Crossroads my review



Author: Mary Ting


Reviewed by Fran Lewis


Emotions overtake you as your thoughts drift away from the present and you seem to be somewhere distant. Michael stares at the image of Claudia somehow unaware of his presence yet somehow there’s a connection. Claudia seemed lost and disconnected from her surroundings. Staring straight at him hoping she would see him but did not Michael was transfixed with her presence. Half human and half angel and seeing him in her dreams was as if they were experiencing things together. Just where he came from and why will be revealed.


Lying in her bed Claudia Emerson leaves the real world she lives in and journeys to a place between Heaven and Earth called Crossroads. Her body floating in the air as if she is being levitated above the world she loses control of her direction and finds herself running on a road filled with pebbles. But, another image comes in front of her. A girl so elegant and beautiful and described as a “Greek Goddess.” Claudia watches herself floating and moving towards a bright light unsure of her fate as a voice speaks out warning her to return and leave before it is too late. Jolted back into the present she hears the harsh ring of her cell phone as the caller relates the events of a tragedy that would impact her life.


Imagine dreaming someone’s impending death as if it were your own. Claudia Emerson viewed her friend’s death before her friend even died. As Claudia awakens and receives the news of her friend’s death, she learns that the girl whose first and last name is exactly like hers died in a tragic car accident. Patty, her best friend relates the events as Claudia freezes. Coming home from a special event, the Homecoming Dance a drunk driver collided with her car killing her. Claudia and Claudia were best friends and looked identical in many ways. Thoughts echoes in her mind as she sat and listened to the mass that would celebrate her friend’s life as guilt entered her heart and mind that maybe she could have done someone to prevent what happened. Claudia is emotionless.


Visions during the funeral, the brilliance of the light illuminating down with many colors of the spectrum mirrored the thoughts Michael projected when envisioning Claudia and the light she experienced in her dreams. Replaying in her mind the last moments she saw her friend a harsh realization comes to light and her emotions flood. Losing someone close is never easy or painless. Watching Claudia’s parents during the funeral heart wrenching, devastating and frightening to Claudia. Understanding Claudia’s grief while watching her friend lowered into the ground claustrophobic. Speculating the what if’s made it more painful. Seeing butterflies fluttering and the momentary sunlight shining down startling as Michael saw her with a butterfly in her dream. I have always attributed the butterfly as something special since my sister passed last year. Whenever I see one it is like she is there watching over us and smiling down.


Life stood still for Claudia and her motions robotic. Another dream and another connection to her friend would enlighten her as she reenters the world above and learns just who lives there, where and why Halo City was created and who Michael really is. There are many questions that would not be answered just yet but with the support of her mother, friends and her Gamma she hoped to regain some of her strength and her energy to move on without her friend and to understand her dreams.


Author Mary Ting takes the reader inside Claudia’s heart, mind and dreams in every chapter sharing her inner most conflicts, thoughts and hopes with the reader. As she winds up back in Crossroads she meet Davin the gatekeeper and learns more about the many others that live there and why. Told to never return she does not and will not stop until she gets some answers and that is when we meet Phillip and the rest and learn about the Royal Council These people are Alkins: half human and half angels but with no wings. Michael, although he seems resistant to the assignment is her guardian angel and the rest are there to serve the Royal Council. But, when Claudia returns home and beings her new job in a fashion store in the mall with her best friend Patty what happens when she is closing would not only return her to Halo City but will prove that she is in danger and not from those on earth. Attacked by an unknown entity and poisoned she returns to the world above to be treated and cared for where she learns more about the role of the angels and what they are allowed and not allowed to do. Angels cannot intervene with lives on earth on Earth Angels can. They are there to help humans, guide them and protect them but cannot remain down there. Angels such as Michael and all the others live in Crossroads which in between Heaven and Earth. As Michael reenters she hopes Claudia will forgive him for what she encounters. As the story continues Claudia comes face to face with her feelings for Michael as a short and surprise note and gift lets her know he will always be there for and her protecting her. With her friend Patty she embarks on a camping trip even though she hates bugs and creatures. But something happens that most would think nothing of but others would as one young man turns up and changes her perspective on things. Austin a waiter that took care of her on her birthday is on this camping trip and teaches her something about stars. Could he be here for a different reason? When someone dies their souls become stars and the stars guide humans on earth to lead on the right path so they will become stars too.

As the story goes on she falls asleep to be awakened by the voice she thinks is her friend Claudia but in reality she is in danger once again as those called the fallen lead by a man named Aden want her for their own. As Michael and the Alkins show up and safe her once again questions and allegiances are strained and she learns more about him in order to understand his life. Michael reveals more to her that will surprise the reader and you too might decide that an Alkin is someone you just might want on your side too.


Alkins cannot live freely with humans and this is where Aden differs from the rest as he lost his soul, his powers diminished but his revenge high. The scenery is amazing the view panoramic and the feelings intense as Michael and Claudia embark on a special journey of more than just friendship. Then tragedy strikes and reality sets in as Gamma is taken critically ill and she might be going home. But, what if you learned the truth about your birth and who you are? What if your real father was one of God’s angels and you were sent here for a different reason? What if your Gamma was sent here to protect you from the fallen and knew that you visited Crossroads?


There are many truths that unfold and the life of one young girl is held in the balance as Michael and his friends decide to take matters into their own hands Claudia learns that she has the Holy Spirit inside of her and that Aden wants it in order to regain his lost powers. Just what will happen you won’t believe as one birthday party for a friend is invaded by the fallen and demons. One half human and half angel named Michael has to choose the path that he wants for his own and for Claudia. One book that will makes you wonder whether demons, fallens and angels will ever live together and who will win out.


Author Mary Ting takes the reader to the other side of heaven and allows you to see what many angels do Crossroads. What happens at the end you decide? Just what part does Austin play you won’t believe and why are Michael and Claudia so drawn to each other? Read Crossroads and find out what happens when you live in a world that is meant just for alkins and angels cannot live freely with humans but some disagree. Friendship, loyalty and trust and many other lessons are learned in this outstanding novel. But, this is just the beginning there is much more to come.



Fran Lewis: reviewer 


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