Live like a Window: Work Like A Mirror: My review

Open your mind and thoughts to a new way of viewing the word and creating your own understanding of the higher levels of consciousness called enlightenment. A window can have many panes that we look through with the images that are seen beyond it as we look through the glass at the outside world painting different images for each person. Take those same images and place them within the glass of a mirror and the images reflected will be quite different as the reflections of a person’s face or life changes with time so will the level of consciousness or enlightenment change within that mirror or panes of glass that will eventually help you to “Work like a mirror,” and “ Live like a window that when opened leads you to vast opportunities you never knew existed before.


Instinct is something we all have or hope we have. It is being able to understand certain innate thoughts or actions from birth or “Witness consciousness at work as the involuntary “knowing”. When a bird migrates at just the right time or even a simple blade of grass turns toward the sun. When a person slips out of one state and into another whether during an operation or in a coma these are different levels of consciousness. In other words, these abilities that the author defines as “Habitual behavior,” are produced or acted upon as “ unconscious behaviors after thoughtful deliberation as conscious behavior.” For example, a person lighting a cigarette when stress does it without thinking or fights that started within families years ago and no one remembers why but the hate and fight linger one in the present. Before creation and the introduction of time and space according to the author no relationships existed or were possible. “Enlightened awareness and expressing it is why we are here,” as author Mark C. Brown. PH.D. takes us on a journey to helping everyone find his or her own inner peace.



Creating is where the author begins. He takes he reader on the many areas and definitions of Creation consciousness including the form of instinctive sexual attraction, and the part evolution plays. He moves on to cycles, materiality, the self and ego leading up to the second chapter Higher Consciousness. He begins by explaining the idea that like the blades of grass in a lawn people are not as unique as they think they are. Comparing the leaf or blade to an entire tree or being part of a whole lawn or in our case an entire family unit is what makes us feel like an individual. He continues by explaining how evolution comes into play even further and the definition of “rule of existence.” A great example given on page 28 states that it does not matter what religion you are or whether or you a conservative or liberal, it is what we feel is unique about us, which is what others like our neighbors feel is unique about them, too. Elaborating on this statement even further and how evolution is the pathway by which “ consciousness has progressed from the first molecule to the complex human mind where we locate our sense of self. The chapter then moves to a discussion about God, religions and how they continue to be our direct route “ to the reigning deity,” followed by the inclusions of ego, awakening and Eros. This is another basic motivating force in reproduction and survival. It is desire that has great influence as fear in “Ego’s efforts to promote the self.” He asks the reader to remember the first time you fell in love and that the mirror would reflect a smile, a sigh and in many of us a faraway gaze or something else. What do you think?
Defining higher awareness as the place “ on the awareness continuum where we recognize the influence of Ego, desire and all the elements” comprising our identities and how we work within the framework of the world. Reminding everyone the importance of cycling and how it is necessary to the development of consciousness in present time as in creature leading to the future. Going back in time and revisiting our past or second cycle is important in order to learn and remember where we come from. Finally he discusses the third cycle and cycling back in order to learn where we are in the present. Life is really one huge observation and by looking at yourself in the glass of a mirror we hope to realize that we do not always need context and how to step out of it. Followed by personal journeys beginning with Siddhartha.  Stepping out of his comfort zone and realizing that he might we missing out on life itself he decides to leave the compound and safety of his parent’s home and protection to find his own way in the world. Opening his eyes to the world and the many possibilities he realized that he need to break away from tradition and his parent’s way of life. Going out on his own he learned many things and became quite disillusioned as he sought his own students and followers.


Next he explains Eternity Consciousness and how a person can do two seemingly incongruent things at once in other words you are a participant in an activity and het your observe yourself in that activity and action having no sense of fear, desire, need, judgment or goal as the preferred outcome. He continues by giving an example of how you can let events in life happen and living live like a window letting things happen, flow and blow out through the open pane of your window hoping that you will be able to work like a mirror by focusing on your, your friends, workers, family and hoping that you can help that deal with their own noises and commotions in life. Imagine handling situations in a calm way and not overreacting and getting something as two animals apart in a smooth and effective way. There are no emotional upheavals, letdowns and no distress to deal with or come back from. You just did what had to be done, intervened sorted out the situation and then moved on as if the entire situation never happened. Interesting to say the least! But, as the author goes on to describes the incident between the dog and the kitten you learn that you were part of the situation and handled it but you watched it happen and unfold as if you were a disinterested party. Later one you realize that you cannot state or describe what you witnessed. This is called as he states “Witness Consciousness.” He sites many other examples that the reader can read for himself or herself as you take the journey to enlightenment along with this reviewer.


Sharing his views and thoughts on how we can reduce mental and emotional stress that we all endure everyday in our lives, dealing with money factors, jobs, pressures and just plain family life, he hopes that after reading his book, Live Like A Window, Work Like A Mirror you will understand how we view life and change the way you deal with stress.


He explains why things happen, how we deal with bad things and how we can find a way to release our stress, deal with other people and hopefully find unconditional love. Mediation, highly effective therapy for this stress related feelings and situations are all described in this book. How many people do you know that just as we say Go with the Flow and never let things get to them? Can you imagine being that kind of a person? He describes this in detail in the section titled Like A Window. It means that you do not try and control the outcome of a situation, or fight the inevitable and you are at peace with whatever happens. The rest you need to read pages 80-83 to learn for yourself and continue with non-attraction. We move to the second section the definition of Eternity Consciousness, the Quiet Mind and leading up to living eternally everyday.


Equanimity: all thoughts and emotions have the same impact on awareness meaning: none at all. Can you deal with situations without feeling any form of emptiness, no distractions, no need or desire that you are missing something and hopefully no discontent, which will help you, achieve a quiet mind. The rest you need to read as the author continues by helping the reader understand how all-mental states that cycle through our conscious are transient. The author continues with his definition of enlightenment on page 101: Enlightenment is consciousness escaping the gravitational field of Ego. The explanation follows and how we can become window-like and practice eternity consciousness as the path to our most evolved state is reflected and explained in this section titled Meditation. How can we achieve this pure-observer status: Meditation. It is described in detail and how the process works on pages 102-110.


He concludes by explaining how we can put cycling to use. Special cycling issues are included: finding, identifying and altering what cycles through our minds is difficult to do even under the best conditions or circumstances. Dealing with addictions, how to rid you of them, drug and food addictions are described as well as many disorders are included in this section as the author explains how to deal with them. At the end of the journey we come to Living Eternally preceded by relationships which focuses on becoming mirror like. What does this mean? Simply: looking at a spouse, parent or anyone not by what role they play but as whom they are. It means reflecting him/her as the individual he/she is and “Promoting their autonomy in the process.” The chapter concludes with a discussion of tranquility, humility, non-attachment and unconditional love. How do you find Eternal Consciousness? Read the book and find the meaning for yourself. Try and look at situations and instead of having to have your own personal significance focus your awareness on “ the highly evolved billions of years old progression of consciousness and then ask yourself: Can I do better than that?


This book will help the reader understand how to deal with everyday stress; your own feelings towards yourself and how to work like a mirror and live like a window. Let the bad things flow out of the window and let the strong wind take away the bad and be gone. Mirrors are made to help deal with reflections and if you look real hard and real close you just might see a true difference in yourself. An interesting book which is very thought provoking and really makes the reader look deep within himself/herself to find their inner you and let go of the baggage we all have weighing us down.


