The Tangled Web: My review

 The Tangled Web: J.P. Lane


One decision would change the course of more than just the lives of those on this boat. When followed by vessel known as a Cigarette the passengers being followed allowed one man to board on the pretence of wanting some ice. Just what happens in a flash would change the course of events and five lives would be taken but why? One man Logan Armstrong knows the answer but has not revealed why so many had to die at his hand. Back on shore he meets with another man who has information that would further clarify more situations.


The niece of the Minister of France is summoned to her home for a special reason. Asked to deliver a package to London to an unknown recipient Lauren Armstrong has to decide whether to assist her aunt in this mission. Thinking about it she reflects that it has to do with the government but a quick and rash decision cannot be made.


Mike Graham and Logan Armstrong are friends and Mike has some information that is secret and can only be revealed to Logan. Just how all of these webs and threads fit together will only be learned when I continue my review of The Tangled Web which captures the reader’s interest and snares you right into tightly woven web that the author has creatively weaved from the first page. As we get to know Logan and reporter Lauren Anderson the web gets more tangled as each one hopes that the other will reveal information needed to find out what happened to the passengers on the McGuire boat and who is behind the drugs and corruption in the government. One detective would pay the ultimate price as his cover is blown when he realized that cocaine was being transshipped through the port and where and who was involved would revert back to someone close to Logan. Could someone have infiltrated the Criminal Investigation Department and just how far up does it go? How can we link this to the package that Lauren is supposed to deliver for her aunt? When all is said and done will the web get longer or remain so tangled is will never unravel? Lauren invited to meet Logan’s sister and brother-in-law in order to cover their party just might find out more than she bargained for. Next, we meet the Deputy Prime Minister and Frank Sterling the Minister of National Security and Defense. As Lauren relates all of the players are present at this party but just what part do they all play in this web of deceit and lies has yet to be unraveled or revealed.  Mike Graham and Virginia Matthews have a definite history one that she cannot seem to forget. A master at manipulating situations as she managed to get both Lauren and Logan to remain overnight after her huge gala and more of the pieces would start fitting together we hope but just how wait and see as Gordon was sort of blindsided by her when finding out he had house guests.


As Lauren questioned the portrait in the guest room where she spent the night, Logan flashes back to his time at Bishop’s College and the reasons for his expulsion. One parent floored and upset, and the other hoping he will change his ways. Success is what Logan is all about so just maybe he might have learned something. Next, an important player is introduced as we meet the Prime Minister himself Erick Freeman whose morning is destroyed when made aware of a serious situation and decisions involving his three ministers would have to be made. Just what part does he play in all of this and why is his government unable to control all of the crime and murders taking place in his country. Threats were being issued all over to many top officials including the Prime Minister and the head of Criminal Investigations. Slaughters, murders, cover-ups and many lives lost because procedures were not followed, greed got in the way and one Caribbean country became riddled with crime you could barely see through the dense fog and fires that often lit up the sky. C.I.D Chief Inspector Robert Palmer knew that it was by a stroke of luck he had come upon the evidence needed that someone in the government was corrupt and cost his detective his life and he needed to watch more than just his back. Author J.P. Lane has set the stage with her expert craftsmanship and intricate where many players who think they are strong will learn at the hand of others they are not. Some fall prey to the wiles of women while others fall prey to the brilliance of this author who weaves a dangerous plot for each one of them hoping that the maze will allow them a solid path of escape. But, just who comes out alive and who won’t remains to be seen. Who will bring down some powerful government officials and how will they do it? Who is the man that is working with those involved and how will they pull it off in order to bring some respectability back into the country and hopefully rid them of all the drug trafficking. Just who can be trusted? What about the Prime Minister and just what was Lauren’s aunt really into?


The plot really gets more intricate as many other players are brought into it and the reader begins to wonder just who can really be trusted and who was behind the murders of five innocent people that let to more than just their deaths. A seaplane, cigarette boats, Fisherman’s Key and a powerful drug cartel able to buy off some really powerful people added to the suspense is a conversation Lauren over heard that sent her reeling from her aunt’s house. Yet, an invitation from Logan would change it all for both him and Lauren. Would the police end the search for the killers by finding out who is really behind the murders? Would they be able to stop what both sides have planned? Detective Doran is on the case and is trying to sort out what really happened that day that caused five innocent people to be killed at the marina.


The Prime Minister is assassinated and chaos breaks out. Just who decided to take him out you won’t believe. Erick Freeman was not exactly the epitome of what a minister should be nor did he have the ethics one needed for the job. The murder being investigated and two ministers resigned. Logan concerned about Lauren and end game about to be played when a definite twist the plot occurs as the web just might entangle a bit but the ending will leave room for much more. What happens between Logan and Lauren when certain realities come to light? Just who is behind the murders and what will happen to those involved? Where will the killer strike next and just when will the drug cartel be taken down? The answers to these questions will only be answered when you read this fast paced definitely well written book with more surprises than you will expect and an ending that leads the reader to hope that Logan, Lauren and the entire cast of characters might be back for more. Loyalties are tested and friendships are frayed as the truths come out and the police try to close in on a killer. But, will they? Author J.P. Lane keeps the reader on edge from page one until you read the last page and find out the dramatic ending. But, is this over? Only the author knows the answer to that. The Tangled Web: One book that deserves FIVE MORE TANGLES TO KEEP THE PLOT GOING!


Fran Lewis: reviewer