decided would get close to Nan. As Reach was coming to see her Nan was had a Zen Mp3 in her ear so when Mango and Reach fell down out of nowhere things began to more than just heat up. As Nan realized what was happening she handled it with her usual sarcasm and humor making Mango into less than chop meat and having two the guards dispose of him. But, Reach had other ideas and what they were more than one person would see. But, what Reach learns and what Nan does will definitely surprise the reader and Gaspar when he sees the instant replay. Loyalty, trust, betrayals and possibly a set up to see what information she can give them to make Gaspar a more than must a permanent resident of Boneyard II.


A riot and deaths at the Pilates mall sets the stage for what is about to happen next. Senseless deaths, threats against children and Nan are right in the thick of things. Dumping some kids at McDonalds with ten dollars and then leaving Reach wanted to confer with the authorities on this but Nan had to be debriefed first. Nan stood her ground and would not allow him to come to the rescue even though the kidnappings and the entire incident was because of her and who she married. Reach tried to convince her to get away and get out but for some reason Nan stood loyal to Gaspar and rejected his help.


Nan is under pressure from all sides and what will she do when approached by Reach to leave it all and let him protect her or will she remain true? Invasion of her privacy on the ruse that he wants her help but attempts more than he should as another agent puts the moves on her but Nan takes it in stride and the revenge you just want to applaud.


The stakes become higher and Nan decides to take it all in her own hands. As one agent tries to heat up the situation another tries to help in a different way. Nan is now the head of the drug cartel and has taken Gaspar’s place. Going as far as approaching his ex-wife, befriending his children, getting them to visit him in the hospital and trying to find out who was behind the attack on her husband dealing with them with Alfredo and her bodyguards. The put downs, the business dealings, the attempts on her life and those behind it you just won’t believe how far up it goes. But, Nan will not be bullied and she won’t let others fall either. She is gutsy, she is smart and no holds barred she is Nan Gaspar and a definite force to be reckoned with. She is a dynamic character whose rough exterior has a soft-core heart within. Just how this plays out you won’t believe.



A drug war started and the death toll piles up and Nan is right in the middle of it and many lives are lost. The end result betrayals, deals, drug lords each fighting for territory and the outcome you will have to learn for yourself. Just where do all the loyalties lie and where will Nan place hers? An explosive ending that will teach the reader and the drug cartels just how far one woman will go to avenge her husband’s attack. Several federal agents gone rogue, others in the take, mayors in dire need of help and many head drug lords caught in more than just the gunfire. Author Linton Robinson brings to light many issues. What started out as a contract, which was to be short, lived wound up as a cause and crusade for one woman who had nothing and no one and learned the true meaning of hope. Sometimes it is not the life we deserve it is the life we have. The topic provides much pause for thought as you either root for the drug lords and hope they even out the territories, side with law enforcement even though their methods might not seem right or just plain applaud Nan. The end and final outcome is in the hands and computer of our author. Once you start reading it you won’t out it down. Boneyard II enter at your own risk.


Fran Lewis: reviewer


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