Fran Lewis: reviewer


Really quite unique and funny

You’ve Got Front Row Seats at the 9 to 5 Circus


Author: JD Guse


Reviewed by Fran Lewis


Animals have their own personalities, some are territorial and others you would not want to meet walking down the street or anywhere else. They are all different, some big, small and others just plain scary. So, why do we go to the zoo to see them? Why do kids jump up and down with excitement when they go to the circus? Animals are interesting and some just might remind you of someone you might know or wish you did not. Some are outgoing and others quite docile. So, how does all of this translate to us humans? You are about to find out. Did you have work for a boss that was downright mean? Did you every work for someone that no matter what you think or say would not listen? Did you ever hand in a proposal to a boss and wait forever for that person to sign off on your ideas? Author JD Guse gives the reader his own inside views, perspective with a touch of sarcasm and humor into the inside world of bosses as he shares his viewpoints, stories and creative way of comparing your everyday animals to guess what Us Humans in this hysterical book that you can read while in the John, on the train just to get you going in the morning or when you just need a good laugh.


All too often higher leadership appoints someone they think would make a create manager to lord over the staff, provide them with feedback and hopefully make their company run on the straight and narrow. We all have bosses. Some are great and others might remind you of the ones in this book. The author relates stories about fifty animals. I am going to focus on just some of them.


Monkey Manager: What can that mean? You have gone to your boss and presented a proposal that needs to meet a certain deadline. Now, you need this person to signoff on what you have written. The person or you creates the proposal, does not really fine tune it or edit it and presents it to your supervisor to look it over. You so coyly explain that it is just rough draft and would appreciate some feedback if this person would look it over. In essence you are getting that person to do your work. How clever you are! As the author states his boss would read the document, correct the errors and you have created what they call role reversal. The boss asks you again for the document and you remind that person you gave it to them to review. You are now holding the boss accountable for meeting that deadline. So, the author explains at the end of this chapter how his uncle taught someone who tried this a good lesson. Monkey Managers do not like the work coming back to them in its original format and not being reviewed. Read how it does this and the lesson his uncle taught someone on page four. Next, he moves to Seagull Management. But, before I continue let me add that in every chapter and with every story the author includes some background information about the animal, his lifestyle, habitat and physical description helping the reader really understand how someone fits the description of this particular animal. Now what is Seagull Management? When you have a new policy put in place and no leadership. The story he relates is about a school district that goes bankrupt. New leadership is put in place right before the year is about to begin. Rules are place, new management and practices implemented and what often happens is that all of these rules are followed, everyone starts to feel comfortable and the leadership leaves and another person comes in and nothing stays the same. These managers are referred to as leadership advisors and executive coaches who are paid good money to come into your corporate life, blank all over the place and then leave. The rest you need to read for yourself, how else are you going to learn.


Tiger Management is quite interesting. Just like committee work, focus groups or interest groups, a group is formed to look into a specific policy or procedure that needs to be changed in your company. Sounds good on paper or even out loud. But in essence these terms often identify some procedure that needs to be fixed but will it? The team is formed and they are totally pumped and often too impressed with themselves for being included on this team, so the work begins. The team has the verbal agreement of leadership after presenting their ideas but nothing tangible on paper. The changes they are making are totally futile and useless. How, like on many committees there is one person that actually takes it seriously and does the work. Some members of your team might think they are really great and as kids say “ All that.” Others might not do anything and leave it to one poor person who does the brunt of the work and never really gets the accolades he/or she deserves. These team members are often very competitive and should be highly focused and work driven but most are not. The end result is that poor person does it all, the rest watch and observe and then take the credit. You can figure out the rest.


The author relates fifty stories relating how fifty different animal personalities translate to that of humans. From the Flamingo, the Wolf, and even the Penguin her relates tons of humorous stories that everyone can relate to and much more. Just think about doing this, as I did while reading this book. List on one side of the page all of the fifty animals in order in one long line or row. Create several columns next to each one and decide characteristics relate to your boss, you if you are a manager and which remind you of someone a friend told you about. The next time you are in a group with some friends who have read this book you might want to bring out this list and have a real good laugh.


There are many unique styles of managements described. I imagine you can find yourself among them. Now, let’s continue with Wolf Pack Management which is really interesting.


Wolves are unique. Wolf packs have in case you did not know it both and alpha male and female that lead the way for the others in their pack. The male leads the hunt and the female handles the pups or kids. Females assign takes; they are very organized, very independent and can handle their own jobs. So, at work you get one guy that runs the group but does not make the grade. When a wolf does not meet the needs of the others and does not make the grade, he is reprimanded by the alpha male in a company or corporation this inept person is often placed in another group, retrained and like a kid who makes too many mistakes forgiven and then finally fired.


Hummingbird Managers really hit home. These people remind you of a wound up spring that gets nowhere and does nothing in any real time. They zip in and out of places like a burning inferno they make their mark but nothing is really done while there. They often forget what needs to be done and cannot remember where they have been. They run around all day, flit and get nothing done and then wind up staying the night to complete their work. They are territorial, have a definite touch of OCD and have to know what is going on everywhere but not completing anything. However, if you ever misplace anything this type of person will hunt it down for you. You do not want this person as a friend or manager.


There are fifty animals as I have said before and it would take too long and this review would go on forever if I tell you about all of them. You need to read each story, laugh, crack up and decide which ones you want to tell at a party and which ones just make you laugh.



The final two that I thought I would share with you and help entice you to read this book and possibly buy some copies for your friends and maybe for manager you work for that might have a good sense of humor, are Dog and Cat Management. Dogs are really cool. Dog Managers really do not focus on the job or the project at hand. They are too concerned with gossip and office news. People talk to their dogs and what is really scary, since I have witnessed it first hand, they actually expect an answer and some think they get one. Dog managers need to know everything that happens at work. They love gossip, rumors and often create some of their own. These people are a wealth of information and cannot stop short of becoming a rumormonger. So, how do you stop this person? Promote the person to another position where their wealth of sources of information will diminish. You know that gossip can be dangerous and often inaccurate and hurtful. Hearsay is just as dangerous and eventually this spreads like a wildfire and can cause catastrophic damage. Like a dog that is old and ill: You know what happens to them. You can figure out the rest.


Finally, Cats Managers do not really care about anything. They could care less. Like a social butterfly they flit around all day, get nothing done, and eventually find themselves backed up like a huge traffic jam going nowhere. They wind up working all night to get the job done. Sleep: not really in their job description.


Everyone experiences a boss that is downright mean so I will end this review with everyone’s nightmare boss. A moose is a huge animal and quite stubborn. You might say when this animal decides to stay in one place it does not move no matter what. No one wants to work with a stubborn moose. This person is downright awful and mean. The rest you can read for yourself.


The author definitely did research on each animal that he shares with the reader so that you get to understand the mindset of the animal from that animal’s viewpoint or at least the one the author relates about his animal to the reader. Read these stories and decide which ones relate to people you know. But, I know I said only two more but my favorite was Anaconda Management. I love this style and I everyone knows someone like this. The top person or leader feels happy and comfortable in his/her position. They are organized and how dare you move them somewhere else. If that happens they make sure they are sent back where they feel they belong. What happens to these people: You pray they retire real soon. They are dull, bland and have no real spark. Imagine a manager like this. This manager does not like change and will make your life miserable if you try to change the way he/she does things. This is one person’s deadly snakebite you need to watch out for. Added to the book is a glossary of terms to help you understand each type of management and their definition. So, sit back, get your ticket out and read this great book since you have a nonreturnable and nonrefundable seat to one of the funniest circuses in town.


