A Perfect Storm: My review

A Perfect Storm:

Lori Foster

Human traffickers often set their sites on those they think are the most vulnerable, fearful or trick them into thinking they will protect them and make them safe. On the pretense of giving them a place to stay, clothes and food some young kids that are so unhappy at home fall prey to the wiles of unscrupulous men and women out to make money at their expense. Defined it means: Human trafficking, is a part of the larger problem of slavery. Human trafficking is one of the most common way people end up in slavery. While the term is increasingly used instead of the word “slavery”, this is misleading. The term is often misused when it is confused with human smuggling. In essence, human trafficking is when people are transported, by force or deception, to become enslaved. By transported, we are typically talking between countries, but people can become trafficked within their own country. Arizona Storm fell prey to this life as some set their sites on her and in order to survive she set herself up as bait. Spencer Lark is the one man she seems to trust and confide in. Spencer will stop at nothing to protect this young woman and keep her safe. But, Arizona is headstrong and brazen and will do anything to stop what she has been through from happening to others even at the risk of her own safety and life. There are few women who can come out unscathed and determined to survive at all costs. Spencer is a bounty hunter and her goal is to find those who took her innocence with his help. A relationship with a touch of chemistry even though they are ages apart, Arizona’s life has never really been centered, with no parents to guide her, no one who truly worries or loves her she has built up a protective shield of armor in order to forget what her father did to her, the traffickers and many others she could not help. Without having to say anything you can tell that Arizona feels something for Spencer and that anyone that comes close to him she wants out of the way.


Jackson, not his real name, saved her from drowning the drug cartel. With the help of his team they managed to free her and give her some semblance of a life. So, why would she want to revisit it and place herself in jeopardy again? The love hate relationship between her and Spencer adds to the story as she finally is free of Coke and the meeting he has with the Trace one the men who helped saved her would bring to light what just might happen next. On the pretense of doing some research she uncovers a bar that might be into trafficking. The Green Goose is the bar and her instincts on target.


Sharing her past with him and allowing him to get inside her life and letting her guard down was huge for Arizona wanting revenge on those who abused and hurt young people her goal. When she decided to branch out on her own and find her way to the Golden Goose someone had to stop her and the end result was her anger and distrust for Spencer. Disabling her car was their temporary solution finding a way to protect her.


The author allows the reader to hear her inner most thoughts as she relates in italics what happened to her in the past, the dealings with the drug traffickers and her anger at being used.


Allowing her into the bar and hopefully pulling off what they wanted, she lured many customers, was disliked by the women, loved by the bar tender, tried to help one of the workers and realized that the food and drink might be tampered and was watched by the team but would she be truly protected or would they find out why she was really there. Offered a job as a waitress would they take the bait and allow her inside their operation and would she survive this time? The end result is really quite startling and remarkable as fight breaks out, Spencer does his thing gets her away and takes care of Carl before he can take care of her. Thinking it is all over she receives a call from the bar she agreed to show up thinking that the young man that was hurt was now save. But, it was a setup and giving this Quinto her number just might prove a mistake. Added to the story and the mix is the tension and chemistry between her and Spencer and the added distraction of Marla who has her mark on Spencer and uses everything she has to get his attention and let Arizona know she has no chance. But Arizona was smart and Spencer could not resist her any longer. What happens will let you know which one has the upper hand. When the final sting occurs will she get out and finally be accepted as part of the team? Defying him and doing her own thing will she ever follow the rules? Just think it all started when she broke into his house on her 21st birthday and just wanted to feel loved.

Author Lori Foster created on character named Arizona that is headstrong, feisty, straightforward, no holds barred young girl. With the help of Dare, Trace, Chris who is really a great character and friend to Arizona, Jackson and the entire team she just might find her place in this world and rest assured it won’t be without danger. Arizona is one girl that will as the song says will always do it Her Way!

Just how she works to take down the owner of the bar is really quite creative as he thinks that he has her and that she is totally naïve.  However, throughout the novel the sparks fly between her and Spencer and if you want to know if they ever ignite you need to read the book for yourself. Arizona has a shield up that just might never be let down but her heart is always in the right place when others are in danger and she tries to save many. An ending that will have you rooting and taking sides and one young girl who has done it all, seen it all and now needs to decide if she can remain in one place or if she is going to hide from life.


A Perfect Storm definitely refers to our main character Arizona: she hot, she smart, she is extremely beautiful and will she ever be Spencer’s Perfect Storm?


Fran Lewis: reviewer





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