In Dreams: my review

In Dreams: Author Robert Logan


What if your present was linked to your past? What if your mind was so wired that your every thought was weaved into what happened in your past. Magnolia Creek, Boulder Colorado is the setting for this book and the murders that will send chills down your spine and create fear in your mind every time you dream. Dreams are powerful and often can recreate you scenes in your mind that you would like to forget, unhappiness causing nightmares or just plain fear. As Jack Corbitt opens the book by sharing his trip to an amazing Indian Museum with his eighth graders as learn a lot about these Native Americans and their history. But, that is just a small part of the plot as three women are murdered and a serial killer that mirrors The Hillside Ripper that took lives forty years ago, sees to have resurfaced but how? In ten days three women are brutally murdered. The police are stymied and think a copycat is at work. But, there is much more as the author shares the fact that Jack Corbitt has a rare brain disease that he was diagnosed with at eight years of age. Jack can foretell the future, see things others cannot and has many of these episodes without warning. How devastating after enjoying this cultural field trip with his students, listening to his friend’s father recount the history of the museum, the artifacts and the Native Americans, to take a routine Brain Scan to find out his tumors are growing at a rapid rate and once again he would have to undergo some radical treatment.


When Jack decides to undergo the radical treatment little did he know his real nightmares were just beginning.  Given one month to live he had no choice but to try anything that would save his life. But, after undergoing one treatment and thinking he might be on the road to recovery what happens is similar to that of an episode of the Twilight Zone. Jack has now entered his own Twilight Zone flashing back in his mind and dreams from the past to the present thinking that the police are missing something when searching for this serial killer. Those of you that have heard or know what consuming is think about entering the mind of another person and using their body to carry out your own agenda and wishes. Maggie Roper is an educator and aspiring reporter hoping to help crack the serial killer case back in 1971. So, what does Jack have to do with this?

Taking this routine MRI should not have been a really big deal but when Jack finds out the truth and undergoes the treatments the fear that is instilled in him will do more than just send chills down his spine be prepared for some too when you read this book. Maggie Roper and Jack are now linked. Telepathic visions happening seconds before an incident occurs would frighten anyone but not Jack. Trying to communicate with Maggie and discerning reality from fiction is even harder for Jack and imagine poor Maggie. But, will they pool their knowledge, resources and thoughts to finally catch a killer?



Jack and Maggie seem to be connected telepathically caused by the cancer treatment. As they rehash the events Jack relates to Maggie that four murders occurred in his world and time period and one more was about to happen in hers unless they can stop it. But, can they forty-one years later and possibly after the fact? When Jack wakes up his goal is to research the murders that happened in 1971 and hopefully reconnect with Maggie after his next treatment. Remember, he has to sleep for a while after each treatment. But, sharing his dream with his Native American friends and doing some research on the net yields some interesting results and the dreams are defined in a more graphic way. But, will he be able to have the same thought twice and reconnect with Maggie before it is too late for the next victim? What really happened to Maggie and how was she killed? Can a dream connect a good mind with a good mind from another time period? Can two evil minds connect and change the course of history?


The end result as she tries to stop a murder is quite startling and the reaction of the police you won’t believe as she and Jack race to the scene of the fourth murder and hope to save the victim. When the police interrogate her she is able to identify the killer and with the police artist a sketch to help catch him. But, will that be enough?


After Jack completes his last treatment he realizes his connection with Maggie will be gone and his ability to stop a killer may fade along with the deaths of so many woman. Dreams that everyone thinks are not real. Dreams that Jack feels will lead everyone to the real killer. Can a killer in the past connect with another in the present and help reenact the same exact crimes? Why won’t anyone believe him? Why do his friends and stepfather think he needs to be placed in a mental institution? Why do they think he is paranoid schizophrenic?


An ending that you won’t see coming and an author that keeps you glued to the page from start to finish. Presenting history about Native Americans, traditions and telepathic experiences that many people do experience, author Robert Logan presents a unique and creative murder/thriller that is quite different from most others that I have read and reviewed. Just who the killer is you will have to learn for yourself. Just what happens to Maggie and Jack you will learn when you read this book for yourself. Can you link your thoughts with another persons? Will an evil person link with another to commit crimes so heinous you will shiver at the thought? This is one psychological thriller that you won’t want to see end. Will he bring Jack back to try and solve more crimes?


Fran Lewis: reviewer








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