Well-written, filled with true stories that will make you laugh from dogs, to cats, elephants, penguins, giraffes, buffaloes, and frogs there is an animal that is you or some else.


Fran Lewis: reviewer





Shadow Patrol: MY Review

Shadow Patrol


Author: Alex Berenson



Infiltrating either side as a spy should not be that simple but often goes undetected. Somehow Marci Holm, agent seems to feel that one man might not be what he appears to be and she might be the one that is being set up. Feeding him information and hopefully what she receives back will help take down not only bin Laden but al Zawahiri too. But, suspicions fly high in her head and she is not sure whether he can be trusted or not. Supposedly the man called Rashid a doctor is one who is helping her with her mission. But something, let’s say a gut feeling tells her there is something she is missing and this man who claims to be a doctor just might be a double agent. As the story continues we learn more about this doctor. When instincts kick in it is really sad that no one listens as the end result is tragic and Marci’s instincts were right on track as Rashid comes face to face with her and what happens will set up a serious and explosive chain of events.


Rick Fowler was not really cut out for the army. He sensed that something was wrong as he and several officers were going in search of Taliban. Warning his commanding officer in charge of the search he said that one of the men he saw reminded him of someone he had seen before. Why did they want Rodriquez in their compound and what happened to them? When Rick looks into it further he sees something that would ultimately take his life. As he observes Rodriquez and Roman using drugs, he learns that they are working the other side selling it. But, why and how would this get Fowler killed and what did one officer know that would shed some light on the murder?


John Wells divorced his wife when his son was just a little over a year old. Meeting him as a teen was awkward and Evan was not that friendly when they met. John is asked to go undercover to find out just what happened to the men in the Kabul Station. How did the Taliban infiltrate and where will this lead him now. Serving as a freelance troubleshooter for the CIA he would uncover more than just the Taliban and the corruption within the agency and the military too. As a result of his meeting with his son, which did not go well at all, John Wells decides to take a freelance mission with his old agency. As a result of what happens to Fowler and the suicide bombing that killed some good agents and the station chief in the CIA’s Kabul station, he is asked to go to Afghanistan to find out what is really going on and report to CIA chief Vince Duto.


John is going over and his job is a morale mission and to find out just which CIA officer might be working for the other side and investigate the drug issue too. Realizing that his meeting with his son went worse than terrible, he saw no reason to remain in the states and not take the mission. A heroin drug ring was at the center of the murder.


John Wells gets a rude awakening when visiting the Kabul Station. Hoping to learn about the operation and uncover the drug ring operating within the agency, he gets stonewalled by some of the top officials. Meeting Peter Lautner the deputy chief did not really help or give him any real information as he was being cautious and did not trust Wells.


The author reveals the information about the agents involved in smuggling drugs, how and why the operation started and the enormous profits made on both sides. Moles on our side and the Taliban and many other plays that have yet to be revealed.


Speaking to a woman named Joanna Frey he learns more about the opium connection, the influx of money from heroine and opium and the connections to the Thuwani tribe. Wiretaps, transcripts and one man named David Miller who was tied to it all. But, who is he exactly and what is his connection? As Miller enjoys the money and the rush of getting the drugs and handing them over he receives a phone call that would change it all. Forced to continue in a different manner and being closely watched he no longer reaps the same benefits and now he has to watch out for his life.


As the threads start to be sewn together and the players on both sides are brought into the tapestry of deceit, lies and treason, some will walk away and others will pay the ultimate price. When Shafer learns who is behind the drug trafficking and who the moles are will he be able to stop them before someone else is killed? Will John make it out or will he pay too in more ways than one? Just how will Facebook draw these two moles out? Wait and see the explosive ending to this novel.


Author Alex Berenson takes the reader inside Afghanistan, Kandahar, and Saudi Arabia and allows the reader to hear the inside dealings on both sides, the moles and their drones doing the deals and the end result will definitely surprise the reader. Who is Stan and why is he the mole? Why would an American in a top position sell himself to the other side? How does the beginning relate to the end? This is one novel that will keep you wondering until you turn the last page and even past hoping to find out what the author has in store for John the next time he is called by the CIA.


Once again Alex Berenson penned a novel filled with history, explains the events directly to the reader through the narrator and definitely makes you understand the job of our soldiers, superiors and how many have given their lives for our country and how some turned a blind eye. So, who will win out in the end? Shafer or will Duto listen to what he has to say? What will John do when faced with the truth and how will it all turn out? Read The Shadow Patrol to find out.


Fran Lewis: reviewer



In Dreams: my review

In Dreams: Author Robert Logan


What if your present was linked to your past? What if your mind was so wired that your every thought was weaved into what happened in your past. Magnolia Creek, Boulder Colorado is the setting for this book and the murders that will send chills down your spine and create fear in your mind every time you dream. Dreams are powerful and often can recreate you scenes in your mind that you would like to forget, unhappiness causing nightmares or just plain fear. As Jack Corbitt opens the book by sharing his trip to an amazing Indian Museum with his eighth graders as learn a lot about these Native Americans and their history. But, that is just a small part of the plot as three women are murdered and a serial killer that mirrors The Hillside Ripper that took lives forty years ago, sees to have resurfaced but how? In ten days three women are brutally murdered. The police are stymied and think a copycat is at work. But, there is much more as the author shares the fact that Jack Corbitt has a rare brain disease that he was diagnosed with at eight years of age. Jack can foretell the future, see things others cannot and has many of these episodes without warning. How devastating after enjoying this cultural field trip with his students, listening to his friend’s father recount the history of the museum, the artifacts and the Native Americans, to take a routine Brain Scan to find out his tumors are growing at a rapid rate and once again he would have to undergo some radical treatment.


When Jack decides to undergo the radical treatment little did he know his real nightmares were just beginning.  Given one month to live he had no choice but to try anything that would save his life. But, after undergoing one treatment and thinking he might be on the road to recovery what happens is similar to that of an episode of the Twilight Zone. Jack has now entered his own Twilight Zone flashing back in his mind and dreams from the past to the present thinking that the police are missing something when searching for this serial killer. Those of you that have heard or know what consuming is think about entering the mind of another person and using their body to carry out your own agenda and wishes. Maggie Roper is an educator and aspiring reporter hoping to help crack the serial killer case back in 1971. So, what does Jack have to do with this?

Taking this routine MRI should not have been a really big deal but when Jack finds out the truth and undergoes the treatments the fear that is instilled in him will do more than just send chills down his spine be prepared for some too when you read this book. Maggie Roper and Jack are now linked. Telepathic visions happening seconds before an incident occurs would frighten anyone but not Jack. Trying to communicate with Maggie and discerning reality from fiction is even harder for Jack and imagine poor Maggie. But, will they pool their knowledge, resources and thoughts to finally catch a killer?



