What My Grandmother Taught Me

Kimberly LaRocca

What My Grandma Taught Me

May 2012


ISBN: 978-1-47501-372-6



Growing up my champion was my grandmother Katie. Whenever I felt down and out I knew I could count on her to boost me back up again. Coming from Poland she learned many of life’s lesson the hard way and the cruelties she had endured only made her stronger giving her the strength to move forward and live life to its fullest.


Everyone learns things at their own rate and their own way. Some listen to the words of others and learn from them incorporating their wisdom, lessons and thoughts into their own lives. Teachers are expected to impart knowledge and hopefully help their students learn more than just what is written or expected of them in the many subject areas that taught. Character Education, cooperation, understanding and kindness are part of every educator needs to include on a daily basis. Parents, friends, and grandparents even your clergyman can teach you many important and valuable lessons that will enrich your life. It is what you do with this knowledge and how well you listen and hear their words that will determine your success.


Author Kimberly LaRocca adored her grandmother more than anyone else in the entire world. From her she learned many important lessons that she carried with her in school, at home as a parent, wife, friend and at work. Take a seat and enter the pages of this book along with this reviewer as you hear the voice of Emma Lee Green, read her very own words and embrace the lessons our author learned in this outstanding book about life and how to life it to the fullest.


The lessons and the brief explanations fall into many areas. Some of the lessons will teach and explain to the reader how to deal with difficult situations and people. Others will explain how to care for your family, yourself and your own needs. Several lessons will explain why you need to strive to be your best and finish your education.  Beginning with Having Respect for Yourself and Taking Care of Your Family the author begins with two of the most important lessons that we all need to learn. “Learn to accept people for who they are,” a valuable lesson. You cannot place a person within the window of a Xerox machine and hopefully come out with a perfect copy of what you think they should be. Understand that everyone comes with flaws and will make mistakes. It is how we learn to understand these differences and put them aside that makes you a better person. But, that does not mean as the author states that you should allow anyone to mistreat you or put you down. Something my mother always taught me was to look my best no matter where I was going or what I was going to do. When the author writes on page five “Always try to look your best,” I can hear my mother’s voice repeating those very words. You are so right Kimberly when you say you would never been seen in Target wearing pajama pants and bedroom slippers. Next she reminds us to Believe in the higher power.


Finish your education is probably one of the most valuable lessons every child and adult can learn. Never sacrifice your own desires, needs and fulfillments because you are the only person that you can really rely on for your entire life. No one take can away the knowledge that she learned or her degree that she so proudly attained. “Be the best person you can be, and try to live your life in a way that would make your parents proud.” This is truly a valuable lesson and children today should respect their parents and grandparents who should be their role models. Never treat your parents or grandparents as you would a friend and certainly never speak them without total respect. Followed by a wise saying, ‘Listen to your elders.” Because someone is older and not a teen or in their twenties does not mean they are so old they cannot impart some knowledge that will help you avoid making the same mistakes they might have made or just making sure you succeed. If you do make a mistake, can you hear Emma telling you, learn from them, do not make them twice and move ahead.


Grief can play havoc on your mind, body and soul. Do not let it consume you to the point that you cannot deal with life. Remember to talk to your children, listen to what they have to say and spend quality time with them. There are so many thoughts and lessons I could go on forever but then you would not have the pleasure of reading and learning this on your own. Friends are hard to come by and choosing friends that are respectful, value your opinions, are there for you no matter what and are by your side through thick and then will make you a better person and a friend too. One very important fact that every parent should remember is never to allow a man, boyfriend, gentleman or date to come before your children. From instilling principles and morals in your children to learning to forgive the author learned many lessons from Emma Lee Green that she has never forgotten and has incorporated in her life each and every day.


What did I learn or what lessons were reinforced for me after reading this book more than five times before reviewing it:


  1. Say as little as possible when angry: you cannot take back your words.
  2. Believe that God has a path for my life and I know it is a good one.
  3. Making decisions that will be in my best interest and in that of others that will need my help and guidance to move ahead.
  4. Being aware of my surroundings and paying attention to other people before things go wrong.
  5. Believing in the Power of Change and finally the most important lesson my mom and grandmother taught me: Be Independent. You need to stand on your own, work and earn your own way in life. This is one lesson I learned quite well and will never forget.


Take the journey through these pages along with someone you love and read the lessons together and hear the voice of Emma Lee Green and you too will learn: What her grandmother taught her. Over 100 lessons that we can all use in our daily lives and teach to others. Imagine if everyone listened to their parents, learned from their elders and heeded their words just maybe we would have a better world of people that cared, respected and followed the right path and was never misled by that of others to walk down the wrong road.


So, thank you Kimberly and a special thank you to Emma Lee your grandmother for imparting this special knowledge and teaching everyone who will read this book so many valuable lessons.


Fran Lewis: reviewer

Let’s dedicate this to Emma Lee Green and all of the grandparents that we all loved, love and adored.






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