winds of redemption

Winds of Redemption

Harvey Goodman



Clint Smith is dead. He played his final hand and lost. Five stud poker was his game and three bullets were his hope of taking the pot away from the other players. But, Lucius Hammond was clever, elusive and definitely not exactly what he appeared to be. Entering the bar, ordering a bottle of whiskey and deciding to share it with one woman who came on to him was the perfect set up to gain her trust. Invited to drink with her and then and invitation to a high stakes poker game allowed him access to his mark. Lucius Hammond was a hired killer. Clint his victim never knew that he argument that would ensue during the game and his accusations that he was cheating would be the last words he ever said. Pretending to be a novice at the game our killer made sure to lose a few hands before taking control of the game. When accused of cheating he denied it of course and what happens next you can figure out for yourself as Lucius Hammond claimed he drew in self-defense. Before anyone could figure out the chain of events he was gone.


Sammy Winds just bought a great ranch from the Taylor brothers and is getting ready to return home with his new herd. At the same time a group of men approach a young Indian Squaw about the whereabouts of Clint Smith. What happens next leaves several dead including the Indian woman. The men are part of a posse run by the same man who hired Lucius to kill Clint. Boothe Haney is the man who keeps order and makes sure the rules of the gang are followed. Anyone crossing him or defying the gang would pay dearly. An ex-priest and several orphans lived with the Indian woman but would have to hide from these men. Approached by this gang of men realizing they were in danger the five children and the padre hide.


Sammy Winds encounters a white man and a Chinaman on his land. Questioning him about his ownership of the property alerts him to possible danger. Explaining to these men that prospecting on his land was not going to happen was just one message he hoped they got. But, there is much more as the author reveals the man behind the corrupt organization who has set his sights on the best land in the area and will stop at nothing to get it. New Mexico, Territory has not attained statehood yet and this one man, named Lambmorton wants it all. A discussion with Mr. Han, the Chinaman yielded information this man wanted and might explain why Clint Smith was now dead. As Han explained the value of the land and the fact that Sammy Wind’s property might be replete in gold, silver, emerald, garnet and other resources, Mr. Han explained the problems that would be involved. Rupert Crowder would file the abandoned homestead claim in court for the late Clint Smith’s property. When Rupert Crowder offered Smith a generous sum for his land and he refused our friend Lucius handled it.



From the best selling award-winning novel Along the Fortune Trail comes the next chapter in the life of Sammy Winds. As Sammy is returning home with his supplies and thinking of his future wife, Jenny, he recounts and replays in his mind the encounter with Mr. Han and a man referred to as Stanley. Author Harvey Goodman takes the reader inside the home of the man behind the corruption, his mind and his thoughts as he leads us through the dangerous missions, encounters and Sammy’s fight to keep what he worked so hard to get. So, saddle up your favorite horse, make sure that you hang on tight to those reins and ride along with Sammy and his crew. Even though this is a western the author brings to light many issues involving corruption, murder for hire and creates his own form of mystery and suspense keeping the reader pinned to the saddle until the bumpy ride is over and you are once again on solid terrain.


But, the ride home would prove even more interesting as he meets Padre Thomas and five amazing young orphans. But, would he tell them about the men and would this all link together as they came to stay at his ranch. Explaining how they came to stay in the shed owned by Clint Smith and their encounter with the men who shot the woman and several that worked for Smith the pieces of the broken trail are beginning to fit together as Sammy offers the Padre and the family one hundred acres of land on his property for his family.


Rupert Crowder is not done yet and he approaches Sammy Winds about his land and the answer he gets is definitely not what his employer wanted to hear. But, before all is said and done many lives would be lost and the dangers of the west apparent. Loyalty, trust, understanding and families unite to save so many. When danger ensues 12 year old Rory saves the Padre and is able to warn the others. Jing Lu and Camille are taken prisoner along with Jenny but when Sammy receives a note from the Sheriff and learns that he was being set up what happens next you just won’t believe. The laws were different back then and the right to protect yourself of utmost importance. As Sammy goes after the men who kidnapped his wife, killed some of his workers and tried to take his land.


Welcome back Margaret and Blaine as they visit with Sammy and he learns of Claire’s death and the birth of her son Robert. Just how will Sammy help her keep her land and what will happen between them you will have to read for yourself.


Five really smart kids and one young Rory who you just have to love with spunk, tenacity and the drive to save those he loves author Harvey Goodman takes the reader inside the minds of these killers as they go after Sammy, his family and his friends. An ending that will teach any outlaw that you don’t mess with Winds and a surprise twist that will endear you to one of the villains, Winds of Redemption is more than just a book about one man, his land and his life. It is about fighting for what is yours, standing up for what you believe the loyalty of his family the Taylors and the trust of the woman he loves. Will they survive and will he get there in time to save Jenny and the two girls? What happens when the Padre is shot? Will they get Boothe, Crowder and the person behind the murders? You just won’t believe who was running the show and the explosive ending that will let you know That Winds of Redemption is one book you want to read and hopefully the author will bring them all back for more. Along the Fortunes Trail was one of my picks for 2010. It just might be one of my picks for 2012. Redemption:” The action of saving or being saved from sin, error, or evil.” Find out what that means when you read this outstanding novel. Hope you enjoyed the ride.


This book gets: five gold nuggets

Fran Lewis: reviewer