Jack and Maggie seem to be connected telepathically caused by the cancer treatment. As they rehash the events Jack relates to Maggie that four murders occurred in his world and time period and one more was about to happen in hers unless they can stop it. But, can they forty-one years later and possibly after the fact? When Jack wakes up his goal is to research the murders that happened in 1971 and hopefully reconnect with Maggie after his next treatment. Remember, he has to sleep for a while after each treatment. But, sharing his dream with his Native American friends and doing some research on the net yields some interesting results and the dreams are defined in a more graphic way. But, will he be able to have the same thought twice and reconnect with Maggie before it is too late for the next victim? What really happened to Maggie and how was she killed? Can a dream connect a good mind with a good mind from another time period? Can two evil minds connect and change the course of history?


The end result as she tries to stop a murder is quite startling and the reaction of the police you won’t believe as she and Jack race to the scene of the fourth murder and hope to save the victim. When the police interrogate her she is able to identify the killer and with the police artist a sketch to help catch him. But, will that be enough?


After Jack completes his last treatment he realizes his connection with Maggie will be gone and his ability to stop a killer may fade along with the deaths of so many woman. Dreams that everyone thinks are not real. Dreams that Jack feels will lead everyone to the real killer. Can a killer in the past connect with another in the present and help reenact the same exact crimes? Why won’t anyone believe him? Why do his friends and stepfather think he needs to be placed in a mental institution? Why do they think he is paranoid schizophrenic?


An ending that you won’t see coming and an author that keeps you glued to the page from start to finish. Presenting history about Native Americans, traditions and telepathic experiences that many people do experience, author Robert Logan presents a unique and creative murder/thriller that is quite different from most others that I have read and reviewed. Just who the killer is you will have to learn for yourself. Just what happens to Maggie and Jack you will learn when you read this book for yourself. Can you link your thoughts with another persons? Will an evil person link with another to commit crimes so heinous you will shiver at the thought? This is one psychological thriller that you won’t want to see end. Will he bring Jack back to try and solve more crimes?


Fran Lewis: reviewer








Finally Home: My review

Finally Home

Author: Elysabeth Eldering



Uprooting a teenager just when things are starting to look up for her can be traumatic, upsetting and definitely not endear you to your teenage child. Kelly Watson is not happy about moving to a new town leaving her newly found crush and her chance for social advancement. Just when Kelly is going to get the starring role in her school play she has to move. Not only that but she left her best friend since first grade and now her father’s company has moved them to a new town in South Carolina. Her father has a rather interesting job as he assesses homes and property and if the house needs to be removed so they can build structures to boost the economy. Kelly loved old buildings and the history attached to them fascinated her.


As Kelly was getting out of the car and about to enter her new house someone came up to greet her. Emma lived next door and seemed to want to become what some might call instant or fast friends. Kelly being preoccupied with setting up her room to her very own perfection and Emma just wanting to be helpful, neither girl really focused on what the other was interested in nor did Kelly really want or need a friend at that minute. But, Emma was persistent and Kelly decided to enlist her help in a different way. Rather than be rude and tell her what she was really thinking, to get lost, she had her listen to her father create tunes and songs on the piano and hopefully respond in the right places helping him write a new song. Her mother as she referred to her was Miss Prim and Proper and expected everyone to act accordingly. Kelly just wanted to recreate the perfect room, get rid of Emma until she was done and then learn more about the house across the street that seem to consume much of her attention and her thoughts. Emma, being bored and a fountain of information, had no friends, no chores to be done and was more than happy to enlighten her about some of the facts surrounding the house but not all. What was she hiding and why didn’t she want to tell Kelly everything about the house remains to be seen? Was it haunted or did something happen there that she does not want anyone to know?


Annaliese McLane’s house held a special allure for Kelly. Drawn to the house like a magnet for some reason she needed to explore the inside and see what made it so special. Speaking to her best friend. Judy, online, they were both able to recreate the image of the house in their mind and help Judy picture the structure even though she was blind. The house seemed to emanate a spooky and eerie persona of its own. Emma, her new neighbor served as her own personal guide and information directory of the neighborhood and much more.


Kelly and Emma are totally polar opposites. Emma is more energetic, outgoing and sharing information not only about herself but Kelly’s family too. Just how she learned this information still remains to be revealed by the author and the narrator that guides us inside the minds and inner thoughts of each character. Each time the narrator allows the reader to hear the thoughts of the character we hear their true feelings, thoughts and reactions to that of the person they are with at that minute.


Kelly is determined to find out more about the house and she insists on doing some research as the library. Spending time there she was able to find out a lot about the house and hoped it was not on her father’s list to be taken down and replaced by a newer structure. Emma on the other hand gave Kelly and her mother some unsettling information about Kelly and her father’s past that would make anyone feel uncomfortable about being around her and wonder just what her connection to the house might have been and much more that Emma has yet to reveal.


Kelly was hoping to attend the town meeting but was waiting for him on the steps and realized from the expression on his face and his posture that the house was on the list to be torn down. But, will her father go along with her and try to help save it?  The one thing that disturbs both of them is that the house she is investigating and interested in is on the list to be torn down.


What I really love is that although Kelly’s parents are strict in their own way with her and remind her of her manners, how to treat a new friend and being understanding of the differences of others she responds in a way that most teens do not. She is respectful, intelligent, speaks her mind and realizes that her parents just want her to be the best that she can and she understands that. Her father is more relaxed than her mother who is definitely more rigid. Her father loves to write songs about her and her mother who loves to shop, create special meals and adhere to her own private agenda each day including teaching English at the local middle school.


Emma seems to fit in wherever she goes and even though her grammar and mode of speech might be poor you have to love Emma and her willingness to help and just be part of a family or group. But, the one thing that does stand out is their trip the library does tell you something about Emma considering what the author shared as her reading material.


Kelly and Emma begin to explore the world of witchcraft through books, online information and whatever Emma cares to share about herself as she claims to be a witch too and feels Kelly has powers that still need to be developed. Researching the many books and listening to Emma, Kelly learns more about the history behind the house, what she might learn about herself and her family too. Kelly’s father even writes a song about Emma and you get the feeling that either Emma is doing this to get attention and feel part of a family or she really thinks or is a witch trained by the lady who owned the house.

What Kelly finally experiences while in the house all of the pieces will fit together. Just what they are you will have to learn for yourself. Where does her father really belong and what is the history behind the house that she hopes will save it? Find out whether you are a young YA or adult that wants to learn who is really Finally Home. This is a great story that teaches, friendship, respect, loyalty and understanding and the true meaning of family. Author Elysabeth Eldering has created two characters that can definitely team up again and solve more mysteries in the future. Finally Home is a really great novel for young adults and teens to read.

Let’s give this book: FIVE SPECIAL DREAMS

Fran Lewis: Reviewer



Time of Season author William Butler: my review

Time of the Season

Author: William Butler



Revenge can be a double edges sword. Just how far will someone go obtain their ultimate goal and get what they want? Ben Lyons could not catch a simple break. Cards, gambling and the fights consumed his every breath and life. One game would cost him more than just the winnings he never saw. It would cost him more than the girlfriend who could not stand by him any more. It would be more painful then the beating he took from the men who wanted their money for their boss. A brief encounter with a rich woman would change it all. But, how and why?  Time of the Season by author William Butler will answer these questions and many more. How far down will someone go to get what he thinks he wants and how many will pay as a result?


