Operation Downfall : My review

Operation Downfall


Author: Daniel McNeet


Reviewed by Fran Lewis



Lillian McGraw took what she thought belonged to her from her employer’s home. Breaking into his mansion, going undetected and stealing files, folders, discs, VHS’s videos and CD’s and money she managed to disappear undetected. Mariah O’Leary is an attorney that works out of what most would say a sleazy bar. Finding her a man named Jones enters, wants to hire her for a friend, thinks she’s desolate from her appearance, illiterate by the way she speaks and finally arranges a meeting with her with his employer.  But, when she arrives at the home of Mr. Jonathan P. Kennington he is surprised and thinks the man he hired needs some retraining realizing his assessment of Mariah was more than must way off base. Explaining that he wants to hire her to find Lillian McGraw we learn more about her business ethics and much more. As they begin to confer about her fees he realizes that Mariah is no one to trifle with and that her remarks often sarcastic and her sense of humor quite dry she is capable of handling his case and her fee schedule is as we say non-negotiable along with her terms.


Outlining the payment fee, asking for 750 thousand as a retainer and one thousand on the spot for the two hours or service she now had a rich client who she relates to the reader lied to her in many different ways. The reason he wanted to find his secretary, claiming she did not steal anything, lying about his family and his status and claiming he did not know how rich he was is seriously doubtful when you are a billionaire.


As Mariah questions Kennington she realizes he’s keeping more than just some facts from her. The dossier on the missing secretary is sparse, pertinent information is missing and his reaction to specific questions marked that he was a fairly poor liar. Added to the situation is the charade he and Mr. Jones have created and the illusion that he terminated him yet hired him in another capacity unknown to Mariah or his staff. But, Mariah is astute and realizes there is much more behind the disappearance and the reasons he wants Lillian found.


Next we learn more about the elusive Mr. Jones and his relationship and connection the Robert Harrison the current President of the United States. Granted an audience to discuss his employer and their future communications and the problems that could cost all of them far too much he enlists the help of the President to find Lillian.


Lillian has in her possession documents and information that could create a nuclear explosion in graphic terms and bring down the President and Kennington too. Therefore, until she is found he is the new go between himself and the Kennington when needed by the President. You begin to realize that this man is definitely pulling the President’s strings in more ways than one. Mr. Jones is an enigma and both Mariah and both realize that much of life is an illusion and everything and everyone are not always as they seem.


Confidential secretaries are not always what they appear to be. In her possession are tapes, documents and CD’s that could bring down not only the President by Kennington too. As the VHS tape is placed into the slot and the record button is pressed on the screen are images that will become ingrained not only in her mind but Sean’s too. As she and the President’s son are lovers and the stark truth is about to be revealed to him. How would you react if your mother had you and your sister from a different father other than the one whose last name you have? How would you feel about the man who is really your father and what would your reaction be? Sean has the solution but Lillian has a better one. What better way to get revenge than creating a plan to hit this billionaire right where you know it will hurt the most? Furthermore, how would you feel if you knew that you were the granddaughter of the first lady and your lover was your half-brother? Lillian is smart and resourceful and her plan so clever and diabolical Kennington will never see it coming. So, how will she pull it off and what part will our lawyer, Mariah O’Leary play since she is already working for the other side? This all remains to be seen as I continue my review of Operation Downfall by author Daniel McNeet.


Requested by the President to find his son Mariah manages to fleece him out of quite a bit of money in order to obtain her services. Not because she needs the money but because of the corruption in his administration starting with him and ending in many foreign countries and more. Taking bribes, depriving the homeless and poor of services and needed help the President and his friend JP have created a diabolical plot that would not only destroy the credibility of the United States if found out but would kill innocent Black Americans because they were poor and he felt did not deserve to live. What would happen if the government asked a chemical company to create an odorless poison to eliminate many and blamed it on a country of their choice hoping to create a war? Deceptions planned, false trail left as Mariah uses her resources to not only bring down one administration but also aid the Sean and Lillian. Showing her the War Plan that the President and JP signed, other legal documents that showed his true parentage and a video so horrific he could barely watch the actors in it, Mariah embarks on a quest for justice. Giving the President an ultimatum and way out does not work as he puts another plan in motion hoping to eliminate anyone in his way. But, Mariah and Greg see it coming and what they do to foil his plan will definitely let you know who is charge and just might come out ahead. Tough, clever, resourceful and quite sassy Mariah leaves no stone unturned as the reader gets a deeper understanding of what it would mean if the President succeeds in creating what you might call One World Order.


The corruption goes up high and the end result would be killing defenseless Black Americans, blame it on the Muslims, unite the Christians create a war against Islam and the Anti-Christ. With the help of his loyal or really not so loyal staff the President thinks he can pull this off. But, whom can he really trust and just how far will Mariah be able to go to stop him? But, meeting with JP set in motion another part of her plan as he tried to coerce her into working for him and taking Lillian’s place. To learn about that meeting you will have to read it for yourself. What happens next will definitely not endear you to the President, his staff or his moral ethics as he plans to move ahead with his War Plan and so does JP on his end. Imagine what will happen if it works!


The conspiracy is far from over as more lives are lost, threats are made, kidnappings occur and both sides seem to be relentless as Mariah makes sure so that try to find and get Sean and Lillian learn a long and hard lesson yet Sean was taken and those responsible would learn a whole lot more about what happens when you cross this lawyer and go against the grain of what our country stands for. A President, Vice President and many others that are in it for the greed and power and some just for the money and one lawyer who hopes to stop them cold. But, can she do it before anyone else pays the ultimate price?


As the pieces for Operation Downfall come into place and some of the players sink before they can win their battles, Lillian gains control of Kennington, some arrests are made but the major players have yet to be foiled. Just how this all comes together and what happens you won’t believe as one lawyer, one smart computer savvy woman named Lillian and the President’s son go after the President, Vice President and more to make sure that War is just a three letter word and no more. The final outcome and end result cannot be revealed, as they are the work and creative planning of one innovative author named Daniel McNeet. As the author brings to light what happens when money rules the roost, overpowers your life and greed becomes you own personal vow and goal, you never know what might happen and where you just might fall prey to those capable of creating your Downfall!


An ending so explosive you won’t see it coming and neither will those who think they are going to get away with it. One smart lawyer, some very powerful people and a group of corrupt politicians all vying for the same thing: running the government of the United States: Mariah trying to eliminate the guilty, the treasonous and the corrupt the others just wanting to rule in the style of one man who killed so many in Germany and created his own dictatorship. Operation Downfall should teach the corrupt what happens when Mariah O’Leary, Jerry Spencer and her team decide your fate.


One interesting story, one unique ending and one lawyer who have the tenacity so many wish they did. Let’s see if the author brings her back for more and find out who would dare cross paths with her.

Fran Lewis: reviewer