One friend got him caught up in a card game and like drugs or alcohol he became addicted to the deck. Rather than recoup his loses and move on Ben Lyons gets drunk and drinks away his sorrows. Then, a short note from a rich woman named Lauren Tinsdale would hook him into a whole other realm. But, his mind hurt and his world felt shut off as his thoughts wandered to his girlfriend, Gina who left him. The short note intrigued him and he thought he had nothing more to lose, so he went for it. That is lunch. Lauren Tinsdale was a conniving and manipulating woman that men fell for and never looked back. Her motive and wanting to meet Ben was definitely not business she had a whole other agenda in mind. A woman that required special services and Ben was not into what she planned until he was. Lauren was tough, convincing and managed to convince him to take a job as her personal driver and anything else she needed. The perks as you might wonder: debts paid, tons of money and access to Lauren.  Loan sharks after him and Gina gone Ben was an emotional train wreck and rather than look at things rationally, he allowed himself to drink away his thoughts into oblivion and then turn to Lauren for the rest. Ben lost control of more than just his life. He and Lauren met and wound up in bed and the rest you can figure out for yourself.


Hired as her driver and extra curricular activities he now had more than just a lucrative job for her husband, Freddy, The Beef, Tinsdale. Accepting the job was his first wrong move and considering Freddy as a friend the other. Thinking about Lauren seemed to make it all worthwhile. The end result remains to be seen, as Lauren would reveal her ultimate goal and the perfect ending for them both. But, what it?


Gambling seemed to control Ben as well as cards and the fights. Ben was a fighter but the end result of one fight made him turn his back on it for good. Ben seemed to always be apologizing for his mistakes and inactions. As a former boxer he should have been more aggressive and able to handle difficult situations. Lauren was so caught up in Ben she even consents to have him drive her to watch a fight to please him and his interests once again proving that she was in control but did he realize it?

Then something changed one evening and things began to take a downward spiral as Lauren claimed several men that wanted to rape kidnapped her and hurt her hoping Ben would come in light a knight in shining armor and rescue her to safety. When he did come to her aid and wanted to talk she refused and became hostile. But, there is much more. Just who Freddy is and what are his real connections should have deterred him and caused him to take a quick trip anywhere away from this man. But, once under Freddy’s wing you ability to escape was never in question it did not exist. Lauren had her own motive for wanting Ben in her life. Claiming that she wanted to rid her husband of a large sum of money and then they could be together seemed to draw Ben in more. Asking Ben to come to a fight and then getting caught up in it as a fighter not what he expected. Putting on the gloves and the end result quite startling. Ben snapped. The end result was that Freddy wanted more and the upshot of the fight and the result was he would not be what many would call Freddy’s enforcer. First task or trial run was to get back a large sum of money owed to him but when Ben finds out whom the loaner was he has to think fast and hope he does not get caught.


Planning their escape and waiting for Lauren at the airport proved surprising, as she does not show up. What happens next will definitely and hopefully teach many men some serious lessons. Just how far will one woman go to get what she wants? Just how gullible is one man or blinded not see through the maze of deceit? Just why and how their meeting took place you have to learn for yourself? Just why and how he was manipulated by so many and did not see it greed, lust or just plain blindsided by a pro. The end result will definitely surprise the reader in some respects and in others you might say too many lives were lost and some sacrificed to appease one man and his power and another to escape with his life. Just what happens and who lives to tell it another day remains within the pages of Time Of Season by William Butler and this reviewer who will not reveal the double sword ending with a wild twist of fate. Sometimes people come into our lives for our own good and sometimes when the radar goes off or the sirens blare you need to escape before they come too close and you cannot hear or see anything at all.


Fast paced, surprises on every page and definitely quite graphic in language and descriptions of many scenes but it fits the plot and would detract from the story as the characters are colorful, crafty, some smart and others caught in a web of lies and deceit. Just why Ben was told about the card game and who told him might surprise the reader. What happens that might teach many people lessons in life about friendship, loyalty, trust and how powerful the almighty dollar is when you earn it on your own, should be learned after reading this outstanding novel.

Fran Lewis: reviewer


I give this book: FIVE WINS!



A Hole in the Ground Owned by a Liar: My Review


A Hole in the Ground Owned by a Liar

Author: Daniel Pyne

Lee Garrison is bored and needs a definite diversion in life. Teaching is his primary career but some excitement and fun at his age would really get his motor running and engine restarted. Lee decides to do something many do and that is see what is out there on EBay. But, most buy jewelry, bid on various items, IPODS, phones and more but Lee is different. He decided to buy something everyone would love to have if it really was real, yielded the profits you might want. No, you won’t guess what it is so I will have to tell you: A GOLD MINE! Yes, you read it right. This man decided to find his new found adventure and fun in searching for the one thing everyone wants GOLD! But, there is much more as we meet Lee, understand his frustrations in life and what he needs to do to find the one purchase he made that he cannot seem to locate even with the map that supposedly gives him the location. So, teaching is not what he finds fulfilling although some do as I did. The mine has a dual fold purpose. Lee’s brother was just released from prison and hopefully this venture will increase his earning capabilities and keep him out of jail. Where would you find this outstanding acquisition: Colorado. But, would you buy it without seeing it first and finding out if there really is gold? Lee did! So, the author begins with his brother’s release from jail and the waitress he meets and wants to snag for his own purposes. Then we meet Rayna who Lee seems drawn to from the start and who helps him with his cuts and bruises when he falls into a deep hole. Finally, she explains to him where he can find the real map, the updated information and this is where the hilarity begins when we meet the clerk who is supposed to just give him the information but instead drives him to where he thinks the mine is and what happens requires another bottle of mercurochrome. But, before he moves on the author provides the reader with lots of history about the mining industry and how one goes about finding a mine.


So, what do you do when you buy a gold mine and reopen it? Of course you start looking for the gold! But, Lee is not haphazard about what he does and wants to make sure the location is safe, but his new and unwanted partner Doug plunges in headfirst hoping to find the mother lode but what happens next is hysterical as the mayor of the town Barbara O’Brien in need of their help. Explaining to this Mayor that he opened up the mine blew out the opening and that Doug almost drowned did not temper her mood or her responses.

Reconnecting with his brother would prove interesting as they discuss the mine, the other members of their team and their roles in possibly wanting a piece of the action or shall we say the gold. But, there is much more as the man who Grant attacked and crippled is protesting his release in a letter, the Mayor of the town wants in on the deal and Doug needs to come up for air before the oxygen level in the air goes and so does he. Each time they brought something out of the mine or work was started or completed Doug gave a dissertation on its origin, use and method of employment definitely irritating more than just Grant and Lee. Stating that he is a shareholder and gets 10 percent of any output much to the chagrin of Grant. Then Lee hooks up with Grant’s ex-wife Lorraine and the man who sold Lee the mine winds up dead and the investigation leads right to his front door. The characters are definitely unique, not your usual group that blend together. Each character having his or her own agenda in life and each wanting a piece of the gold that has yet to be found. The Mayor who seems quite bent on getting things done her way and the other three just fumbling around in the mine hoping to strike it rich while each seems to be having their own brand of mid-life crisis or adventure. Rayna seems attracted to him and his brother Grant is really not so bad when you get it know him. Lee is after something but is it really the mine or something to make him feel fulfilled in life?         

The man who sold him the mine winds up dead and the truth about him comes out as one police officer questions Grant without Lee’s knowledge. But, Lee did not want his fun spoiled so Lee never learned about the detective that came to question him. He did not even tell him that the man was dead or how it happened. Fate takes a nasty hand and offers are made to buy the mine and when he refuses things happen to change his mind. His house is burned down the players get too greedy and things get more than out of hand. But, what does happen and if there really is gold you won’t know until the last chapter and until you read the book for yourself. A Hole In the Ground Owned by A Liar : Just who the liar is and who owns what and the end result I won’t tell you because then I would have to lie because I would never give away the secret and reveal the ending. Where does everyone wind up and what happens to Lee, Grant and the motley crew? Find out when you learn the true meaning of treasure and gold. With the book replete in the history of mining, and quirky characters that will keep you guessing and two Pakistani twins, several corrupt businessmen, one ex-wife, one brother and many others you won’t believe the ending. Friendships and loyalties tested and one author, Daniel Pyne who created this face paced thought provoking book: Just how far will you go when things get dull and you need a mid-life diversion.


Fran Lewis: reviewer



Seven Ways to Die: Dedicated to the Memory of author: William Diehl

Seven Ways To Die


Author: William Diehl


With: Kenneth John Atchity




What if you could communicate and understand the voices and sounds of animals? What if those voices and sounds could keep you safe and help you understand your environment? Animals can teach humans so many things if we really pay close attention. Love is something we all want and animals when treated with kindness and caring love us unconditionally. Some animals help us to heal and others teach us about ourselves, each other and the world we live in. It takes time to learn this skill and develop this trust in order to communicate with animals. Right of passage is often part of the Native American culture. Young boys before becoming part of the tribe and men have to endure a survival test. One young boy and an older man enter the woods on horseback so that the child can begin his journey into manhood. With only the bare essentials that they allow, knowing how to survive on his own this young man and the older man venture to a campsite, each their final meal together and at dawn’s light the man is gone and the young boy is now on his own. Smart, alert and knowledgeable, the young boy moves further on and comes face to face with many obstacles. Killing a rabbit for his dinner he never sees the rattler that was about to attack him. Staying focused and centered he deals with the venom and the wound hopefully removing all of the poison before it enters his bloodstream. With his grandmother’s red ointment as a salve to prevent infection he cleans the wound and then something miraculous happens. While asleep as wolf removes the tourniquet on his wound and cleans it in its own special way. Could this wolf be a special gift from God to help guide him through? Now at the end of his journey he would become a man. Let’s meet this young man-years later: Micah Cody our main character.


Serial killers target many people for different reasons. Melinda was a beautiful young dancer who never made it into the company of any ballet. Wanting to make a living she entered an entirely different and more dangerous world of dancing. Before leaving work she finds a card with a number on it. Asking the bartender if he knew where it came from lead nowhere. Entering her apartment was the last thing she would ever do. The killer was waiting for her.


Raymond Hanley was a young stockbroker engaged to his boss’s daughter. Entering the apartment the maid finds a horrific sight. Both victims Melinda and Raymond, although the murders were two years apart were made to look like suicides. Where they? Enter Micah Cody and his special Tactical Assistance Squad, which he created for one purpose to capture serial killers. What is unique about this squad is their ability to step into an investigation at any point and take it over. Each member of the team handpicked by the Micah to work the murders and hopefully solve these cold cases. His team consists of Lieutenant Frank Rizzo, Detective Calvin Bergman and the forensic pathologist Max Wolfsheim. But, not everyone wants them to solve their cases and one man is determined to bring them down and prove that he has what it takes to solve these murders. Crime reporter Ward Hamilton has written many well-documented novels but needs another winner to get back on top. Two failures did not endear him editor of the magazine he writes for. Jake Sallinger had him over a barrel and now he had to pitch and idea that would give him the advantage he needed to get control of his career and bring this unit down.


As we flash forward to the crime scene the author allows the reader to enter the apartment of the deceased and takes everyone including the detectives and Micah on an inside tour of the apartment, the investigative process and the procedures followed along with questioning the witnesses. Neighbor questioned and the maid sent home there is much more that needs to be addressed as the victim’s black book contains a lot of information and Black Halloween Mask was found. But, there is much more as our star reporter was given the deadline of Halloween for his first article in the series he wants to right dealing with this unit.


 Bringing his team together in their unique surroundings the reader meets all of the members and gets to know what their specialties are and the author introduces more information about the murder. One black book had all of his vital information plus receipts with his expenditures except for the one for the taxi that took him home. But, there was a vital piece missing and before they could piece it all together the team needed to know where his computer, blackberry and cell phone were, find the missing receipt from the taxi company and learn where he stopped before going home. Raymond Hanley had several meetings before returning home and one might have gotten him killed as the author reveals more about his man’s life than his future wife would like to know.


Kate Winters has just joined their team as their ADA in order to keep them on the right course during an investigation. Meeting the team and entering the investigation she learns more about the case, the victim’s lifestyle and the possible reasons he might have been killed. This self-made man was into more than most women would want their fiancés to be into and there has to be linked to his other activities that got him killed. As the autopsy was completed what is related is that the victim knew his killer, submitted too much of what happened and the bondage involved and the end result still remains to be figured out.


The crime scene was devoid of blood and the reason why you will learn as you listen to Max’s detailed account of the autopsy and his findings. Approaching Raymond’s boss brings up other questions as to why he handled the information in such a clinical manner and did not seem to really focus on who might have killed him, how or why. So, what is the interest of this reporter as he renters the action and enlists the help of his editor to ask the police for some assistance in getting the files of the cold case he is writing about. The link between Melinda’s death two years before and the present one just might come to light.


The research alone is quite extensive in this book taking us into life of a young man from the Nez Perce Indian Reservation to his present life as the head of the Tactical Assistance Force. Added into the plot that keeps it moving is the research into police investigations, how an autopsy is handled and how a proper investigation is run. Why would someone go to a sex club and go to the trouble of handing your partner a key to your front door and apartment unless the killer or other person gave the key to someone else? Who wanted to eliminate Raymond Handley that they went to so much trouble to create a crime scene cleaner than most homes after a service comes? When Handley’s next-door neighbor takes an interest in Cody why does he come to her aide? When he introduces her to a friend she learns about his unique ability to communicate with animals as she observes him with the two wolves that he rescued and a friend who took care of their wounds. There is much more as we learn more about Amelie, Bergman and his quest for answers using the black book and Louis Nevins his friend and business associate. Why are the wolves howling and how will this link together? Characters that are vividly described, devoted to their craft and would make any police department proud to have on their team.


Micah and his team were relentless in following each clue and trying to prevent more deaths but the killer seemed to be ahead of TAZ and from Melinda whose death two years before you will learn was related to one of the deaths in the present led the killer to get six more victims. Seven unique ways to die and just why each victim was chosen you won’t believe. But, when Micah is in danger and the killer is upon him and the mode of death inflicted will he be able to remain calm and use his knowledge of the past, his childhood experiences and the words of the Old Man to save himself or will he be number 7 as the killer planned? How this all ties together and just why all the murders occurred you have to learn for yourself? Seven Ways to Die: All painful and each unique in its execution. Who was behind the plot to try and bring Micah down? Why wanted him gone?  Author William Diehl’s last novel is definitely a testimony to his outstanding writing, fast paced plot with intricate twists, turns, surprises and an ending that you won’t expect or see coming. With the outstanding support of Virginia Gunn Diehl who provided the manuscript and author Kenneth John Archity his final story came to life for everyone to read. Do you hear the wolves?


Thank you for giving me the honor of reviewing this book.

Let’s give this book: FIVE HOWLS


Fran Lewis: reviewer













Doctor, Why Does My Face Still Ache?

Doctor, Why Does My Face STILL Ache?

Authors: Dr. Donald Tanenbaum and Dr. S.L. Roistacher

Reviewed by Fran Lewis



“I hate my face and I wish that I could rip it off and get a new one.” “Doctor, Doctor, what’s wrong with me? My face burns, aches, pulls, tingles and my ears hurt too. All I want to do is scream. I can’t stand the pain! I feel tense and can never relax and enjoy myself. Life seems to have taken on a painful turn. What should I do? You keep telling me that I am fine, look great but I know that is not true. I hardly function anymore and the perky and energetic person I once was seems to be lying dormant somewhere within me hoping to find her way out! Why does my face still ache? HELP ME!


Imagine listening to yourself repeating these symptoms and complaint over and over again to deaf ears. Imagine having difficulty chewing, swallowing or even smiling. What I told you are not alone? What if I told you that when you finish reading my review and go out and get a copy of “Doctor, Why Does My Face STILL ACHE? By Dr. Donald R. Tanenbaum and Dr. S.L.Roistacher, you might find the answers, understand the underlying causes and seek treatment from the right medical professionals.


Both doctors are facial pain doctors whose main or primary focus concerns pain related symptoms occurring in “sensory organs, the mouth, jaws and even the neck.” But what you probably do not know is that your face is composed of muscles. You heard me and these vital muscles in our faces help us to express and show our emotions. So, if your facial muscles are tense or you are unable to smile at a friend, show excitement if you win the lottery or have trouble communicating on a social level your problem just might be muscle related. Once you, the pain suffer accept that this might be the cause of your trouble and it your face pain of a muscular origin: Why suffer! You have to learn how to deal with the pain, the proper diagnosis of your specific pain and seek the right treatment from the right medical professional.


The authors define in laymen’s terms three categories of common symptoms. The first are symptoms that feature pain (sensory expression). The second feelings such as numbness or warmth in the facial region (neural expression). The third is muscle tension (motor expression). These are explained in detail on pages 10-11 in simple’s terms. They follow with explaining the patterns of facial pain, and that everyone’s pain is different. Some facial pain is sudden and can last for a long time while some can be more localized and for short periods of time. At times it can manifest itself in a sharp or dull pain that comes out of nowhere. Believe it or not these different pains are affected and can be brought on by your emotions. Facial pain can be depilating and can create changes in your daily life that hamper your functioning. There are many types of facial pain that the author’s define. Beginning with the simplest definition of “Referred Pain.”  This type of pain means the source of your pain is not the part of the body that actually hurts. Meaning if the pain is in your teeth or ear it might be coming from somewhere else. Next, the authors explain the Trigger Points related to Referred Pain, the Jaw and Referred Pain, Recurring Pain, Fluctuating Pain, Sleep and Facial Pain Symptoms.


So, just who has the displeasure of persistent facial pain what are the characteristics. Well: men and women have the displeasure of this pain but women more than men. So, if it is not bad enough some of us experience PMS, bloating, and cramps once a month now we have the distinction of getting more muscle pain, TMD and other facial pains more than men.


One of the most relevant and important points made by the authors several times and it cannot be said too often is the lack of professional training that medical professionals get in dental schools in order to be able to properly evaluate facial pain and understand the underlying causes and proscribe the correct course of treatment. Chapter Four defines they detect and diagnose facial and they elaborate on the consequences of misdiagnoses and the impact it will have on your life.


Now, for the best part and understanding what really causes persistent facial pain and how to handle it? Your muscles control your every movement. Remember, even your heart is a muscle. Movements are started when your brain sends a message to your muscles. Your brain is like the sergeant in the army that relates the orders to the troops but in this case it monitors and regulates your muscles giving them the orders they need to function. Your face is made up of muscles so naturally it will hurt if the pain is caused by fatigue or over contracted muscles in your face or neck. Why? Your emotions! Mind-body connections: Your brain is under siege!

Now, for the startling revelations you have been waiting for: What are the symptoms and what can I do about them? Who can help treat me?


The primary cause is your emotions and your emotional reactions related to your level of stress. Your level of stress can raise or escalate the pain. For example, the loss of a loved one, even a pet, serious illness, financial problems or even just dealing with your kids can create stress and cause facial pain. Chapter Five will explain the true causes of the many kinds of facial pain but I am going to focus on the part of this chapter that deals with the different stages and how to understand them. There are four stages of Facial Pain Under Siege: Stage One: Muscle Soreness, Stage Two: Muscle Guarding, Stage Three: Peripheral Sensitization, Stage Four: Central Sensitization. When muscles are compromised the symptoms can really alter your life and become depilating. Figure 10 on page 69 will show you and explain what the term Brain Under Siege Means and explains the sequence and gravity of the different types of pain and when to seek medical attention.



The most valuable piece of information that I can impart is that you need to see the right medical professional in order to validate your symptoms and this is where our authors come in. Seeing an Orofacial Doctor will allow you to have your symptoms properly evaluated. One of the main points made is that doctors do not always listen or have time to listen to their patients and their concerns. This is not the case with Dr. Tanenbaum or Dr. Roistacher. The first line of communication is listening to the patient, understanding his/her complaints and concerns and then going from there. After examining the patient they often ask more pointed questions based on the information presented hoping to draw out the real reasons behind the pain which are often due to emotional stress and anxiety. Read the many case stories they share to understand the procedures followed and how they were able to help their patients. Of course nothing can succeed and no treatment will work unless the patient takes accountability and responsibility to work with the doctors as they state the 60/40 Percent rule with the patient doing most of the work. Therefore, it is important for them to listen carefully to the patient with facial pain. Within this chapter they explain that there are three profile groups of patients: Group One: Patients with Pain as a Result of Everyday Challenges. Group Two: Those will Pain as a result of a Brain under Siege. Within the second group the authors add Teens with Face Pain, ADHD With Face Pain and Facial Pain and Seniors. Stage Three: Patients with Pain but No Muscle Dysfunction. The authors then proceed with how they treat patients with recurring facial pain, pain and suffering and their successful treatments. So, what are the four levels of treatments: Muscle Treatments, Physical Self-Regulation Techniques on pages 93-96. Exercises and Manual Therapy and finally Jaw and Neck Exercises followed by Posture, medications, pain medications, anti-inflammatory medications and other drugs that can be used to alleviate pain. To learn more you need to read Chapter 6. The success of their patients is attributed to the treatment strategies and how they are implemented. But, what happens when the physical profile changes and the end result just might not be what you think it is and the underlying cause could actually be medical?


Some face pain is caused by different reasons and are often hard to diagnose. On page 110 the authors sites facial pains that are caused by underlying medical problems and they are followed by some of the most prevalent. Facial Neuralgias such as Trigeminal Neuralgia, which is quite painful. Facial Pain and the Heart, Temporal Arteritis and Facial Pain, Head and Neck Tumors, Parotid Tumors and Intracranial Tumors are all discussed and the symptoms and treatments described in Chapter 7. But, before you decide on your treatment, or try to analyze your symptoms: Don’t!


Doctor Doctor: I am in pain: Wait: Read this outstanding resource and book to understand Facial Pain and then go and see a doctor who specializes in Facial Pain and find out the real cause of your problem so that you can say: Doctor Doctor: I am no longer in Pain! So, well written for the laymen to understand with great stories that help explain each symptom and treatment. References that follow and organizations that deal with this pain plus information of the authors complete this great book. Why Be In Pain!


Fran Lewis: reviewer





Referendum for Murder: You Decide

Referendum for Murder

Author: Mickey Polanski




There are many people who consider abortions and doctors who perform them as murderers for taking the life of an unborn child. Some feel no matter what the circumstances the young mother or any prospective mother should find a way to allow this innocent child to be born. Many protest abortion clinics, centers and doctor’s offices that perform these operations on a daily basis. Some hope to save the lives of women that might have other medical issues and not survive if they have a child and others just don’t want children at all. For whatever reason there are many who won’t stay silent like Jim Jones who found his way to take the life of one doctor George Adams and did not hid the fact from the police that he was the one that committed the murder. When the detective on the case sorts out the evidence, looks at the surveillance tape and checks out the killer’s car what he finds enlightens him further as an article left on the seat of the car sends him in the direction of the killer. An article written in the paper stating that Oregon wanted to reinstate the death penalty and Jim Jones was against it.


Barbara Hernandez is a bank teller whose instincts and training kicked in when faced with a hard decision. Standing at her window a woman demanded the money from her drawer, as she now had to deal with a robbery in progress. Following her instructions she placed the money in the bag, fear in her heart but not before carefully setting off the silent alarm to alert the police. But, things got out of hand and the two accomplices took aim and several were killed, two bank robbers taken down and Barbara grabbed the weapon of the woman who demanded her money as the remaining robber was about to take aim and she shot him in the leg and then someone got off another shot to take him down but he was not dead. Before the last shot was fired he managed to kill the officer that was in the bank and had alerted the police that this was going down. The officer was Barbara’s husband. When the reality set in and all the body bags taken out Barbara, who is six months pregnant, needed medical attention for fear she might lose the last link to her husband. Before leaving New Berlin Memorial Hospital she stated to her friend that this man needs the death penalty and should pay for his life killing her husband.


Jim Jones is against the death penalty and Barbara Hernandez was justice. Author Mickey Polansky brings to light this important and controversial issue: Should someone receive the lethal injection or the chair for committing murder and should it be automatic when it’s a police officer? Is abortion really murder and should the doctor have paid with his life? Two issues one thought provoking novel.


Things heat up and the trial takes place and the killer is sentenced to life in prison without parole. But, before the sentencing is completed Barbara approaches him and states her feelings to a cold- blooded killer who shows no remorse. Added into the mix are the feelings of the legislature related to the reinstating the death penalty. But, although they just met it is apparent that Barb and Tom’s relationship will change as she enlists his help to get the referendum passed and a bill created to reinstate the death penalty in Wisconsin. But, there is much more before all is decided as they speak in front of the assembly and some feathers are ruffled and others refuse to commit but Tom and Barbara are relentless and will not give up. Through the use of a narrator the author explains the trial procedures, the events every step of the way and the emotional upheaval both characters face as they flashback to their pasts and Tom tells Barb about his losses too. Two people both losing a spouse and a child seem to have an instant connection and much more. The relationship moves quite fast and the result is a commitment but first they need to get that bill passed and the death penalty reinstated. Will they succeed still remains to be seen? What will the cost are if they do not? Let’s not forget that Jim Jones is still out there and has just killed a doctor and was released from prison to torching an abortion clinic. Let’s not forget he is against the death penalty and is pro life. Which way will this go and how will he blend into the end result?


There are many politicians as the Governor in this novel whose beliefs might agree with Tom and Barb but whose actions speak lower than words and will not stand by their thoughts or convictions hoping someone else will take the reins to get things done and in this case the bill passed so that he won’t have to do it. This is a tough issue and many different viewpoints will be brought to light and many difficult decisions made as one woman takes on the legislature and the lawmakers to avenge her husband’s death and to make sure that others do not go through the same thing. What is he is granted freedom on appeal? What if he escapes? What is his real punishment if his recourse is life in prison and he is allowed to live? Hard question which way would you go? This reviewer will only state the facts in the case the events that occur but not my opinion other than on the plot, the characters and the events that take place leading up to the dramatic ending that will definitely give up much more than pause for thought.

As more information comes to light and Tom and Barb decide on the next step is to create an advisory referendum and hopefully get it passed before a bill can be composed and put on the ballot for voters. The purpose of the bill would be how to sentence those criminals that commit intention murder on their victims. To fully understand its main points and how the bill would be created read pages 102-103 and learn more as the author did extensive research before publishing this book on the death penalty and the laws in Wisconsin. When Tom has all the facts in place and presents his thoughts to the assembly what happens next might make others think twice before doing the same thing as driving away from the Capitol building he is tailgated and stalked by a man named Jessie Smith who threatens him if he does not rescind what he is doing. Added to the mix is his threatening phone call to Barb which really shook up and puts in a motion a plan that uncovers who is behind this man and just why. With the aide of some of his constituents Mark creates the bill but one member is really out to destroy him and what he hopes to do. Why you have to learn for yourself.


The author goes through the steps that are involved when the assembly needs to take action against one of its members and the process for continuing their quest for justice. However, along the way information leaks out about Tom’s relationship with Barb and his assistant Linda seems the perfect person to do damage control. But, let’s not forget that somehow Jim Jones will definitely come back into the picture before all is said and done.


Then, the stalker is let out of jail on a technicality and then Barbara finds herself in a serious situation when faced with the man in her home. Using her late husband’s gun she aims, shots and he dies. Should she pay for what she does? What will the police decide to do and what else happens that is tragic?


The author continues with a description for the reader of how to create the bill, the rationale behind the death penalty and the guidelines allowing the reader to understand the process and the seriousness of the issue. But, things are not running smoothly and his ethics have been questioned but with the help of the Speaker of the Assembly Richard Corey meetings were set up, guidelines followed and hopefully the voice of the voters heard. The last time the death penalty was used was in 1851 in Kenosha County.


A WCAP news team from Channel four interviews Tom, Barb and Linda at their home and the end result is explosive as someone does not want this bill to pass and will everything to send out their own message to the voters regardless of the cost. Four people connected with the station were killed in the explosion following the interview and a reporter was dispatched and blaming them.


Told straight from the hip and to the point the author relates a message that readers to needed to hear, the legislature needs to listen to its voters and those for or against need to take less violent stand. The author thoroughly researched the topic and presents an honest and open viewpoint with factual information about the referendums, the procedures involved and just how difficult it is to get your voice heard as Tom and Barb learn.



The end result is explosive and the opinions of many are heard as the jails and the prisoners riot, bombs cost other lives and over 100 people die in the backfire of this fight. Reporters telling it through their eyes, the Governor expressing his wishes and one man’s goals hang in the balance and the lives of many will never be the same. Will the death penalty deter someone from committing murder? Will the state of Wisconsin pass the referendum? What will the end result be and will Thomas and Barb stay in Wisconsin or go somewhere else? Just when things were calming down whom was the man pretending to be a police officer and helping them part of the way until he turned on them and things took a downhill spiral. Wait until you see how all this ties together. Referendum for Murder: How do you vote? Decide when you push the lever in the voting booth. One well thought out book with characters that you will either like or dislike and where many readers will take sides. But, one thing we can all agree on is that author Mickey Polansky wrote a book, which does not need a referendum to give it FIVE STARS!


Fran Lewis: reviewer